Random PDF Feature in the California category!

In the woods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in California lies a Mystery Spot. No one really knows what the mystery is, but its there and you'll see the spot.

Mystery Spot is a location where the laws of gravity do not apply. You'll see balls rolling up hill and people magically getting bigger. How does this happen? Why does only happen at this one spot?

Download the brochure and add it to your list of places to see in Silicon Valley. Its a fun stop over when going to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk this summer.


Assorted PDFs of places and companies in California.

Name Description
 Mystery SpotA brochure of Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California
 Knotts Berry FarmA listing of various rides at Knotts Berry Farm in 2001.
 Enrons LetterEnron's letter to California residents to get them to switch to Enron
 Disneyland 1994The official park map of Disneyland in 1994. What did the park look like in 1994?