Random PDF Feature in the Travel category!

When I was taking a lot of trips in California, I would record what I planned to do and what I actually did. For example, if I was planning to goto Hollywood for a weekend, I would write down things I wanted to do. I decided it would be easier to create a one page daily planner to see how much time I have to do the things I wanted to do.

I found it easy to take the daily planner with me on these trips so that I could record information. Such as how much does it cost to park at the parking lot next to Mann's Chinese Theater? I was also easy to track expenses on business trips/

Download the Daily Vacation Planner and see if its something that you could use to organize you vacation day.


The famous travel category.

Name Description
 Daily Vacation PlannerUseful Daily Planner to plan vacation time.
 Disneyland Treasure HuntA Disneyland Treasure Hunt that I created.
 Westminster AbbyThe Westminster Abby brochure from 1990.
 Logan Airport Parking RateParking Rates at Boston's Logan International Airport
 Trip PlanningUseful Packing Tips to help you have a better vacation.
 Old Sturbridge VillageCurrent map of Old Sturbridge Village