October 22, 2017

Spammers Calling as IRS Agents

You may get a call from someone pretending to be the IRS. Consider yourself lucky and play along.

But first...

Questions to ask IRS agent on an unsolicited call. These should give you an idea if the "IRS agent" has real knowledge on who you are. If they say they are from the IRS these should be easy for them.

  • When did I file my taxes this year?
  • What State did I file my tax form?
  • Did I use Standard or Itemized deductions?
  • How many dependents were listed on the form?
  • Did I owe money or received a refund this year?
  • Did I file Electonic or via US Mail?
  • What state did I file my tax form?
  • Which tax forms did I file?
  • Did I contribute to the Presidential Election fund?
  • Since H & R Block (or your accountant ) filled out the tax form, have you notified them? Shouldn't they be the ones you need to arrest since they filled out the form and signed it?

If they push off because they don't have the proper document or access to your account:

Seven Bonus Questions

  • When was the review done? Is this considered an official Tax Audit? Why aren't the IRS audit proceedure being followed?
  • Your in Washington DC - What time is it there?
  • What Federal Exams did you have to pass?
  • Section 2 of the IRS code was abruptly changed last year do you know what areas got changed?
  • Who's signature is on the $1 bill?
  • Who the person in charge?
  • Why should I pay any amount when I don't know what the error is? How can I prevent this error in the future.

Point Counterpoint

Just a friendly reminder

IRS will not accept payments from a "Government approved store." So if Target, Walmart and CVS come up in the conversation - its a scam.

If you have to stay on the line so they can tell you what to do - its a scam.

If you feel pressured in any way because of a threat of an arrest for something that you're just hearing for the first time - its a scam.

If they are not able to answer any of the above questions correctly - its a scam.

Time to Say Good Bye

When you had enough time role playing.

"Thanks for letting me know about the situation. I will stop by the IRS office on my way to work tomorrow and take care of this."

"I am at the airport heading to Atlanta and don't have access to a car. Can I call back later?"

"I can't get to a Walmart because I am in the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Beautiful day. I'll have to take care of this when I get home. Guess I don't have to worry about the police coming to arrest me."

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January 24, 2018.

Confirmed that (240) 428-4213 is a fake IRS number. Got the call today.

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