Random PDF Feature in the Computers category!

If your dealing with SQL Server and need to do some database replication, you should know that its a complex process and there's different types of replication.

In 2005, I put together this PDF document to assist customers with understanding the various types of replications and the advantages of selecting that option. Use this information as an aid when talking to a DBA on specifically the type of replication you need.

I found this information when researching replication:

If you need to synchronize a small number of tables, you might be able to do the job by running in Query Analyzer a simple batch that contains for each table one UPDATE command that replaces, but doesn't change, the table values on the Publisher server and kicks off the data synchronization process. But if you need to synchronize a large number of tables (more than 10), it is more efficient to create a DTS package that runs the forced replication process.

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