December 18, 2017

Last Day in the Park

The toughest part of vacation is realizing its over. You are about to embark to the park for the last full day of vacation.

Before you start your day, here are some things to think about that will help get the most out of your last vacation day.

Last Park Day

Plan Your Last Day in The Park

  • Check your leftover snack points
  • Check pictures - Have they come out well?
  • Check Bounce back
  • Check suitcase. Make sure there’s no surprises when you leave.
  • Make a list of rides and things to buy.

Check your Snack Points

If you're on the Meal Plan, check your snack points. You may have a lot of snack points - don’t let them go to waste by using them on snacks at your hotel Lobby. (Really your going to use a Disney Snack point on Snickers?) Know how many snack points you have available before you head to the park. At the end of the day, If you do have any remaining, check out the candy shop on Main Street for a better snack collection.

Dont eat candy? Disney Snacks make great gifts.

Check your Photos

Make sure you have all the pictures that you intended to take. Make sure you got the pictures that you wanted. You don't want to be checking the pictures at home only to find out that you didn't get any good pictures of Mickey.

Bounce Back Program

If your staying on property Disney offers a special discount if you book your return trip before you leave. This is usually the cheapest way to book an on property hotel. Check the booklet in your room, or call the front desk details.

Quick Suitcase Test

Here's an idea that you probably didn't think of...

Did you buy too many souvenirs on this trip? Why not do a quick packing test to see how you're planning to get things home. This would be a good time to check, as if you can find out if need to mail things home or buy another bag. In addition, it's a good way to know if you have room for that souvenir you been thinking about. (Do you have room for that unique souvenir bucket?)

Make the Group Task List

What rides or shows do people in your party want to do on the last day? Getting everyone involve will make it a fun day.

This would be a good conversation to have over breakfast. Take out the park map and start circling the key points.

Have Fun

Make the most of the last day, and be excited to come back to the park on your next vacation.

If you have any good tip please leave them in the comments below.


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