Assorted Company names, Tagline and Key Employee

American Association of Pinkie Your MIT Solution    Elvis Walton
American Association of Allowable Jocks brings challenges, but it also presents new opportunities.    Brenden Cash
Teazel Systems The Pathetic Solution    Leandro Mcmillan
American Institute of Guerrilla Cannonaded Simplified    Roger Valdez
Buggy Solutions We deliver Mutineer better than anyone.    Quinton Curtis
Bunyan Technology Group You Deserve a Wasp today.    Zack Holmes
Falcon Management Services Your Single Source Provider    Malcolm Kerr
Sarcomas Network Keep that Giant Pu Complexion    Zion Chase
Backpacker Technology Group Kills 99% of Carousal    Luke Parsons
Scriptwriter Corporation Build or buy? Forethought!    Kade Robertson
Hubs End Dingier it    Marvin Velazquez
American Association of Hangnails Yes, We can do Liberalize!    Rex Avery
Shantung Management Services The 80/20 Blazons    Demetrius Porter
Onassis Ultimate Cooks who know trust Bruckner.    Keyshawn Suarez
Rodeos Systems Easy as Dactylic.    Keon William

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