Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
email direct,BROAD
email direct,PHRASE
email direct,EXACT
including make,BROAD
including make,PHRASE
including make,EXACT
content customers,BROAD
content customers,PHRASE
content customers,EXACT
variety experience,BROAD
variety experience,PHRASE
variety experience,EXACT
shineman invites,BROAD
shineman invites,PHRASE
shineman invites,EXACT
now by,BROAD
now by,PHRASE
now by,EXACT
facilities on,BROAD
facilities on,PHRASE
facilities on,EXACT
the providing,BROAD
the providing,PHRASE
the providing,EXACT
birthday they,BROAD
birthday they,PHRASE
birthday they,EXACT
extra empowers,BROAD
extra empowers,PHRASE
extra empowers,EXACT
options ships,BROAD
options ships,PHRASE
options ships,EXACT
are plan,BROAD
are plan,PHRASE
are plan,EXACT
logo parents,BROAD
logo parents,PHRASE
logo parents,EXACT
feature north,BROAD
feature north,PHRASE
feature north,EXACT
postcard fargo,BROAD
postcard fargo,PHRASE
postcard fargo,EXACT
announced micro,BROAD
announced micro,PHRASE
announced micro,EXACT
ni easy,BROAD
ni easy,PHRASE
ni easy,EXACT
be brand,BROAD
be brand,PHRASE
be brand,EXACT
direct in,BROAD
direct in,PHRASE
direct in,EXACT
make tickets,BROAD
make tickets,PHRASE
make tickets,EXACT