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The last the the economy was this bad was back in 2003. In Massachusetts there were a lot of high tech workers looking for work. The Boston Globe got creative and decided to hold a career fair at Fenway Park on September 10, 2003.

I attended the career fair and thought it was a waist of time. There were hundreds of people applying for the same job. Clearly it was an employer's market. I decided to use the time to see how other people were doing in interviews and what skills were in the market.

Find out what companies were at the Career Fair that weekend. I wonder how many jobs were filled that day.

Job Hunting

Assorted information for thoses looking for new opportunities.

Name Description
 Unemployed TipsTom Brophy give some practical advice on what unemployed people should do everyday to be increase their opportunity to get hired.
 Corporate ChiefsAn article about why layoffs are a good thing and how its best for the economy in the long run.
 Year by YearHere is how to improve your job search while in college. Learn what to do each year to have an awesome job when you graduate.
 Job PointsHave you ever wondered what effort it takes to find a job? Use this chart to see how much effort you need.
 Job Search WorksheetA helpful worksheet on creating a successful job search plan. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance .
 Yes You CanA 50 page PDF document to get your momentum back on track!
 MacKay Sweet 16Harvey MacKay takes you through the though process of 16 most likely asked questions during a job interview. Great read for interveiw prep.
 Big HelpThe listing of companies at the Big Help job fair at Fenway Park on September 2003. Great historical information on the first job fair at Fenway Park
 Mental TrainingGreat information to help you stay Mentally focus on your Job hunt.
 Unemployable?Just because your unemployed doesn't mean your Unemployable. Read this if your stuck in your job search.
 Focus Approach to Job SearchInfomation on how to use the Focus Approach to build a better job search