Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
services ease,BROAD
services ease,PHRASE
services ease,EXACT
its nickelodeon,BROAD
its nickelodeon,PHRASE
its nickelodeon,EXACT
way as,BROAD
way as,PHRASE
way as,EXACT
fun unit,BROAD
fun unit,PHRASE
fun unit,EXACT
content an,BROAD
content an,PHRASE
content an,EXACT
shineman american,BROAD
shineman american,PHRASE
shineman american,EXACT
partnering localized,BROAD
partnering localized,PHRASE
partnering localized,EXACT
should parents,BROAD
should parents,PHRASE
should parents,EXACT
now operates,BROAD
now operates,PHRASE
now operates,EXACT
leading global,BROAD
leading global,PHRASE
leading global,EXACT
include registered,BROAD
include registered,PHRASE
include registered,EXACT
birthday direct,BROAD
birthday direct,PHRASE
birthday direct,EXACT
in-demand personalization,BROAD
in-demand personalization,PHRASE
in-demand personalization,EXACT
expansive partnership,BROAD
expansive partnership,PHRASE
expansive partnership,EXACT
can fargo,BROAD
can fargo,PHRASE
can fargo,EXACT
party number,BROAD
party number,PHRASE
party number,EXACT
child popular,BROAD
child popular,PHRASE
child popular,EXACT
and promotional,BROAD
and promotional,PHRASE
and promotional,EXACT
ease icarly,BROAD
ease icarly,PHRASE
ease icarly,EXACT
nickelodeon business,BROAD
nickelodeon business,PHRASE
nickelodeon business,EXACT