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In 1987, Michael Stanley Dukakis was a Governor of Massachusetts. The state was doing really well, unemployment was down and the economy of Massachusetts was doing better than most states in the union. He decided to bank on his success in Massachusetts and run against George Bush. The focus of his campaign was the "Massachusetts Miracle."

Mike Dukakis didn't handle the national stage to well. He wasn't aggressive in responding to political attacks by George Bush. There was an issue with his views of the military, including pictures of him wearing a helmet in a tank. He lost the election by wide margin, winning only 9 states.

Download a PDF version of a mailer Massachusetts residences received for a campaign donation. The mailer explains all the positive reasons that people should vote for Dukakis.


Various PDF documents that I created or collected over the years.

Name Description
 Procrastinate Tip SheetSome helpful tips on avoiding Procrastination and do it now!
 TurkeyBasic three things to remember when cooking a turkey.
 WonderlandA prart of the Dog Track listing from Wonderland Dog Track
 BeatriceFind the Beatrice product mini-poster. A late 80s promotion.
 Lane and GamesRestaurant menu for Lane and Games on Route 2 in Cambridge.
 Michael DukakisWhy is Mike Dukakis better than George Bush? Read the details from this 1988 Democratic handout.
 Saddam Hussein BioThis is Saddam Hussein unofficial resume. He died on December 30, 2006
 War ReferenceWars, Campaigns, and Expeditions of the Armed Forces Since 1937
 Delicious Hershey RecipesThe orginal recipes for fudgey brownies & deep dark chocolate cake.
 1991 Guf WarGeneral information on the 1991 Gulf War.
 Church Street StationA brochure about Church Street Station from 1992
 Movie TriviaFrequently Asked Questions about Movies from 1995.