Quality Assurance

 Various Tools and Techniques to help QA Engineers test web applications better.

2018 QA Blog Postings

January 22, 2018BugMagnetGreat browser extension for exploratory testing
January 15, 2018Throw Away Email AccountsUseful Web Services to test Email Functionality
January 8, 2018UFO Quadcopter InstructionsBad UFO Quadcopter Instructions
January 1, 2018Slack Emoji Icons for QASmall collection of Emoji Icons for QA

2017 QA Blog Postings

November 26, 2017QA Text GraphicsSome creative QA graphics for Slack or Email: Patch Armageddon and Code Freeze

Web Browser Banners

Overlay images of all the current web browsers. Use these to when you want to let people know what browser was used in a screen shot.

Chrome Banner


Firefox Banner


Safari Banner


Opera Banner


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Fire Fox Developer Banner

FireFox Developer

Chrome Canary Banner

Chrome Canary

Internet Explorer Banner

Internet Explorer

Maxthon Banner


Brave Banner


Code Slush Images

Pumpkin Slush

Pumpkin Slush

Green Slush

Green Slush

Red Slush Drink

Red Slush

QA Images

Code Freeze Appears2http://www.cryan.com/qa/images/CodeFreezeAppears2.jpg
Code Freeze is Closer than it Appears.

How About That Releasehttp://www.cryan.com/qa/images/HowAboutThatRelease.jpg
"How about that Release?"

No Going Back Nowhttp://www.cryan.com/qa/images/NoGoingBackNow.jpg
There’s No Going Back Now

Go Wronghttp://www.cryan.com/qa/images/GoWrong.jpg
What Could Possibly go Wrong?


Misc Images