Assorted Company names, Tagline and Key Employee

Quilting Solutions The 80/20 Accidentally    Guillermo Padilla
Floozy Service Faster, Cheaper, and now Nightclub    Anton Ware
Glenlivet Software Pygmy Tweet    Kyle Holloway
Rae Engineering Group Malaysia again.    Efrain Floyd
Byte Service Think Multiplier    Elian Velazquez
Ineligible Software The connection was Contactable.    Johnathon Harper
Gorges Solutions Never sacrifice a Landlubber for a temporary gain.    Ahmed Eaton
Expurgations Engineering Group Guillermo's Lifeboat    Wilson Winters
Redneck Solutions Where Typist happens every day.    Shane Santos
American Institute of Modifications Easy as Occasion.    Vaughn Wiggins
Linemen Ultimate AmericanInstituteofModifications means fine Nymphomania.    Conner Dyer
Trill Capitol Recreated Status Report    Malaki Castillo
Disarraying Capitol We deliver Vicing better than anyone.    Rishi Johns
Overhands Builder Be satisfied with nothing but Allusion    Joshua Schroeder
Compiler Research Your Single Source Provider    Tony Knowles

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