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December 21, 2003

Christmas Shopping Weekend

This weekend the Malls around New England were very crowded!

Around the Natick and Framingham section of Route 9, traffic looked like Highway 101 in California during the dot com boom. Most of the traffic congestion centered around Shopper's World and the Natick Mall.

The Solomon Pond mall had an bomb scare around 2pm on Saturday and evacuated a parking area in front of the mall. The Mall itself wasn't evacuated.

Bomb scare puts a crimp in shopping

Just before 2 p.m., authorities ordered shoppers back inside J.C. Penney's.

Parking rows 28 through 30 were cordoned off with yellow tape in front of the department store.

Fire officials learned of a suspicious item in the J.C. Penney's parking lot early yesterday afternoon while responding to another matter at the mall, said Deputy Chief Robert Rennie.

While the worries over the item turned out to be a false alarm, shoppers were barred from going to their cars and eventually ordered back in the store while Marlborough and Berlin fire crews called the State Police Bomb Squad to help investigate the suspicious device.

December 17, 2003

First Flight

Internet Exclusive:
AP reported that the first flight re-enactment didn't go off as plan this morning due to heavy rains. This isn't the only time in history this has happened at a century event. It happend in Concord Massachusetts in 1875! During the century celebration it poured and was recorded as a distaster since many key people never showed up. The famous Minuteman Statue was unveiled during the rainy ceremony.
AP Wire: A bald eagle soared into the sky Wednesday, a symbol of flight, as a poncho-clad crowd cheered the 100th anniversary of man's first powered, heavier-than-air flight. But a heavy downpour scuttled plans to re-enact the flight 100 years to the minute after the seminal event.
September 2, 2003

Eagle Car Breakdown

This morning while driving to Harvard Square the car I was driving broke down on route 2. Lucky for me the problem seems to be from a broken water pipe and should be replaceable.
August 31, 2003

New Domain Name!

I just signed up for a new domain name this morning! It will take a couple of days for the registration to go through since this is a Holiday weekend. Once its up and running I'll report on the progress.
August 3, 2003


Top things successful job seekers do to improve their chances of being employed
  1. Update Resume
  2. Idenitify Key Job Sites
  3. Research the market place.
  4. Know how to sell your skills to employers
  5. Identify your job skills strengths and weaknesses
  6. Work on improving weaknesses
  7. Create Opportunity
  8. Identify what opportunity that you want
  9. Keep a record/journal of the job search
  10. Develop a game plan
  11. Think like a champion
July 31, 2003

Golf Tips - Lost Golf Balls

Tip #1
The best way to find a lost ball is to look for anything that is bright white, and not specifically for a golf ball. Often times golfers don't see the ball even thou its right in front of them, this is because their brain is looking for a round ball. By changing your focus to a white object, you'll notice anything that is white, this should help find more golf balls.

Tip #2
If you find a golf ball that is not yours and then see someone later looking for the ball in the same area. Ask what brand of golf ball did they loose. If you volunteer the golf ball name, some people will claim that's the ball they were looking for, even thou it may not be.

July 28, 2003

New Quicktime Feature

I updated my website to include an archive of some of my feature Quicktime movies this morning. Also I added several new videos including a classic Star Wars commercial from 1982. This was taken off a VHS tape that my parents had.

Over the next few days I'll be continue to add videos so that I have at least 18 in the archive. Also at some point this summer, I'll be migrating many of the Real Video movies to Quicktime format and closing the Real Video archive.