Bing Rapid Ad

This page contains several random sample content to import to WordStream to test various Bing AdWords functionality. This page allows QA users to test various functionality to validate that everything is working. This page is no way endorsed or sponsored by Bing AdWords or by WordStream. This random run feature the city of Briggsville, Wisconsin.

Warning adding these keywords and Ads could results in excess spending or potential suspension due to policy violations.

Bing Campaigns

24 campaign names for your AdCenter testing.
Louisiana Leningrad,Active,monthly,26
South Dakota corruptible,Active,daily,46
Nevada tempi,Active,daily,8
Minnesota mammogram,Active,daily,30
Alaska reefers,Active,monthly,1
Texas dehumidifying,Active,monthly,12
Montana landmark,Active,daily,21
Arkansas perfidies,Active,monthly,6
West Virginia skewer,Active,daily,31
Ohio smuggling,Active,daily,1
Arizona impiety,Active,daily,34
Missouri provincials,Active,daily,38
South Carolina handiest,Active,monthly,9
Kentucky yachted,Active,daily,37
Virginia confinement,Active,daily,19
Rhode Island wads,Active,daily,30
Indiana cartoonist,Active,monthly,45
Hawaii evident,Active,monthly,6

Bing Ad Groups

20 ad group names for your AdCenter testing.
Ruder casualty,4,2018-09-25,2019-01-31,Active
Freedoms ague,2.3,2018-09-25,2019-02-25,Active
Commissaries embezzlers,4.7,2018-09-25,2018-12-29,Active
Splatter permits,3.1,2018-09-25,2019-02-03,Active
Trachea vivaciousness,2.6,2018-09-25,2018-11-22,Active
Hun Punjab,1.4,2018-09-25,2019-01-10,Active
Lamed bloomer,1.7,2018-09-25,2018-09-30,Active
Barrett deliberates,1.3,2018-09-25,2018-12-09,Active
Existentialism rustproof,0.5,2018-09-25,2019-01-14,Active
Yew hashes,2.5,2018-09-25,2018-11-15,Active

Bing Ads Keywords

Forty random keywords for your Bing testing. Also check out the Apple Keywords page for multiple match types for similar keywords.
item growing genius ,Phrase,0.2,Active
law reorganization came risk ,Exact,0.33,Active
entirely mother ,Exact,0.15,Active
continent human ourselves
Second held taxpayer ,Exact,0.11,Active,
rank rejection called ,Phrase,0.01,Active
true West what involved ,Exact,0.56,Active,
wounded ask ,Phrase,0.19,Active
guarantor me education ,Phrase,0.16,Active
free California office ,Exact,0.37,Active
opinions activity ,Exact,0.51,Active
assured absorb most beginning ,Phrase,0.28,Active
youre States ,Exact,0.47,Active
object guiding ,Phrase,0.15,Active
net height decades ,Phrase,0.21,Active
no issue remind honor ,Phrase,0.37,Active
win interpret risk ,Exact,0.45,Active,
schemes traditions ,Phrase,0.33,Active
blunders reforming ,Phrase,0.46,Active,
Pennsylvania outside
Division shutdown effects liked ,Phrase,0.5,Active,
millionaire hold ,Phrase,0.18,Active,
darkness trained
in protection criminals
restoring cultural by ,Phrase,0.15,Active
ourselves nation's ,Phrase,0.33,Active
legally some see conduct
universal operating ,Exact,0.46,Active
finally citizen word been ,Phrase,0.35,Active,
factories areas: ,Phrase,0.35,Active
others word
educational polls constituents
presidential proposals ,Exact,0.31,Active,
thirties benevolence ,Phrase,0.39,Active
received is family
self-evident afford ,Phrase,0.6,Active
coastal just law fight
risk instant gives ready ,Exact,0.13,Active,
sent Bina
our leave ,Exact,0.55,Active

Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Eighty random negative keywords for your AdWords testing. The word in red is an exact duplicate from a word in the above PPC Keyword list.
inheritance faithful,Phrase
opportunities flow,Exact
liquid compromised,Exact
defend loss,Exact
ran dignity,Exact
earned things,Exact
per true,Exact
arms say,Phrase
unsold fellow,Exact
budget raise,Exact
hoped understanding,Exact
ourselves atomic,Phrase
forgetting pregnancies,Exact
Italy nation's,Phrase
maintain belief,Exact
night lunch,Exact
right pursue,Exact
word oil,Exact
incomes transition,Exact
lowest Cabinet,Exact
folks educational,Phrase
honor does,Exact
becomes infringed,Phrase
honor Secretary,Phrase
four-point Read,Phrase
sources knows,Phrase
candidates daring,Exact
hold bears,Exact
argument philosophies,Phrase
place restored,Exact
accept know,Phrase
ignores came,Phrase
reflects country,Phrase
Stateswas Three,Exact
restored facets,Phrase
surely lasted,Exact
liking abusing,Exact
accomplished liked,Phrase
between failure,Phrase
there sets,Phrase
enough doubted,Phrase
billions regard,Exact
town came,Exact
synthetic consequences,Phrase
abiding American,Phrase
do fewer,Exact
industrial know,Phrase
every Force,Exact
blur half,Phrase
caution teen,Exact
risk teen,Phrase
regulation me,Exact
life administration,Phrase
from many,Phrase
inclusive bigger,Exact
resolve presidents,Exact
turn consumers,Phrase
father's guarantor,Exact
whole purpose,Exact
decades renewal,Phrase
night standing,Exact
traditions this,Exact
DC mismanaged,Exact
granddaughter doubled,Exact
moment philosophies,Phrase
return war,Exact
true appointments,Exact
subject life,Phrase
combative questions,Exact
takes concern,Phrase
finally citizen word been ,Phrase
Second held taxpayer ,Exact
sent Bina
Pennsylvania outside
wounded ask ,Phrase
presidential proposals ,Exact
opinions activity ,Exact
entirely mother ,Exact
others word
Division shutdown effects liked ,Phrase

Bing Ads Sample for AdWords

Popular Tea Spot, Looking for a great tea spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Dinner Spot, Know of a great dinner spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Breakfast Spot, Looking for a great breakfast spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Coffee Spot, Looking for a great coffee spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Vacation Spot, Looking for a great vacation spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Walking Spot, Need a a great walking spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Snack Spot, Hungry for a great snack spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Drinking Spot, Know of a great drinking spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Walking Spot, Searching for a great walking spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Brunch Spot, Know of a great brunch spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active
Popular Thinking Spot, Need a a great thinking spot, in Briggsville Wisconsin,,,Active

PPC Placements

Twenty random Placements for your AdCenter testing.,1.75,Active,,0.05,Paused,,2.98,Active,,1.08,Active,,1.05,Active,,2.45,Active,,1.41,Active,,1.59,Active,,0.86,Paused,,0.76,Paused,,1.84,Active,,1,Active,,1.49,Active,,1.64,Active,,2.74,Active,,2.3,Active,,2.88,Active,,1.84,Active,,1.93,Active,,0.89,Paused,