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November 6, 2007

1908 days Later

A quick posting. I am in training in California this week. My first time in California since August 17, 2002 , when I left California to return to Boston, Massachusetts.

This is a quick two day trip so I won't be able to see many of the sites that I want to see, but I hope to be back soon! Would like to see my old apartments, Apple headquarters, Fry Electronics, and the Great Mall.

It has been a fun trip so far, more later. I'll be taking the JetBlue red-eye tonight back to Boston.

October 18, 2007

Cab Drivers

This past week I was on a business trip to Received exception:undefined method . I really didn?t do any site seeing on this trip, didn?t have time for that. However, its another state that I can claim that I slept in.

When I got to Wellington Amtrak station, I took a cab and the driver was nice enough to give me his business card and made sure that I got a cab the next morning at 7:15am. Very cool! That?s one less thing that I had to worry about the next morning.

When I was done with my work, I would call the cab company and within 15 minutes they came by and picked me up. The same guy picked me up both days that I called for service, the second day when I called I just told him my name and he said that he would be there in 15 minutes.

The whole time I was in Wellington, I had two different cab drivers and they provided excellent service and were very reliable.

Why don?t other cab drivers do this? When dropping a customer at a hotel, cab drivers should ask if they need a cab the following morning. This seems like a simple value add service and beats having to waiting for business at airports or train stations.

Thanks to Noni Taxi of Wellington, Delaware for great service this week!

October 16, 2007

Amtrak 128/Boston

At the Route 128 Station, you should consider parking at the second level. This is because when you return you will be going upstairs to get back to the terminal. By parking upstairs you can make your return trip easier.

You can buy Doritos at the vending machine at the Route 128 Station for $1.00. On the train Doritos and Pepsi 16oz cans sell for $1.75. Plan ahead and bring snacks with you on the train, you?ll not only save money but you?ll probably pack better snacks.

AAA Members get a 10% discount when booking Amtrak tickets in advance. In some cases this makes a First Class ticket the same price as regular class. Note this discount doesn?t apply to Acela trains. I highly recommend taking the Acela train since its the fast way to travel by train, you save an hour by going from Boston to Phil.

As for Internet access on Amtrak trains, they are still working on it. I asked the conductor if any of the first class cabins have Internet access and he told me that they are trying to make it work on the Acela. Using my Verizon phone I had no problems with phone connections and it looks like that the PCI Wireless cards would work.

I am not really not sure if its worth spending $30 to upgrade to First class on the Amtrak Regional. I believe on the Amtrak Regional you are paying for slightly more leg room and a quieter car. On the Acela First Class includes a meal.

October 4, 2007

Central Parking at Logan Airport

Mass Pike Construction

Taking the Massachusetts Turnpike to Logan International Airport late at night might not be the best idea since that's when construction usually happen and parts of the highway is closed. I would suggest checking the website to see if there's any road closures. The road was closed this morning, and traffic was averted through the city. I avoid this by getting off at the Cambridge exit and taking Storrow Drive to the Sumner Tunnel.

I highly recomend this route since its very difficult to navigate through the city of Boston while looking for the 'Detour' signs to get back on the Mass Pike. You are much better using Storrow Drive when the Mass Pike is not an option.

Central Parking at Logan Airport

Travelers that plan to use Central parking and are taking United Airlines, CapeAir or Jet Blue, will be using Terminal 'C'. The best place to park for Terminal C is Level 4 rows L-M.

I notice this morning that there were a lot of parking spaces in rows 'L' because the row not easily seen when you drive by the Terminal 'C' section on the 4th Level. When driving around, look for row 'L', you may have to drive a little bit to find it.

Dulles to Washington

Getting from Dulles to downtown Washington DC doesn't have to cost a lot. In the past, I used to take a taxi and it would cost about $60 to get to the downtown DC. This is the "fastest" way from Dulles to downtown and also the most expensive.

The Blue Super Shuttle bus is another option and it cost about $35 to get downtown, The problem with the Blue Shuttle Bus is that it may take a while to get to your final destination because you are sharring the ride with other people. Its the cheapest direct route if you are not in hurry.

The Washington Flyer Bus will get you to the Falls Church Metro stop in about 20 minutes for only $9. You can find the Flyer Bus at the #4 door by the baggage claim. Be sure to purchase a round trip ticket at the airport! You'll save $2.

September 13, 2007

Panda Express

In the American Airlines terminal at the Ronald Reagan airport there is a Panda Express restaurant. I really like the Orange Chicken at Panda Express, very yummy and certainly worth a sample if you haven't tried it yet. I remember when I lived in San Jose and enjoyed going to the Panda Express near my apartment near the Capital Expressway movie theaters.

Near the Airport there's another Panda Express at the Pentagon City Mall in Arlington which is a couple of stops away on the Blue and Yellow Metro. If you are catching a flight out of Reagan National. I would suggest going a little early and catching a bite at the mall. You'll probably have better seating opportunities and there's better food selections, including some sit down restaurants such as TGIF Fridays.

