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April 21, 2017

Resize Image via LaunchBar

Whenever I email a picture that I have on my desktop I like to resize it. There's no reason to email a 4,032 x 3,024 picture.

Previously Task

In the past, I would open up the photo in a photo utility, such as Picturesque, downsize the image and save it.

Way too time consuming.

LaunchBar the Better way

LaunchBar has several resize options, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75%.

Resize Image

Simple steps to resize images in Launcher

  • Drag the image you want to resize to the LaunchBar Dock icon.
  • Type in ?Resize?
  • Pick the one that works best for you.

Example, a typical iPhone picture is 4032 x 3024 (1.8 MB). Reduced to 33% will yield it to 1344 x 1008 (229 KB) which is reasonable enough to send in an email.

This is just a quick way to resize an image without having to open up an app.

April 20, 2017

Quincy, Josiah Statue

At the Old City Hall are two statues, Benjamin Franklin and Josiah Quincy. Two icons that help guide this country to the prosperity that we have today.

This post is all about the Josiah Quincy statue.

Josiah Quincy2

Things I learned about the Josiah Quincy III statue

  • Bronze Statue on Quincy Granite
  • The total height of the statue was to not exceed 18 feet.
  • The statue was dedicated on October 11, 1879 (Benjamin Franklin dedication was on October 11, 1856)
  • The statue was put up after the George Washington in the Boston Public Gardens. (1869)
  • Paid by Jonathan Phillips in his will - $20,000
  • Actual cost of the Statue was $14,00 ($379,618.32 in 2016)
  • The front tablet cost $125 ($3,389.45 in 20165)
  • Statue was made by Thomas Ball
  • Jonathan Phillips also funded the Benjamin Franklin staute in front of Faneuil Hall
  • Jonathan Phillips was also a Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts

Interesting Facts about Josiah Quincy III

  • Son of Josiah Quincy II, a distance relative of John Quincy Adams
  • Born on February 4, 1772
  • Died on July 1, 1864 in Quincy, Massachusetts. (City is not named after him.)
  • Founding member of the American Antiquian Society.
  • He opposed allowing Louisiana be admitted as a State.
  • The second mayor of Boston.
  • Quincy Market opened when he was the Mayor of Boston and it's named after him.

Front Tablet Statue

Quincy Front

Side Tablet Statue

Quincy Side

Note that there are a couple of blank sides which were intentionally left empty.

Finding the Statue

The statue is located on the front right side of the Old City Hall. Old City Hall is located at 45 School St in Boston, MA.

April 19, 2017

Printable view of Man pages

The manual for many Unix commands are available via the 'man' functionality.

Unix Header

For example, If I want to find out information about the Date functionality, I simply type in:

man date

Useful information, but this a Macintosh and we can do better. There has to be a better way to view the man page.

View like its 2017

The problem with this way is that you only see a screen size view of the document. To go to the next page, you simply type in the spacebar.

This is 2017, there's no reason to view man pages like this anymore.

Plaintext file View

To get a plain text version of a man page, without backspaces and underscores, try

man calendar | col -b > cal.txt
Now you can view this plain text file in your favorite text editor. You can also view this in Chrome simply by drag and drop file the icon to Chrome or Safari.

Open in a different terminal window

Mac OS comes with a built-in Man viewer that might be useful. Simply type this command

open x-man-page://ls

You get a yellow reference guide. This is nice to have so that you can display the info side-by-side your working terminal:


BBEdit view

If BBEdit is your favorite editor, simply send a plain text man page directly to BBEdit

man man | col -b | bbedit


Update your .bashrc

Here's a suggested code snippet to add to your bash profile:

function mman() { man $@ | col -b | bbedit; }

So the next time you need to view a man page type in:

mman perl

Then you can search using BBEdit for the feature you are looking for.

April 18, 2017

OatMeal - Straw Propeller Brand

If your looking for some delicious gluten free oatmeal I would highly recommend the Straw Propeller brand.

My daughter recently had some when she visited my office. They were in the Leanbox refrigerator that we have at work. Not only did she appreciate the convenience of the instant oatmeal, but she really enjoyed the taste.

In fact, as soon as she was done with the Blueberry Blitz one, she asked for the Apple Crisp one. This is something she never does for a snack as she usually satisfied with a small snack.

It cost $2.68 (including tax) via LeanBox. They keep it in the refrigerator, but I don't think it needs refrigeration.

Clearly this is a hit and she'll have it again when she comes back to visit my office.

Straw Propeller

About Leanbox

LeanBox is an awesome office supply food service. They installed a customized LeanBox refrigerator stocked with all sorts of healthy goods. Simply swipe your credit card and then scan your items.

