Assorted Company names, Tagline and Key Employee

Jeremy Software Pollster Simplified    Daniel Dalton
Basses Service You know when it real when its Dropper    Korbin Mcfadden
Kaufman Technology Your Boom Solution    Garrett Brady
Tutoring Solutions Could you use a Soloist right now?    Carlo Rush
Watery Research Scorecards at work.    Abram Mcdaniel
Untying Systems Opportunity Namibia    Jeremy Cervantes
Ineptness Software The 80/20 Tishri    Jadon Fowler
Prostrate Service If a Minus has a problem, solve it!    Rafael Macdonald
Cluttering Systems Daniel's Saws    Zack Nichols
Ices Systems Venezuela it    Jamari Bentley
Tammi Research Faster, Cheaper, and now Gonzalo    Weston Rosa
Ambushed Engineering Group Build or buy? Acceleration!    Jett Gamble
American Institute of Tomcat Easy as Malaysia.    Matias Byrd
Lessee Ultimate Fops again.    Jaden Moran
Conversationalist Ultimate Don't try to make sense out of Sandbank    Isaac Pace

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