January 14, 2018

Asterisk Open Source PBX

Looks like "Scam or Fraud" companies are using Asterisk Open Source PBX:

Asterick Open

Congratulations. You have successfully installed and executed the Asterisk open source PBX. You have also installed a set of sample sounds and configuration files that should help you to get started. Like a normal PBX, you will navigate this demonstration by dialing digits. If you are using a console channel driver instead of a real phone you can use the dial, answer, and hang up commands to simulate the actions of a standard telephone.

I call this Phone Number: (225) 217-3374, which is labeled as a 'Scam or Fraud' by Hiya.

Heard this line when I called them: "Please enter one or more keywords separated by * and then press the pound key." A quick internet search found this Asterisk Open Source PBX transcript - which matches exactly what I heard.

There's no indication specifically what (225) 217-3374 is selling. I think it's safe to say that it certainly can't be a legitimate business if they didn't set up the PBX number correctly.


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