About Straw Propeller

Straw Propeller Gourmet Foods uses only real food ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. They are located in Redmond, Oregon.

They currently have 15 different flavors including Apple Crisp, Banana Bread, Blueberry Blitz, Cherry & Chia, Hemp N' Oats, Man!, Maple Oats, Oh My Pumpkin Pie, Orange Cranberry, Patrioats, PB & J, Peaches & Berry Bramble, Pineapple Cocon-Oats, Indian Curry, Moroccan Spice and Tuscan Herb.

You can order a 12-pack of Straw Propeller for $39, which comes out to $3.25 a meal.

April 17, 2017

Norway Pavilion

The week?s Disney Blog is about the Norway Pavilion at Epcot.

Did you know that the Norway Pavilion is the newest country to the showcase. It was added in 1988, six years after Epcot opened.

There are three reasons that you should visit the Norway Pavilion:

  • Frozen ever after ride
  • Royal Sommerhus - Only place in Disney where you can Meet Anna and Elsa
  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Where you can meet several princesses)

Frozen Ever After Ride

Frozen Ever After Ride

On June 21, 2016, one of the most anticipated rides to open in Disney was the Frozen Ever After Ride. On this ride, you get to experience some of the music from the Frozen movie.

Wait times on this ride can be from 30 - 45 minutes. Disney did a good job of decorating the waiting area to entertain the guests. You certainly feel that your in Norway in the Winter by the time you get on the ride.

The water-type ride is fun, you get to see many of the famous characters of the Frozen movie. The ride does have a drop and you may get a little wet, but this is Disney - so you won?t get soaked. It?s a fun ride to see all the latest special animatronics technology.

My six-year-old daughter loves it. She was very excited to go on the ride and wanted to ride it multiple times afterward. Which we did when we saw that the wait time was shorter.

Fast Pass is a must for this ride!

Royal Sommerhus


Next to the Frozen Ever After Ride is the Royal Sommerhus where you can meet Anna and Elsa. You can get pictures with them and even interact with the characters.

The wait time was a bit long here. The is some decoration around the Royal Sommerhus Cabin which showcases some family pictures in the cabin.

Once you get to meet the characters, you see Anna first and then Elsa. They are both in the same room. There is a Disney Photographer that is available to take your Disney Memory Maker photos. They will also help take group pictures with a regular camera.

Unfortunately you can?t get a picture of the two of them together.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

At the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall you can enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with many Disney Storybook Princesses.

The following princesses are available in the hall

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Belle
  • Princess Aurora
  • Ariel

There is some dancing that happens every once in a while, where the children can dance along with their favorite princess.

Lunch and Dinner is served as a Family style. Reservations are recommended.

April 15, 2017

Memes in Affinity Designer

If your looking to create MEME in Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo here's some useful information.

Example of a typical MEME

Gluten Water

There are lots of online services to create MEME such as IMGUR and imgflip, Memegenerator.net. The sites typically have all the standard images you seen in MEME.

If you have Affinity Designer or Photo you already have a powerful tool to create MEMEs.

The ideal Font font to use is Impact, with some black border. The font size varies on the length of the text.

Memes Asset

To make life easier, download the Memes Asset that I created.

Meme Assets
Download Memes Assets for Affinity Designer.

Ideal MEME size

The ideal MEME size is 604 by 506, depending on the graphic and the source. But it can be any size that you want. I created this useful graphic to help you create a typical Meme:

Memes Canvas Size

There's a template in the Memes Asset too. I'll update the Asset as I think of other things that seem appropriate.

Have fun making cool Memes.

April 14, 2017


Meet the world's first photo editor that adapts to your style & skill level. Luminar is the supercharged photo software that makes complex editing easy & enjoyable. And it is as responsive and beautiful as your Mac.

Luminar Fundamentals

Luminar is a great application when you want to touch up photos. If you need to touch up and enhance photos, Luminar is certainly the app that will make it easy.


The nice thing about Luminar is that there are a lot of built-in Presets to make it easier to get the photo to look exactly the way that you want it to. Macphun says, "Luminar presets are your secret weapon to instantly fantastic photos. You can get a new look in a single click, or use presets as a starting point for your own creative explorations."

Luminar comes with Presets in six different categories: Basic, Outdoor, Street, Portrait, Travel and Dramatic. In each of the categories, you have a bunch of custom settings to enhance your photos. For example, the Basic set has 13 filters. Luminar website has a few more that your can download or purchase.

Presets Preview functionality is a nice feature that Luminar brings to the table. Before using any of the Presets, you get a "sneak" thumbnail peak of what the effect will have on the image that your working with.

