Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
be tote,BROAD
be tote,PHRASE
be tote,EXACT
president million,BROAD
president million,PHRASE
president million,EXACT
vistaprint portfolio,BROAD
vistaprint portfolio,PHRASE
vistaprint portfolio,EXACT
party stickers,BROAD
party stickers,PHRASE
party stickers,EXACT
direct addition,BROAD
direct addition,PHRASE
direct addition,EXACT
result online,BROAD
result online,PHRASE
result online,EXACT
extensive licensed,BROAD
extensive licensed,PHRASE
extensive licensed,EXACT
affordable model,BROAD
affordable model,PHRASE
affordable model,EXACT
freeze provider,BROAD
freeze provider,PHRASE
freeze provider,EXACT
shineman convenience,BROAD
shineman convenience,PHRASE
shineman convenience,EXACT
invitations explorer,BROAD
invitations explorer,PHRASE
invitations explorer,EXACT
vprt trynka,BROAD
vprt trynka,PHRASE
vprt trynka,EXACT
announced invites,BROAD
announced invites,PHRASE
announced invites,EXACT
including showcase,BROAD
including showcase,PHRASE
including showcase,EXACT
around north,BROAD
around north,PHRASE
around north,EXACT
spongebob hold,BROAD
spongebob hold,PHRASE
spongebob hold,EXACT
favorite planning,BROAD
favorite planning,PHRASE
favorite planning,EXACT
on its,BROAD
on its,PHRASE
on its,EXACT
tote custom,BROAD
tote custom,PHRASE
tote custom,EXACT
million other,BROAD
million other,PHRASE
million other,EXACT