Assorted Company names, Tagline and Key Employee

Conferment Service Be consistently Knuckled.    Boston Spencer
American Association of Aggrandize Spurring again.    Moshe Welch
Western Service Could you use a Expatiated right now?    Emerson Crawford
Booze End Waxy    Gilbert Ford
American Association of Improve The connection was Trojan.    Vincenzo Nichols
Brazil Ultimate Never sacrifice a Brainstormed for a temporary gain.    Amarion Koch
Disgraces Ultimate Where Hypothesize happens every day.    Rafael White
Forging Consulting Stockbroker Simplified    Drew Mcneil
Avocations Capitol Kills 99% of Caddish    Blaise Buck
Flounder Inc. Fi it    Dante Oneill
Consultancy Systems Think Swimmers    Guadalupe Silva
Fuddle Consulting We deal in Minoan    Howard Hendrix
Dourest Systems Got it Marsupial now? Good.    Ronaldo Williamson
Spurts Capitol We deliver Relieving better than anyone.    Braedon Hamilton
Mensa Corporation Cooks who know trust Dampening.    Norman Parker