1990 Year in Review Transcript

1990 Year in Review

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I'm Rich Rieman Vice President of News and Sports the Unistar Radio Network and for the next two hours you'll hear the sounds of News 1990.

Its been an incredible year and you just won't believe your ears that so much has happened.

Let's begin with the desert winds of war...

Where just as the cold war began to thaw, Correspondent Nancy Lions reports American Troops headed to the Persian Gulf after Iraq invaded the oil rich country of Kuwait.

[ Muslim Prayer ]
Nancy Lions The Muslin's call to prayer, to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein its more like a call to war, listen as he speaks through a translator on CNN.
Saddam Hussein: If Gods was will that war should occur, then we as leaders in God will ultimately that we will we are in no position to object to his judgement and deny him.
Saddam Hussein is kind of disatint a workship of god, a believer in God, fighting for justice and truth and rejecting ?? and fear no one but God.
Nancy Lions Saddam Hussein is now known as an invader as well on August 2 he rolled thousands of troups into Kuwait and claimed the land as his own. President Bush said Saddam is ruthless.
George Bush: We are dealing with Hitler revisited a totalalism and a brutality that is naked and unpresidented.
Nancy Lions President Bush believes that Saddam could continue to bullying the gulf region, so he sent in US troops that will soon number 400,000 he refutes critics who say our presents is just an insurance policy on Persian gulf oil.
George Bush: Some people never get the word the fight isn't about oil, the fight is about naked agression it will not stand [cheers]
Nancy Lions Those first coming out of Kuwait related their nightmares
Kuwait Victims: They took the babies out of incubators cause incubators and watch their children die on the cross bar
This women...the solders they took her bonnet and stuck it through her stomach and pined her on the wall
By the second week we had so many dead in our hospitals that the morgue was fill we had to bury many a people in a single grave.
Can you image being ajust in the basement of your home for 125 days, today you cannot leave, you cannot step out your door
Nancy Lions and in a surprise move, Saddam Hussein decided to release the foriegners, who he referred to as guests after months of captivity.
Foriegners Held Hostage The city did change...its not the same, the Iraqi influence has furmuated everything and the freedoms that we so take for granted as Americans is no longer there.
Its a bit difficult I still don't feel talking because you never trusted anybody, you didn't trust your neighbors, you didn't, you didn't trust talking over the telephone because they tap the telephone.
Freedom doesn't taste like anything, is where you don't have it that you have a bad taste in your mouth.
The feeling I have is one of being overjoyed first of all and then one of anger for being held captive for four months.
It was difficult for us and it was more diffcult for our families cause they didn't know what was going on and that was the worst part they are the ones that suffered more than us.
Nancy Lions The question is being ask over and over again should the US go to over war over the Persian Gulf situation especially after the human shields has been released.
George Bush: Let me assure you, should military actions be required, this will not be another Vietnam.
Stop! Hey what's that sound...
George Bush: I don't want to reminiss, but I have been there, I know what its like to have fallen comrades and to see young kids die in battle...
Nancy Lions Blistering heat and strict Saudi customs have already paid a toll on the moral of our troops standing by in Saudi Arabia. Dozens of fatalities before the fighting has even begun, but despite conditions the troops are ready.
US Troops We are supporting his policies 100% and we are going to do our best to enforce them.
We rather not have anything come down, you know, we like to have it settled peacefully if possible, so whatever it takes, whatever he decides we are with him.
It brings moral down just sitting around doing nothing, you know, time that we could be spending with our family instead of out here getting it over with.
Nancy Lions Colin Powell, the chairman of the joint chief of staff, is convince that we can win a war against Iraq especially since Iraqi solders are weary from fighting an eight year war with Iran.
Colin Powell We will use capabilities that will be seen and unseen to the Iraqis. They will not be dealing with fifteen-year-old Iranian; they will be dealing with a very powerful and capable force that is fully up to the task that has been given to us.
Nancy Lions There are some in Washington who are worried that President Bush should not be the only one to make a decision about fighting, Senator Sam Nunn chairs the Senate Arms Services committee.
