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Frequently Asked Questions about Movies from 1995. This is an old list of Movie Trivia such as:

The bad guy's name is ``Frank Lideo''. One of the film's executive producers is Frank Deleo, Michael Jackson's long-time manager.

Mountain Eagle, The
No prints of this film (Alfred Hitchcock second) are known to have survived and no one has seen it since the late 1920s.


Various PDF documents that I created or collected over the years.

Name Description
 Lane and GamesRestaurant menu for Lane and Games on Route 2 in Cambridge.
 Michael DukakisWhy is Mike Dukakis better than George Bush? Read the details from this 1988 Democratic handout.
 Saddam Hussein BioThis is Saddam Hussein unofficial resume. He died on December 30, 2006
 War ReferenceWars, Campaigns, and Expeditions of the Armed Forces Since 1937
 Delicious Hershey RecipesThe orginal recipes for fudgey brownies & deep dark chocolate cake.
 1991 Guf WarGeneral information on the 1991 Gulf War.
 Church Street StationA brochure about Church Street Station from 1992
 Movie TriviaFrequently Asked Questions about Movies from 1995.
 Procrastinate Tip SheetSome helpful tips on avoiding Procrastination and do it now!
 TurkeyBasic three things to remember when cooking a turkey.
 WonderlandA prart of the Dog Track listing from Wonderland Dog Track
 BeatriceFind the Beatrice product mini-poster. A late 80s promotion.