Other Tools

Along with the Presets are various tools to help touch up the images. The Denoise Tool is a really cool way to clean up a photo that may have some noise. When you use this tool, you get a nice before/after slider so you can see what a difference the tool makes.

The Eraser tool seems to do a great job of removing some unwanted object in a couple of pictures that I tested. It works very similar to functionality found in Pixelmator and Affinity Photo.

Luminar has a Batch capability mode, which isn't available during the trial period. This would be perfect when you have a bunch of iPhone photos taken in the same situation, and putting together a collage. This is actually a pretty cool time-saving feature to have.


Luminar vs Affinity Photo

There is some missing functionality that's hard for me to justify buying Luminar. There is no Text or Shape tool and there are not a lot of options on brush sizes for masking.

In addition, I found it hard to apply specific effects that I may want. For example in my test, I wanted to apply a blur effect to a certain part of the image and I couldn't figure a way to do that.

Try it Out Yourself

I think Luminar would be great for someone that doesn't want to play around with post-production filter settings. If you just want to quickly touch up a photo to enhance it more, than Luminar might be the application you need.

You can download a trial from MacPhun's website, and if you like it, it's only $69 which includes a 1 month membership to KelbyOne. It's the best photography education platform. (Monthly membership to KelbyOne is $19.99)

April 13, 2017

Kirstein Business Branch

In 2009, I wrote about how the Kirstein Business Branch was closing and being relocated to the main library.

After a few year of being in limbo, the Kirstein Business branch is in its new permanent home the basement of the Boston Public Library. The library had a grand reopening on July 9, 2016.

Old Kirstein
Old Kirstein Kirstein Business Branch at 20 City Hall Ave, Boston MA

Remembering the Past

The old library felt like your in a 19th Century reading room. The floors would creak as you walk around the library. The rooms were dark. There wasn't color, white walls with a dark frame.

The library was on multiple floors, so you would have to change seats if you were looking for something on a different floor. It also made it challenging to find someone to help you.

Despite its old look and feel it was nice because it was separated from the regular library. You knew everyone else that was there was business oriented.

New Kirstein

Focus on the Future

This week, I decided to check out the Kirstein Business section at the main library.

The area in the basement looks very nice and modern compared to the old branch. You don't feel that your in a basement of an old building.

The whole place is bright, despite having no outside windows. You certainly get a nice warm feeling as you walk around the area.

There are plenty of tables to sit down and read all sorts of books and magazines. Each table has a plug and USB stations so you can charge up your laptop or any electronic device while your doing research.

Why Visit the Kirstein Business Library?

If you have any dream of starting a business, this is the place to go to jump start your vision.

The new location has meeting rooms which the old location lacked. As I recall, when there were meetings they held them on one of the floors.

There are plenty of books separated into eight sections. There are books for Careers, Business Management, legal and so much more.

Opposite of the book shelves is numerous trade magazines and journals. You can read the current issue or lift the shelf cover and pick out an old one.

Great Place to Research Your Business Idea

When you come in, walk over to the information desk and they will help you get started.

Did you know
  • KBLIC has 8 workstations with the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • We can help you research funding sources for your nonprofit
  • KBLIS has resources to find old stock prices
  • You can reserve 1 hour blocks on the Bloomberg Workstation

In the Innovation Center

The Macintosh machines in the Innovation Center has much popular application. You are free to use the computers in a two-hour session per day. The following software applications are available on each machine:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master
  • Blender: An open source 3D creation suite
  • Comic Life 3: Turns your images into a comic
  • Balsamiq: Used to easily create interfaces, websites, software and mobile apps using wireframing
  • Final Cut Pro: Professional Video editing software
  • Office for Mac
  • XMind: The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool on the Planet

3D Printing is Available

The Kirstein Business Center has a 3D Printer for public use! To use it, submit designs in STL format to get printed.

Checkout the website for more information.

Stop by and Say Hello

The next time your in Copley Square stop by the Boston Public Library and check out the Kirstein Business Center.

To access the KBC, enter through the main doors on Boylston Street. Walk straight in and where you see a staircase, go down.

April 11, 2017

Ice Cream Maker (Soft Serve)

No trip to Disney can be complete without a taste of everyone's pineapple treat - Dole Whip. It's a delicious pineapple soft serve treat - perfect anytime.

Luckily you don't have to wait to go back to Disney. You can enjoy the exact same treat at home! All you need is a Soft Serve Ice Cream maker and the Dole Whip mix. Both of these are available on Amazon.com. (Not really a surprise!)

Ice Cream Maker

We have a Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. It works really well, the key thing to remember is that the main container needs to be frozen for at least 12 hours before you use it. We kept ours in the Freeze at all times, that way when we need to make ice cream, we can do it and not have to think 12 hours ahead of time.

