Question to Ask the IRS

When the "IRS" calls you, they may ask several verification questions to make sure they are talking to the correct party. You have the same right to ask verification questions before talking to the "agent":

General Tax Questions

  • What is my occupation that I listed on my tax form? (They should know if they have your tax file)
  • Who filed my taxes last year (Information is available on the signature line)
  • Which tax forms did I file last year?
  • How many people did I claim as Dependents on my tax form?
  • Did I file via electronic? (Should be easy for the IRS Agent to know this.)
  • Why did you ask "Did you file your taxes regularly?" Shouldn't you know that?
  • Need to make sure that your looking at the correct form, what's the house number that is listed on the Tax form? (They might be right as they may have the phone address information.)
  • What is the company name that's on the W-2 that was attached to the tax form?

If the "IRS Agent" doesn't answer any of the above information correctly, you can be sure they are not credible. Especially true if they decide to "dance around" the answer.

If they don't have your Tax form in front of them:

  • How long have you been an IRS agent and what Federal Exams did you have to pass to be an agent? (Special Enrollment Examination)
  • When a tax form mentions the "minimum essential coverage," what are they talking about? (Obama Care)
  • How much is Standard Deductions on a 1040EZ form?
  • Which court signed the arrest warrent?
  • What time is it in Washington DC right now?

If you want to get tricky

  • You said there's mis-calculations on my Federal Tax forms, does this impact my State taxes?
  • What state did I include with my filings?
  • Will I get a call from my state about this issue? Seems that I am better off going to court since this could cost me a lot more than the amount you quoted me.
  • I have heard that no one has ever served jail time because of a first offense "tax miscalculations." Why are you threating jail time and reprocessions when a court hasn't found me guilty?
  • Why are you sending in the police when the IRS doesn't have the constitutional authority to arrest people?
  • Why are you letting me know that your sending the police to arrest me? When IRS Rule 4a prohibit any announcement of a pending arrest to prevent people from fleeing from the IRS.
  • I"ll take my chances with the courts. Since I can"t afford an attorney, the court will provide a Tax Attorney one at no cost. The attorney may reduce the costs.
  • Go ahead send the police. My home might have been destroyed by the recent fire that hit the area. I was evacuated last night.
  • Last month, I filed a 1040x (Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return) did you get that? I haven't seen the check clear yet - that should fix any miscalculations

Why Confront Them?

The whole purpose of confronting them is to prevent future phone calls. Your goal should be to get your phone number on their internal "Do NOT Call" list.

They don't want to deal with difficult people.

Scam Bait Situation Bonus

When they threaten to send a police officer:

  • I am not at home, I am at the airport about to board my flight to London.
  • I am not at home, I am in Disney World.
  • I moved a month ago. Good thing I didn't send my new address information to the IRS.
  • Thanks for letting me know that they are coming, it gives me a chance to leave the house for a while. Seems weird that you would let me know they are going so I can escape.