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This site was offically founded on April 9, 1998 in my studio apartment in Campbell, California. My initial goal was to share multimedia content that I created on my computer. I was working at a Acclaim Technolgy, a networking solution provider, and having my own domain was a way to learn more about networking.

At the time, I had my 8600 and Centris 660AV Macintosh computers and was playing around with the Audio/Video capabilities. I learned all about the cutting edge streaming functionality of RealAudio and editing digital audio using Sound Edit Pro.

Today I mainly use the site for Blogging and as a testing tool for my Quality Assurance work. From time to time, I also like to post some unique content.

I am still fascinated with digital media and will occasionally add or experiment with new media.

Website Founded on April 9, 1998

in Campbell, California.

Who are you?

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I been using computers since my father brought home a Digital Rainbow computer back in the early 1980s. I grew up with a lot of technical gadgets before they were big hits such as the Intellivision game system, camcorder and VCRs. My high school graduation gift was a new Mac Plus, which I still have in my basement.

After college, I worked briefly at the Boston Computer Society helping out with the Macintosh User group. Shortly afterwards, I ventured to California to work as an Software Engineer at a Sun Microsystems reseller in San Jose. It was fun experience working in California during the early days of the Internet. I even had a short web development contract at Netscape Communications. (How awesome of an opportunity that was!)

While in a California, I updated on some of my Perl scripting and JavaScript skills, and I even got a Oracle DBA Certification. In addition, I learned some Java and C++ fundamental programming.

I drove across the country back to Massachusetts after the first Internet wave took a bad hit with investors. I worked as an Implementation Engineer at a start up in Natick, Massachusetts. Then as a Quality Assurance Engineer for a few years at Vistaprint, where I wrote all sorts of cool QA automation using C#.

Today I spend time managing a world champion QA team and testing software in Boston's BackBay. I still do some PHP programming as well as some Python automation.

About the Blog

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The content of the blog is about my experience in and around the Boston area. When I first started, my post were about little things and then I started to post more unique things.

Every once in a while, I'll blog about something exciting that I find in the Boston area. It's a very cool city and there's a lot of things to do other than having a cold beer at Cheers and watching a game at Fenway Park.

I am very much still into technology. I enjoy playing with new gadgets and seeing what cool things that I can do with them. So, every once in a while I'll post something interesting, with a slight focus on Macintosh.

My goal is to post something interesting once a week. My focus is on original content no boring repost of something I found someplace else.

If you like my post, let me know. Let's connect on Twitter, or send me an email via the Feedback page.

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