Random PDF Feature in the Macintosh category!

When I moved to California, in 1996, I was looking to update my Centris 660av to a more powerful computer. At the time the only computer that was similar was the Macintosh 8600. It had the same Audio/Video capabilities, but the cool thing was that it was a Power Macintosh!

The computer met all my expectations, it was easy to use and very easy to add additional cards, memory and disk space. I did add a second hard drive and tried several different video cards to try the latest Audio/Video technology.

When I left California, in August 2002, I decided to donate the computer to the Oakland School district. This wasn't a hard decision since I didn't use the computer that much since I had some more powerful computers.

Download the specifications of the Macintosh 8600, and read about the great configurations of this computer.


Macintosh PDF Documents.

Name Description
 Macintosh 660avThe Official Marketing Datasheet for Apple Quadra 660AV from 1994
 Macintosh 8600Technical Datasheet for Apple PowerMac 8600
 Now UtilitiesQuick Reference Guide for Now Utilities from 1990