The prices at the Mall and the airport are the same, at least that's the case for a Panda Express meal. So it isn't any cheaper to stop at the mall or to goto the airport. However, the Mall does have more food and shopping options. The Panda Express at the American Airlines terminal is in an area where they have few tables.

The METRO stops right at the Pentagon CityMall, so there's little walking from the train to the food court. Not too bad even if you have a suitcase. You'll be doing more walking at the airport than from the Metro to the food court.

September 5, 2007

Logan Central Parking

I am back in Washington DC this week on a business trip. I am staying at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, I'll be posting my review of the hotel later this week. I flew from Logan Airport to Washington National Airport.

Here's a hint about parking at Central Parking at Logan International Airport:

If you are taking a flight from Terminal 'B' and plan to use Logan's Central Garage, you should plan on parking on the fourth floor near section 'U'. This is because this the closest section to the terminal. By parking on the 4th floor you will avoid the need to take the elevator or the stairs to the pedestrian walkway.

The easy way to remember this is remember "Central Parking For You", that's Central Parking 4 U.

Parking at the Central Garage cost $22 a day.

June 7, 2007

Lincoln Memorial


I am currently in Washington DC on a business trip assisting a customer with some development work. The work I am doing is pretty cool, unfortunately I am not at liberty to go into great deal about the project.

Usually when I visit Washington DC I like to visit the Lincoln Memorial at night. The Lincoln Memorial is a great inspiration spot. There's something magical about the place at night, something about walking up the steps and then looking back at the Washington Monument glowing light on the reflection pool. If you visit the Lincoln Memorial during the day, you really should plan to return at night.

I have been very fortunate that I have been to the Lincoln Memorial many times over the past 3 years. I have been to the memorial during the Cherry Blossom Festival, twice, and walked up the steps during a brief snow storm.

Two things about the Lincoln Memorial you may not know about: There is a marker in the center of the second landing to commemorate the speech given by Martin Luther King on August 28, 1963.( This is very hard to see at night.) At the top of the memorial are the names of the states that were part of the union when Lincoln was president. Massachusetts is in the middle because Daniel Chester French, who sculptured the Abraham Lincoln statue in the memorial, is from Massachusetts.

Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon did a great job designing the Lincoln Memorial. If you ever visit Concord Massachusetts, be sure to stop by the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and look for Daniel Chester French grave stone. See what some Daniel Chester French fans have left on his grave.

April 9, 2007

Missing Camera

Last Week I was on a Business Trip to Washington DC. On Friday, I grab a cab from downtown to Dulles International Airport, and along the way my Fuji e900 camera fell out of my laptop bag. The bag was next to me in the Taxi.

I didn't notice the camera missing until I got into the terminal, and the cab was well down the road with my camera in the back seat. ($250 camera that my girlfriend gave me as a Christmas gift.)

All I have left is a receipt which has the driver signature, nothing else. No Taxi Cab info or name of the Taxi cab. I'll scan the receipt in later tonight to see if someone can help.

My advice to anyone getting into a cab is to write down the driver and cab information while you are ridding in the cab. Obviously double check your bags before leaving the cab.

September 12, 2006

Winning Every Day

Assorted Quotes/Notes from Lou Holtz's book Winning Every Day:

Our team wasn't merely ready to play, we were ready to win.

We won that game the moment our group of young men focused on what we had instead of what we lacked. That's the only perspective you can take in hard times. Remember that adversity presents us with numerous possibilities for success, if we are just willing to see them.

Winner and losers aren't born; they are the products of how they think.

But compensation does not guarantee performance. You must possess something inside of yourself the eschews mediocrity while embracing greatness. You must welcome adversity as a test of your resolve.

All this demonstrates that things have a way of working themselves out if we just remain positive.

We are not going to win because you have a new head coach, any more than you are going to fix a flat tire by changing the driver. We will win the minute all of us get rid of excuses as to why we can''t win and stop wallowing in self-pity

My players seemed to have forgotten that whenever you point your finger at someone, three fingers point back at you.

The inspirational verse, "I am only one, but I am one; I can't do everything, but I can do something; what I can do, I ought to do, and by the grace of God, I will do,"

The great jazz musician Miles Davis once said, "Don't be afraid of failure. There is no such thing."

You just have to remember: Don't let what you don't have keep you from using what you do have.

January 12, 2005


Today we visited the Future World and World Showcase at Epcot.

If you plan on attending the "IllumiNations: Reflection of Earth" fireworks show, you should know that the area in front of the Showcase Plaza is a pretty good viewing area. About 10 minutes prior to the show, they open up the area and have people "walk" to their spots and sit and watch the show.

This park also escorts early morning visitors to their first ride, with most people going to the Mission:Space ride.

This is the only park where you can get free soda. Coke-cola has a booth that allows you to taste various coke products around the world. This is at the Innoventions West, the igloo entrance is to the right of the water fountains. This is closed at least an hour before the IllumiNations show.