December 12, 2019

William Channing House

Last year I wrote about the William Ellery Channing statue at the corner of Arlington Street and Boylston Street.

William Ellery Channing lived not too far from the Arlington Street Church where he was a well-respected speaker. His house was located on Beacon Hill - 83 Mount Vernon Street - about a 15-min walk to the Church.

There is a small marker to let people know about the previous owner.

Channing House Marker

Six Things I learned about this house

  • This is private residence no tours are offered at this location. There are 6 apartments at this address.
  • The building was last sold on June 15, 2018 for $8,550,000 or $913 per square foot. It has 6-bedrroms and 6-baths.
  • It was converted to a multi-unit family house in 1984.
  • The house was built in 1834 and, as the sign indicates, he lived here from 1835 to 1842. (This means he was the first owner of the property.)
  • He wrote the book Slavery while living at this location.
  • Mr. Channing would often take walks with his neighbors around the Boston Commons and talked about various Unitarian views. Sometimes the conversation would end up in his sermons at the Arlington Street Church.


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