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In 1997, I purchased a ScanBirk desk, model number 124 from Scandinavian Design in Cupertino California. At the time, I was looking for a really nice corner desk, and this seemed to be a perfect fit.

Since 1997, I have moved the desk 3 times, and each time I put together the desk without any problems or even having the directions. The desk is pretty simple to put together quickly.

My latest move had one minor complication, one of the pieces went missing during the move. It was the metal piece that holds the center desk with the end pieces. To solve this, I purchased a couple of metal brackets at Lowe's and was able to replace the pieces pretty quickly.

If you purchased a ScanBirk corner desk (Model 124) and looking for the installation instructions, download the PDF file I created. This is an easy desk to put together and still looks good more than 10 years later!

Job Hunting
Assorted information for thoses looking for new opportunities.
Big HelpThe listing of companies at the Big Help job fair at Fenway Park on September 2003. Great historical information on the first job fair at Fenway Park
Focus Approach to Job SearchInfomation on how to use the Focus Approach to build a better job search
Unemployed TipsTom Brophy give some practical advice on what unemployed people should do everyday to be increase their opportunity to get hired.
Year by YearHere is how to improve your job search while in college. Learn what to do each year to have an awesome job when you graduate.
MacKay Sweet 16Harvey MacKay takes you through the though process of 16 most likely asked questions during a job interview. Great read for interveiw prep.
Job Search WorksheetA helpful worksheet on creating a successful job search plan. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance .
Job PointsHave you ever wondered what effort it takes to find a job? Use this chart to see how much effort you need.
Yes You CanA 50 page PDF document to get your momentum back on track!
Unemployable?Just because your unemployed doesn't mean your Unemployable. Read this if your stuck in your job search.
Mental TrainingGreat information to help you stay Mentally focus on your Job hunt.
Corporate ChiefsAn article about why layoffs are a good thing and how its best for the economy in the long run.
Las Vegas
PDF Documents for visitors to Las Vegas
RouletteGeneral information on how to play Roulette
Las Vegas Hotel InformationVegas Hotels Reservation. Great reference material!
BlackjackA Basic Backjack casino strategy guide.
Casino CrapsGeneral gaming odds on playing craps.
Los Angeles & Hollywood
PDF Documents on LA and Hollywood.
LA InfoSome of the Best stores in the LA area (Best of List)
2004 DisneylandThe Official Park map of Disneyland in 2004
Disneyland HuntA Disneyland Treasure Hunt that I created
Hollywood SignAll you ever wanted to know about the famous Hollywood sign
Disneyland InfoDisneyland general price information and what to bring
Hollywood Sign 2.0More information about the famous Hollywood sign
Things to Do in LAI put together this quick sheet of things to do around LA on a weekend trip in 2001.
Macintosh PDF Documents.
Macintosh 660avThe Official Marketing Datasheet for Apple Quadra 660AV from 1994
Macintosh 8600Technical Datasheet for Apple PowerMac 8600
Now UtilitiesQuick Reference Guide for Now Utilities from 1990
Computer PDF Documents that I collected
Tandy 1000sxThe Tandy 1000 as described in a 1987 Radio Shack Catalog
Tip BoxHow to create a Tip Box using Tables instead of HTML
MySQL Date TimeA Very handy Date Formating variables chart for MySQL.
SQL Server ReplicationGeneral information about the various steps to setup SQL Server Replication.
Various PDF documents that I created or collected over the years.
WonderlandA prart of the Dog Track listing from Wonderland Dog Track
War ReferenceWars, Campaigns, and Expeditions of the Armed Forces Since 1937
TurkeyBasic three things to remember when cooking a turkey.
Michael DukakisWhy is Mike Dukakis better than George Bush? Read the details from this 1988 Democratic handout.
BeatriceFind the Beatrice product mini-poster. A late 80s promotion.
Lane and GamesRestaurant menu for Lane and Games on Route 2 in Cambridge.
Delicious Hershey RecipesThe orginal recipes for fudgey brownies & deep dark chocolate cake.
Saddam Hussein BioThis is Saddam Hussein unofficial resume. He died on December 30, 2006
Church Street StationA brochure about Church Street Station from 1992
1991 Guf WarGeneral information on the 1991 Gulf War.
Movie TriviaFrequently Asked Questions about Movies from 1995.
Procrastinate Tip SheetSome helpful tips on avoiding Procrastination and do it now!
Cape Cod Restaurants
Menu listing of the most popular restaurants on Cape Cod.
Sir CricketsA great all season takeout seafood resturant in Orleans MA
Cooke SeafoodTake-out menu for Cooke Seafood in Orleans, MA
Liams at Nauset BeachThis is the latest Liams Nauset Beach Menu.(August 2009) Download it and plan your next lunch at Nauset Beach, Orleans MA.
KatesTake out menu for Kate's Fried Seafood & Ice Cream in Brewster, MA
Lobster ClawThe Lobster Claw 2003 Menu. This famous resturant is located on Rt 28 in Orleans, MA.
Useful Business PDFs that I have found
AffirmationsScott Adams describe how Positive Affirmations was big part of his success.
Play Live GolfLegal documents which covers the SEC investigation of PlayLiveGolf.com
ScanBirkInstructions on putting together the ScanBirk desk.
1991 Peace FlyerA flyer from 1991 on an upcoming rally in Washington DC
Incredible UniverseA brochure of Incredible Universe which shows the fun place the store use to be.
Acres of DiamondsThe complete Acres of Diamonds story by Russell Conwell
Al Gore BrochureA brochure from 2000 on why Al Gore shouldn't be president.
Fairfield Inn Credit FormFairfield Inn Credit Card Authorization Form
CSharp ReferenceUseful reference guide to mastering C#
Johnny MostThe orginal "Dream Game" brochure featuring Johnny Most and Glenn Ordway.
Poor BoysThe classic, How Poor Boys become Rich Men PDF Document. Proven methods that given results to many people.
Very useful reference guides that I have created.
Health Care BillSentate Version of the Health Care Bill pass on
Assorted PDFs of places and companies in California.
Enrons LetterEnron's letter to California residents to get them to switch to Enron
Disneyland 1994The official park map of Disneyland in 1994. What did the park look like in 1994?
Knotts Berry FarmA listing of various rides at Knotts Berry Farm in 2001.
Mystery SpotA brochure of Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, California
New England
Assorted PDFs of places and companies in New England.
Boston CelticsA letter from the Boston Celtics in 2005 for season tickets
Harwichport GolfThe golf score for Harwich Port Golf Club
1988 CCHS GraduationThe Graduation Exercises document of CCHS Graduation Class of 1988
Weston NurseriesMap of the Weston Nurseries Landscape in Hopkinton, MA
Worcester Common OutletsThe directory of Worcester Common Outlets from 2002
Kancamagus Highway MapA traveler's guide to the Kancamagus Highway Map in New Hampshire.
Townline DinerTake-out menu for Townline Diner in Rocky Hill, CT
Wayside InnGeneral Inforamation on the Longfellow's Wayside Inn
AngelinosTake-out menu for Angelinos in Vernon, CT
The famous travel category.
Logan Airport Parking RateParking Rates at Boston's Logan International Airport
Westminster AbbyThe Westminster Abby brochure from 1990.
Trip PlanningUseful Packing Tips to help you have a better vacation.
Old Sturbridge VillageCurrent map of Old Sturbridge Village
Disneyland Treasure HuntA Disneyland Treasure Hunt that I created.
Daily Vacation PlannerUseful Daily Planner to plan vacation time.