We recommend getting an additional ice cream maker freezer bowl. That way you don't have to wait an additional 12 hours if you want a different treat on a hot day.

Each batch of Soft Serve ice cream makes 1.5 quarts of delicious soft serve ice cream.

The Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker can make all sorts of delicious treats. We made a chocolate soft serve ice cream for our neighbor and he told us that it was the best he ever tasted. It should be since there are no added chemicals to preserve the ice cream.

Dole Soft Serve Mix

A 4.4-pound bag of Dole Pineapple Soft Serve mix cost $24.59 and will make about 89 1/2 cup serving.

In the parks you get at least a full cup serving. That means each bag will make 45 delicious pineapple treat.

In the parks, the treat cost $4.95. Which means the single bag will produce about $225 worth of treats.

Each Dole Whip serving is Fat-Free, Lactose-Free, Dairy Free, Cholesterol Free, and Gluten Free.

Dole Whip

Just like the Park

We made a batch shortly after coming back from Disney and can verify that, as long as you follow the instructions, it will taste exactly like the one in the park.

Perfect for any small kids party - that has a Disney theme.

The good thing is that you don't need any extra ingredients.

If you keep the Ice Maker in the freezer, you can make your favorite Dole Whip whenever you want.

April 10, 2017

Gravestones at the Haunted Mansion

Just before you enter the Haunted Mansion in DisneyWorld, you will see a fictional graveyard.

In the graveyard are 13 regular headstones. (How appropriate!) There are two honorable mention gravestones.

The graveyard starts over by the interactive waiting queue and finishes right up to you get inside the Mansion. The best view of the graveyard is to be on the left of the line.

Haunted Gravestones

Epithets List

Here's a list of all the epithets that you can see, in the order that they appear:

  • Dear Departed Brother Dave - He Chased a Bear into a Cave
  • In Memorium Uncle Myall - Here you'll lie for quite a while
  • Good Friend Gordon - Now you've cross the river Jordon
  • The Lady of the Opera Our Haunting Harriet - Searched for a tune but never could carry it
  • Here Lies a Man Names Martin - The lights went out on this old spartan
  • Dearest Dorothea
  • Master Gracy Laid to Rest - No mourning Please at his request - Farewell
  • Rest in Peace Cousin Huet - We all know you didn't do it
  • Here rests Wathel R. Bender - He rode to glory on a fender Peaceful rest
  • Here Lies Good Old Fred - A great big rock fell on his head R.I.P
  • At Peaceful Rest Lies Bother Claude - Planted here beneath this sod
  • RIP Mister Swell - The Victim of a dirty duel Peaceful Rest
  • Dear Sweet Leota. Beloved by all in regions beyond now, but having a ball

Many of the original tombstones we a tribute to some of the architect and designers of the Haunted Manions. Check out WDWRadio.com for additional details.

H M Waiting Area

Interactive Gravestone

The "Dear Sweet Leota" gravestone has some motion. About every sixty seconds the head will slightly pop out and the eyes will open for five seconds and then close and the head goes back to normal position.

This happens rain or shine. I have stood in line during some serious downpour and have seen the motion from the tombstone.

Honorable Mention

If you were a major contributor to the Haunted Mansion creation, you may get your own gravestone. Kind of like a Hall of Fame:

  • In Memory of Our Patriarch Dear Departed Grandpa Marc
  • Requiescat Francis Xavier - No Time off for good behavior R.I.P.

Wikipedia description of Marc Davis - "as a prominent American artist and animator for Walt Disney Studios. He was one of Disney's Nine Old Men, the famed core animators of Disney animated films, and was revered for his knowledge and understanding of visual aesthetics." He did a lot of the design work for the Haunted Manion. Marc Died January 12, 2000.

Legendary Imagineer Francis Xavier "X" Atencio helped develop the Haunted Mansion story line, wrote the theme song's lyrics, and helped come up with the tombstone inscriptions. Still alive!

Memorable Tombs

The "Dear Old Fred" is easy to remember because it's an easy rhyme. It's also the grave you most likely see while waiting for the doors to open.

The "Sweet Leota" is memorable because it's the only headstone that has any interaction.

Future Gravestone?

Maynard at the Haunted Mansion in 2000.

Will Maynard be memorialized with gravestones at the Haunted Mansion?

Many fans at Haunted Mansion in Disneyland feel Maynard makes the ride special. In the early days of the Internet, many Haunted Mansion sites talked about him and some sites posted his working schedule.

I wasn't able to find any new information about the whereabouts of Maynard the famous Ghost Host of the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland.

Also surprised that there isn't anything for Thurl Ravenscroft, who's voice you hear as you travel along the Haunted Mansion ride.