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2020 QA Blog Postings

Oct 26, 2020Halloween GraphicsSome silly QA graphics inspired by Halloween
Oct 19, 2020Make Test Steps Great AgainAlways pay fantastic attention to QA details
Oct 12, 2020What’s the best career advice you’ve ever had?Great QA Advice that I have gotten
Oct 05, 2020QA Memes (October)Some Good Memes for October
Sep 28, 2020QA up at NightThings that keep QA up at night
Sep 21, 2020Winnemucca, NevadaUseful location for Google radius testing
Sep 14, 2020Code Freeze MemeSome Funny Graphics for Code Freeze
Sep 07, 2020Quality LogoSome sample QA Logos
Aug 31, 2020I wish I knew more about...What do you wish you knew more about in QA?
Aug 24, 2020Fuzz TestingUse Fuzz Testing to find vo
Aug 17, 2020Early EvaluationWhy Early Evaluation is critical to QA release cycle.
Aug 10, 2020Google LighthouseCreative way to quickly test a public website for content and standard support
Aug 03, 2020Ask QA: Should You Always Report Bugs?
Jul 27, 2020Test Cases SpecsLao-tzu quote applies to QA
Jul 20, 2020Google Chrome URL PageUseful page of all the Chrome Debugging tools
Jul 13, 2020Regression Test Planning is like Packing for a tripAre your regression test packed with too much fluff?
Jul 06, 2020Testing is likeFunny sayings on what QA is testing is like.
Jun 29, 2020Automation is NotSome things to think about what QA Automation is
Jun 22, 2020Bug BashBug Bash Should be the New Thing
Jun 15, 2020Managing Testing around furloughs and layoffsIdeas to help with QA Furloughs and Layoffs
Jun 08, 2020QA Tag LinesSome tag lines for QA
Jun 01, 2020Enable Reader Mode in ChromeBring the Safari Feature to Chrome
May 25, 2020Fixed some Classic PostsTaking Time to QA some Old Blog Posts
May 18, 2020Test DescriptionHelp QA Test better with the expected result
May 11, 2020Find Empty Name IdsUse jQuery to find all the DIVs that don't have name IDs
May 04, 2020Webpage Spell-Check ExtensionQA can check spelling while testing functionality
Apr 27, 2020Why QA
Apr 20, 2020QA Interview QuestionsSample questions you may get asked on an interview
Apr 13, 2020Kanban Board for QASample QA Kanban Board
Apr 06, 2020Excellent MEME ImagesVarious QA Meme Images for Slack
Mar 30, 2020QA VideoSome info video clips to use in Slack
Mar 23, 2020Test Better When Working From HomeSuggestions on staying productive at home
Mar 16, 2020Never Under Estimate the Value of TestingThe Value of Testing
Mar 09, 2020Testing Tool BlundersSome things some automation systems do wrong.
Mar 02, 2020QA Memes by the Democratic CandidatesFunny Memes graphics
Feb 24, 2020Jira - Show Recent Comment issuesFind recent Jira entries that were commented on
Feb 17, 2020QA Time ConstraintThings to think about when time can impact testing
Feb 10, 2020Testing ComplexitySome real-world examples of Testing Complexity
Feb 03, 2020How Bugs EscapeA loot at some ways Bugs escape QA
Jan 27, 2020Jira Board Shortcuts for QAQuick tip on easily navigating the Jira Sprint board
Jan 20, 2020New QA MemesSome new QA Memes to the Graphic Library
Jan 13, 2020Human Testing better than AutomationWhat is humans better at testing?
Jan 06, 2020Apple Numbers (QA Fail)Creating a simple chart in Apple Numbers is not so simple.

