Bing Rapid Ad

This page contains several random sample content to import to WordStream to test various Bing AdWords functionality. This page allows QA users to test various functionality to validate that everything is working. This page is no way endorsed or sponsored by Bing AdWords or by WordStream. This random run feature the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Warning adding these keywords and Ads could results in excess spending or potential suspension due to policy violations.

Bing Campaigns

24 campaign names for your AdCenter testing.
New Mexico limelight,Active,daily,13
Oregon Evelyn,Active,monthly,9
Pennsylvania pluralities,Active,monthly,8
Montana accumulations,Active,monthly,6
Nevada prequel,Active,daily,29
Kansas unearned,Active,monthly,4
North Carolina upgraded,Active,monthly,23
Illinois once,Active,daily,10
Florida viand,Active,daily,44
Arkansas impersonators,Active,daily,14
Massachusetts tyrannous,Active,daily,25
New Jersey faithful,Active,monthly,28
Rhode Island chipmunk,Active,daily,22
Missouri author,Active,monthly,2
Virginia flagstone,Active,monthly,46
South Carolina insomniacs,Active,monthly,5
Washington Landsat,Active,daily,12
Indiana Lovelace,Active,monthly,50

Bing Ad Groups

20 ad group names for your AdCenter testing.
Dilution collar,0.7,2018-04-24,2018-07-08,Active
Mesquite rags,4.6,2018-04-24,2018-06-17,Active
Stock fornicate,3.8,2018-04-24,2018-08-28,Active
Advisement recitative,2.6,2018-04-24,2018-08-02,Active
Mameluke mightiness,0.1,2018-04-24,2018-05-07,Active
Approximating rhomboid,2.5,2018-04-24,2018-07-26,Active
Paraguay Martians,3.5,2018-04-24,2018-05-17,Active
Lassies photo,4.7,2018-04-24,2018-06-07,Active
Convention harmonizes,0.7,2018-04-24,2018-04-27,Active
Viceroys Brummel,1.7,2018-04-24,2018-05-22,Active
Automatons Dubhe,4.1,2018-04-24,2018-05-05,Active

Bing Ads Keywords

Forty random keywords for your Bing testing. Also check out the Apple Keywords page for multiple match types for similar keywords.
Businessmen Union wages ,Phrase,0.38,Active,
education obliged dates professional ,Phrase,0.11,Active
contains theory failure ,Exact,0.32,Active,
Khe raising European ,Phrase,0.01,Active,
manufacturing immigration present ,Exact,0.06,Active,
Stamp coordination ,Phrase,0.11,Active,
margin vote ,Exact,0.57,Active,
mistakenly values come honor ,Exact,0.12,Active
mistreated defends ,Exact,0.01,Active
should terrible ,Exact,0.37,Active
free improved ,Phrase,0.6,Active
youtha words moneyand has ,Exact,0.56,Active
speak requirements ,Exact,0.33,Active,
missile too ,Phrase,0.2,Active,
undermine services ,Exact,0.23,Active
America wheat ,Phrase,0.33,Active,
you all ,Exact,0.06,Active,
aging shadow ,Exact,0.03,Active
heart faithful ,Exact,0.44,Active
learned decided consistency ,Exact,0.6,Active
atomic parent Soviet ,Exact,0.3,Active
institutions known delivery sprees
answer Gipper world adopted ,Phrase,0.36,Active
Working topple ,Phrase,0.55,Active
moving discussion love ,Exact,0.29,Active
upon alternative ,Exact,0.17,Active
expense admirable cuts ,Exact,0.5,Active
truth Europe ,Exact,0.36,Active,
straight ascending energy immediately ,Phrase,0.11,Active
hands discourage ,Phrase,0.02,Active,
counterproductive change mastery ,Phrase,0.23,Active
cultural include ,Phrase,0.33,Active
prairie material raise ,Phrase,0.23,Active,
behind deserving ,Phrase,0.5,Active
expected collective come ,Phrase,0.46,Active,
party administration importance proposals ,Exact,0.48,Active
judicial swollen wrong ,Phrase,0.23,Active
paying bankruptcy inherit reaped ,Exact,0.41,Active
hope respect half voracious ,Phrase,0.14,Active
threats not ,Phrase,0.1,Active

Bing Ads Negative Keywords

Eighty random negative keywords for your AdWords testing. The word in red is an exact duplicate from a word in the above PPC Keyword list.
gladly accurately,Exact
Western make,Phrase
Washington courage,Phrase
Washington patient,Exact
deals honor,Exact
forces deny,Exact
estate loans,Phrase
morning murdered,Exact
purpose other,Exact
profits flow,Phrase
whatever abolish,Phrase
heads unity,Exact
billion-more wheat,Exact
morning heads,Phrase
essential civilization,Phrase
lesson returned,Exact
tonight any,Exact
aging you,Exact
educational events,Exact
historic reduce,Phrase
rain forcefully,Exact
economical requirements,Exact
millions him,Exact
sovereignty drastic,Exact
exits plan,Exact
other fought,Phrase
friends estimate,Phrase
opponent runs,Exact
dreams fact,Exact
always families,Phrase
tax recommendations,Exact
leadership Medicare,Exact
better ratification,Exact
surpassed professionals,Exact
whatever me,Exact
tribute see,Exact
can upon,Exact
decisionmaking Instead,Exact
field undebatable,Phrase
with claim,Phrase
going oversight,Phrase
soldier equal,Phrase
important commit,Exact
low cooperation,Phrase
may planners,Phrase
low-income ours,Phrase
nearby enable,Exact
everybody profoundly,Exact
cut Assistance,Phrase
industrial politics,Phrase
one-fourth Yes,Exact
failed way,Phrase
turn mortgage,Exact
details anybody,Phrase
protection finding,Phrase
unsold question,Exact
towns here,Phrase
tests mattered,Phrase
demonstrated regulation,Phrase
his convey,Exact
hardest fast,Phrase
even strengths,Exact
ago into,Phrase
steep decades,Exact
age nation,Phrase
nations Somewhere,Exact
reasonable brought,Exact
soldiers equal,Phrase
making let,Phrase
course risk,Phrase
Working topple ,Phrase
atomic parent Soviet ,Exact
cultural include ,Phrase
hands discourage ,Phrase
paying bankruptcy inherit reaped ,Exact
manufacturing immigration present ,Exact
missile too ,Phrase
mistreated defends ,Exact
upon alternative ,Exact
margin vote ,Exact

Bing Ads Sample for AdWords

Popular Walking Spot, Looking for a great walking spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Drinking Spot, Searching for a great drinking spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Thinking Spot, Know of a great thinking spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Casino Spot, Need a a great casino spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Breakfast Spot, Need a a great breakfast spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Tea Spot, Hungry for a great tea spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Snack Spot, Searching for a great snack spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Vacation Spot, Searching for a great vacation spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Camera Spot, Hungry for a great camera spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Brunch Spot, Need a a great brunch spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active
Popular Coffee Spot, Looking for a great coffee spot, in Atlanta Georgia,,,Active

PPC Placements

Twenty random Placements for your AdCenter testing.,0.53,Paused,,1.12,Active,,0.33,Paused,,2.33,Active,,2.3,Active,,1.94,Active,,0.48,Paused,,2.35,Active,,0.99,Paused,,1.35,Active,,0.25,Paused,,2.63,Active,,2.99,Active,,0.93,Paused,,0.19,Paused,,0.72,Paused,,0.52,Paused,,2.67,Active,,1.94,Active,,1.42,Active,