Interviewer Questions - Company

  • Some people work best as part of a group -- others prefer the role of individual contributor. How would you describe yourself?
  • Why did you decide to seek a position in this field?
  • What kind of supervisor do you work best for? Provide examples.
  • Describe a situation where you felt you had not communicated well. How did you correct the situation?
  • Give me an example of an important goal which you had set in the past and tell me about your success in reaching it.
  • Describe a time when you were faced with problems or stresses that tested your coping skills.
  • Give an example of when you had to work with someone who was difficult to get along with. Why was this person difficult? How did you handle that person?
  • Describe a situation where others you were working with on a project disagreed with your ideas. What did you do?
  • How will the academic program and coursework you've taken benefit your career?
  • Tell me about a major problem you recently handled. Were you successful in resolving it?
  • Tell me about a time when you came up with an innovative solution to a challenge your company/class/organization was facing. What was the challenge? What role did others play?
  • What is the biggest mistake you've made?
  • What are the most important rewards you expect to gain from your career?
  • Are you more energized by working with data or by collaborating with other individuals?
  • How would you define "success" for someone in your chosen career?
  • To what extent would you be willing to travel for the job?
  • What qualifications do you have that will make you successful in this company?
  • Why did you decide to seek a position in this company?
  • What kinds of things have you done at school or on the job that were beyond expectations?

Interviewee Questions - Canidate

  • I read in your literature that your training program is comprised of three six-month rotations. Does the employee have any input into where he will go at the end of each rotation? How do you evaluate the employee's performance during the training period?
  • What are the organization's strengths, and what challenges does it face?
  • Are there any other questions I can answer for you?
  • If I am extended a job offer, how soon would you like me to start?
  • What makes your firm, hospital, school system, ad agency, etc., different?
  • What are the biggest hurdles you hope to overcome in the next quarter?
  • Please describe the duties of the job for me.
  • How would you describe your organization's personality and management style?
  • How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?
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