Apple's PPC Keywords List

Some random keywords that Apple uses for their adWords account. This list is dynamically generated from various corporate press releases and documents. This format is suitable for WordStream.
subsidiaries ease,BROAD
subsidiaries ease,PHRASE
subsidiaries ease,EXACT
their copywriting,BROAD
their copywriting,PHRASE
their copywriting,EXACT
we spongebob,BROAD
we spongebob,PHRASE
we spongebob,EXACT
are nv,BROAD
are nv,PHRASE
are nv,EXACT
professional magnets,BROAD
professional magnets,PHRASE
professional magnets,EXACT
and variety,BROAD
and variety,PHRASE
and variety,EXACT
vistaprints vistaprint,BROAD
vistaprints vistaprint,PHRASE
vistaprints vistaprint,EXACT
character-specific million,BROAD
character-specific million,PHRASE
character-specific million,EXACT
fun create,BROAD
fun create,PHRASE
fun create,EXACT
result business,BROAD
result business,PHRASE
result business,EXACT
facilities tickets,BROAD
facilities tickets,PHRASE
facilities tickets,EXACT
character may,BROAD
character may,PHRASE
character may,EXACT
day logo,BROAD
day logo,PHRASE
day logo,EXACT
its postcard,BROAD
its postcard,PHRASE
its postcard,EXACT
strategic brand,BROAD
strategic brand,PHRASE
strategic brand,EXACT
world more,BROAD
world more,PHRASE
world more,EXACT
tote personalized,BROAD
tote personalized,PHRASE
tote personalized,EXACT
portfolio announcement,BROAD
portfolio announcement,PHRASE
portfolio announcement,EXACT
ease hours,BROAD
ease hours,PHRASE
ease hours,EXACT
copywriting one-stop,BROAD
copywriting one-stop,PHRASE
copywriting one-stop,EXACT