April 29, 2018

The Dog Treatery

If your looking for a special treat to celebrate a dog's birthday, check out The Dog Treatery. They have a variety of cakes to celebrate your dog's special day.

We recently ordered one to celebrate our dog's, Gus, first birthday. We also ordered a Customized birthday hat to celebrate the special day and some special treats for another occasion.

Gus Birthday Cake

The cake came well packed and arrived without any damage.

We gave Gus 1/2 the cake and sent the rest to the neighbor's dogs as the neighbors have helped us out whenever we need them.

Gus ate his part of the cake in 2 minutes. Afterward, he drank a lot of water. It certainly was a big hit

Gus Taking Cake
Gus taking the cake to the ground.

The next day he still went to the spot where he ate the cake sniffing for crumbs.

Cake was a Hit

Getting the cake from the The Dog Treatery. was a good idea. It was a hit and certainly make the occasion special.


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