2019 QA Blog Postings

Dec 30, 2019The Best 2019 QA PostsListing of the Best QA Blog Post on cryan.com
Dec 23, 2019Add Search to ChromeMake Chrome Search Work for You
Dec 16, 2019Incognito in ChromeSome Tips and Tricks on Incognito in Google Chrome
Dec 09, 2019Misconceptions that exist within software testingSome Misconceptions that I have seen over the years.
Dec 02, 2019GodFather QuotesTransforming a couple of GodFather quotes to QA
Nov 25, 2019IBM - You Make the CallA better graphic for the classic commercial
Nov 18, 2019GitHub Tips for QASome cool tips on using GitHub
Nov 11, 2019Mandela EffectHow does the Mandela Effect impact QA?
Nov 04, 2019Best Screen Capture Tool for ChromeWhat is the best screen capture tool for Chrome?
Oct 28, 2019Purpose of Smoke TestingThings to Think About when putting together a Smoke Test plan
Oct 21, 2019 What is Testing?The Meaning of testings
Oct 14, 2019Best QA AdviceSome good advice that I have gotten over the years
Oct 07, 2019QA Off Cycle DutiesManual Testing Off Cycle Tasks
Sep 30, 2019Red Herring in TestLearn how Red Herring in Test can be distracting
Sep 23, 2019QA Manager Task ListThings a QA Manager should do
Sep 16, 2019CASL TestingConfigure your browser to test CASL warnings.
Sep 09, 2019Couple of Console TricksSome Tips on using the Console in Chrome
Sep 02, 2019Letter to the QA ManagerSample letter to the QA Manager
Aug 26, 2019Fake Referer for Testingcurl is a great tool for QA
Aug 19, 2019Location GuardGood Extension to fake the location of your browser.
Aug 12, 2019QA is not Medical ScienceShould QA Focus on
Aug 05, 2019False PositiveFalse Positive is scary in QA Testing
Jul 29, 2019QA MemesSome QA Graphics for release deployment.
Jul 22, 2019Test StrategyFundamentals of a Test Strategy document
Jul 15, 2019Test Plan GuidlinesFundamentals of what makes a good quality test plan
Jul 08, 2019False NegativeUnderstanding how False Negatives can occur
Jul 01, 2019Best Cheap Beer Social EventGood Social Event with the Engineer and QA Teams
Jun 24, 2019Dynamic BookmarkletsYou can create Dynamic Bookmarklets
Jun 17, 2019Engineering Liability of CodeWhen does Engineering stop ownership
Jun 10, 2019Incognito FilterEasily create Bookmarks to open up incognito mode.
Jun 03, 2019Broken WindowsHow the Broken Window Theory applies to QA Testing
May 27, 2019Browser Cookie SizeKnow the Browser Cookie Size.
May 20, 2019Massachusetts QA FailsWhat happens when things do not go through QA
May 13, 2019QA Testing (International)Some International QA misses
May 06, 2019xPath Browser WarsNot All Xpaths are the same
Mar 25, 2019Adobe FlashAdobe Flash going away
Mar 18, 2019Jira new Comment FieldJira is now using Markdown for Comments
Mar 11, 2019Page Ruler ReduxCool tool to get the actual size of objects on a page.
Mar 04, 2019Fun with Animated GifsA couple of GIFs for QA
Feb 25, 2019Blue ButtonUseful Chrome Extension to help debug a website.
Feb 18, 2019World Quality ReportLearn all about the World-Wide trends in qa testing in the Capgemini document
Feb 11, 2019Slack Tips for QASome useful tips/tricks on using Slack for the QA team
Feb 04, 2019What Wikipedia Can Not Tell You About Test LinkSome TestLink Annoyances