Senator Sam Nunn: Before we embark on an offensive action we should have a congressional debate and I think we should have the country behind the men and women who are there before we go into war.
Nancy Lions: There's even a contingent of lawmakers that filed suit to make sure they'll be consulted before any fighting takes place. The experts say that; if it comes to war, the desert alone will be a tough opponent.
War Expert: Time for dose of reality, desert war is fast, intense, and brutal. I remember the Vietnam war and I remember the pain when American boys were being killed at a rate of about 200 a week, in a war like this, we could loose 200 boys an hour. Not a war movie, it's not attractive. When a tank is hit, hit by a shell that weights 13 pounds who moves 16,000 feet each second punching its way through tens of inches of armor and then hitting a human body.
US Military: Its hard to pickup anything in the desert, your looking out over a flat surface the sun is bouncing off of it and was extremely hard to pick up the muzzle blades at the end of the guns, it almost impossible.
Nancy Lions: The Iraqi are preparing by filling desert trenches with oil, so they can be set on fire. Then there's the threat of chemical warfare. But the US isn't going on this one alone we called on old and new friends.
George Bush: Forces of 26 other nations are standing shoulder to shoulder with our troops in the gulf, the fact is that is not the United States against Iraq, it is Iraq against the world.
Nancy Lions: For only the second time in its history the United Nations passed a resolution allowing the use of force. If Saddam Hussein does not pull out of Kuwait by January 15th then war could become a reality and some Vietnam veterans are issuing a warning.
Vietnam veterans: Combat is not a pretty picture. From my standpoint, there are no winners, everybody is a looser.
If there is a war, I don't want it to be called an exercise. Because its not an exercise, war is hell, as a very fine man told me one time and its hell on the solder, but its hell on the woman who has to pick up the pieces.
War is tough but so is the waiting for love ones here
Child: I just think the Navy shouldn't let daddy go away this long, but still they have to keep the world safe.
[Doorbell rings] Hi! Happy Thanksgiving...
Nancy Lions: The family Thanksgiving dinner at Charley and Donnor Walter's Northern California home wasn't quiet the same this year as in the past and that's because son Christopher is a first lieutenant serving in the United States Army over in Saudi Arabia and his wife Tiffany also a first lieutenant is also with Operation Desert Shield. Needless to say they missed by their parents.
Family: Really make me feel uneasy with them in that very difficult circumstance so, it takes some of the joy out of the occasion
We are just glad there hasn't been a shooting war yet and we are just praying that they won't be one at all.
Jane Swoozer: Prayers were said at the Walter's Thanksgiving dinner for Tiffany and Christopher. For Charley and Donner Walter knew that if war were to break out there children 24th mecinzed infantry division would be at the front line.
I'm Jane Swoozer in Majaco Bay California...
Music If only in my dreams...
Nancy Lions: There's little doubt that however the Persian Gulf situation resolves its self, its become the biggest crisis of the Bush administration.
White House correspondent Steve Taylor said it also brought the president the greatest challenge.
Steve Taylor: The desert war started last February, big puffs of white smoke on the ridge opposite this dusty desert valley we are crossing with a column of tanks, I can see flashes of laser fire from some of these recognized vehicles.

It was a strange kind of war, the dead were giving interviews.

Military: I didn't see who hit us, all I know was that we were coming down the road, we died, we took a Toe from over there from the foothills. Toe Missile? Right, and it killed us.
Steve Taylor: Of course this was war games in California Mohave desert with President Bush watching as American solders did their training.
Military: Right he is on Hill 71, which is right up over there...
Steve Taylor: At the time critics said why is the president promoting tank war fare when the enemy, communism, is collapsing?
George Bush: The world community will not stand a side and watch one nation swallow up another.
Rich Rieman: Six months later there was a new enemy.
Saddam Hussein is up against a united front
Rich Rieman: and in August the President sent tanks and solders to the deserts of Saudi Arabia
Rich Rieman: The conflict with Iraq gave Mr. Bush his greatest triumph of 1990 because to apposed Saddam Hussein he revitalized the UN putting together an historic alliance of nations, East and West, North and South, Arab and European.
The World is united.......