2018 QA Blog Postings

Dec 31, 2018Best QA Posts of 2018Discover what QA posts were the most useful in 2018
Nov 26, 2018Bashrc Configurations for QASome useful Bashrc tips and tricks.
Nov 19, 2018Copy CSS SelectorGreat tool for anyone writing web automation
Nov 12, 2018Check My LinksGreat Chrome Extension to see if there is any broken links on the current page
Nov 05, 2018QA October Graphic FilesAssorted collection of QA Meme files from October
Oct 29, 2018Picture in Picture in ChromeCool Feature now available in Chrome
Oct 22, 2018Slack RemindersSimple Reminders to setup in Slack
Oct 15, 2018Firefox JavaScript ScratchpadUseful tool to test JavaScript code, and to test websites
Oct 08, 2018Framed! Browser ExtensionCool Browser extension to alert you when your in Production
Oct 01, 2018New QA ImagesVarious QA Images
Sep 24, 2018Jira Sprint Board Keyboard ShortcutEasy way to switch between board views
Sep 17, 2018Hide That Bookmark BarLearn the Basic of hiding the bookmark bar
Sep 10, 201810 Tips for Effective Testing with DeadlinesJust some things to think about when start testing a big project
Sep 03, 2018Strong Password GeneratorCool Secure Password Generator
Aug 27, 2018New QA Graphic FilesSix new Graphic files added to the Image repository
Aug 20, 2018Browser CaloriesGreat way to see how your public site is performing.
Aug 13, 2018CodeCopyUse CodeCopy to quickly copy code from popular websites
Aug 06, 2018Browser Badge BookmarketletQuickly add a browser banner to identify the browser.
Jul 30, 2018Test Pilot in FirefoxTest Firefox latest features before they go live
Jul 23, 2018Easy way to explain bug stepsUse Mac Explainer to explain steps
Jul 16, 2018PostgreSQL Quick Cheat SheetCommon MySQL commands in PostgreSQL
Jul 09, 2018July QA GraphicsSome of the latest graphics added to the collection
Jul 02, 2018Jira Short cuts for QACool tip on using Jira faster
Jun 25, 2018Quick EditorBookmarklet to add a quick editor
Jun 18, 2018Chrome ThrottlingSlow down your Internet for Race Condition Testing
Jun 11, 2018Panoramic Capture in SnagitPanoramic website captures flexibility in Snagit.
Jun 04, 2018Adding Alternative Search Engines to ChromeBe more Productive by Adding additional Search Engines to Chrome
May 28, 2018crontab.guruLearn how to write good Cron Syntax
May 21, 2018EditThisCookieEditThisCookie is a powerful browser cookie manager.
May 14, 2018Chrome Profiles vs Icognito ModeSetup a Chrome Profile for different environments that you manage.
May 07, 2018Vivaldi BrowserVivaldi has some pretty cool tools for QA
Apr 30, 2018Zero Downtime in QAIs there any real downtime in QA?
Apr 23, 2018Test Case Repository What makes a Test Case Repository good
Apr 16, 2018Negative Test CasesHow Many Negative Test Cases do you have
Apr 09, 2018Happy Path TestingHappy Path testing can lead to the best Test Cases
Apr 02, 2018BrowserStack ScreenshotGet awesome websites screenshots in different platforms.
Mar 26, 2018QA Meme Pictures updateGreat MEME pictures for QA
Mar 19, 2018 5 Ways To Win At Mobile Application TestingBetter Strategies means better results
Mar 12, 2018Browser Extensions for QAPopular
Mar 05, 2018Google Testing BlogLearn QA Styles from Google
Feb 26, 2018Opera and MaxthonOpera and Maxthon good testing browsers
Feb 19, 2018Chrome Window ResizerGreat Tool for QA to capture current screen information
Feb 12, 2018Postmortem DocumentHandy document to get the postmortem conversation started
Feb 05, 2018 SQL Mate SQL Mate makes data entry into TestLink easy
Jan 29, 2018QA Style SheetFastest way for QA to validate any CSS file
Jan 22, 2018BugMagnetGreat browser extension for exploratory testing
Jan 15, 2018Throw Away Email AccountsUseful Web Services to test Email Functionality
Jan 08, 2018UFO Quadcopter InstructionsBad UFO Quadcopter Instructions
Jan 01, 2018Slack Emoji Icons for QASmall collection of Emoji Icons for QA

2017 QA Blog Postings

Nov 26, 2017QA Text GraphicsSome creative QA graphics for Slack or Email: Patch Armageddon and Code Freeze

Web Browser Banners

Overlay images of all the current web browsers. Use these to when you want to let people know what browser was used in a screen shot.

Chrome Banner


Firefox Banner


Safari Banner


Opera Banner


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Fire Fox Developer Banner

FireFox Developer

Chrome Canary Banner

Chrome Canary

Internet Explorer Banner

Internet Explorer

Maxthon Banner


Brave Banner


Code Slush Images

Pumpkin Slush

Pumpkin Slush

Green Slush

Green Slush

Red Slush Drink

Red Slush

Lots of Cool Images...