March 19, 2018

5 Ways To Win At Mobile Application Testing

5 Ways To Win At Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application market is extending incessantly and broadly these days.

World's most outstanding geeks are appeasing the hunger of the most dedicated IT mobs by supplying them with latest and super-sophisticated mobile apps. For roughly a half of these "helluva creations" prove to be totally lame, a hypothetical mobile apps validity center has been running a testing procedure targeted at selecting the coolest apps among the usual "wannabees" and giving the former the green light to remain winners in the mobile market.

Application Testing is a rigid and meticulous process requiring high functionality and usability of an app. In order to pass it, app developers should be familiar with some tricks and useful suggestions on how to hit the score at the testing. Before we tackle the guidelines of a successful app testing completion, let's plunge into the proper understanding of the paramount challenges mobile application testing has. The most common challenges are:

1. Device fragmentation

Apps are normally used on various gadgets and platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc. This is called device fragmentation that is a little burdening for developers as they have to always disperse their work and attention to check if the app functions properly on each device and platform. Furthermore, different operating systems contain their own peculiar features and principles which makes it hard to manage them.

2. Availability of testing tools

Testing apps in-house bring a severe headache due to the lack or total absence of necessary tools. Moreover, if there's a multi-device app tested, the whole testing process gets even more complicated as businesses have to deal with the requirements of assessing the app on different devices and platforms.

3. Application lifecycle testing

The methods mobile application testing uses need frequent upgrades of an app as consecutive updates make developer follow compatibility. This makes mobile app testing even more complicated and hard to comply with.

To perform greatly at mobile application testing, you need to comply with a strategy consisting of important steps and techniques ensuring your success at the assessment procedure.

The leading strategy of winning at mobile app testing

  • Device selection

    Establishing the ways of testing an app is the primary step you should take to begin testing. The most important testing method you have to choose is directly related to the market so you had better be precise and thorough. There is one crucial choice two you have to make in order to complete testing successfully: select the device. Experts suggest regarding the following factors to make the right choice:

    • Test your app on all credulous OS versions;
    • Try a customized screen version to assess by size and resolution;
    • Providing your app is compatible with with tabs and smartphones, test it for form peculiarities.

    It's not the full directory of the factors you need to take into account when selecting the device, these are only the major ones. You can also consider connectivity option, memory size, etc.

  • Genuine devices and emulators

    To reduce the chance of failing the test, you can choose whether you want to use physical devices or emulators. The latter is advisable in the initial development stages since emulators are really good at providing quick testing. Moreover, they are cost-effective. However, the perks of using emulators shouldn't prevent you from utilizing the physical device, too as it's an inherent component of having a full comprehension of the app performance in a real-life dimension. All in all, the most accurate and effective results can be obtained from so-called hybrid testing, meaning it's best to use both emulators and physical devices.

  • Cloud testing

    Using the cloud to test an app facilitates the testing process and enables you to draw more precise conclusions about the app performance. It creates a web-based environment, allows you to manage your app in various ways, and provides instant access to different mobile devices. Cloud testing also cuts project costs and increases ROI.

  • Network connectivity

    This factor is highly important as the functionality of most mobile apps depends on it. It's strongly recommended to test application within a network to have a proper understanding of how an app functions. You get numerous tools for network simulation to test your app for speed, connection failures, etc. One of the critical factors determining the success of an app at testing is being consistent in various networks.

  • Performance testing

    App scalability and performance are its key characteristics. If an app has a great storage capacity at reasonable prices, the chance of enticing more customers rapidly grows. Users tend to store many programs relevant to your app which may slow down its performance. This testing has to consider all the possible aspects connected with these programs as well as their range.

Bottom line

Passing Mobile App Testing will make your app stand out amid other applications and win over them. Once you follow these key guidelines, your app will end up with unprecedented success and popularity among today's capricious users that are very hard to please.

Short bio

Helen Morrice is a copywriter and content developer at IDAP Group, an app development company having its headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is a talented and promising writer keen on of delivering valuable and unique content. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter

Helen Morrice

March 18, 2018

Framingham Commuter Rail Tips

Are you new to traveling the Worcester/Framingham Commuter Rail? Here's some advice from a regular commuter

Framingham Commuter Tips

  • Take the Express (if possible) - Framingham is lucky to have regular express trains and you'll arrive into the City of Boston about 25 minutes quicker than a standard train.
  • Arrive at the Station Early - Most Commuters arrive at the station about 5 minutes before the train arrives. Try to get get there 10 mins early for a better parking space. The MBTA has worked hard to keep the trains running on time and they will not wait for you.
  • Infield Lot - Fills up quickly by 7:45. After that your better off parking in the lot that you see when you arrive at the station. (Infield Lot Info)
  • Leaving Downtown Framingham at peak time - There are several trains that arrive in downtown Framingham between 5:30 and 6:15, causing lots of backups at the Concord Street/126 Intersection. Your best bet would be to avoid that intersection at that time.
  • Know Where to Board - The incoming trains usually stop at the track nearest 126 (Opposite the main parking lot.) In the mornings the crowds are always gathering on that side of the track. Keep an eye on the marquee signs as they will indicate the times of the arrival trains.
  • Boarding the Train - Usually the front of the train is best for South Station, middle for Back Bay and the rear for Yawkey.
  • No Credit Cards allowed for on Board Ticket purchases - Use the mTicket application to purchase tickets. Don't wait until you board, do it while waiting for the train. Conductors do not like to wait for you to enter your credit card info in the app.
  • Sign up for MBTA Alerts - Go to MBTA T-Alerts and sign up to get notifications on delays.
  • Monthly Pass Card - if you have a physical monthly pass card guard it as if its money. If you loose it you can't get a free replacement. I usually just hold it in my hands to show the conductor and then put it back in my wallet.

March 17, 2018

Embossed Label

Embrossed Labels is a quick way to generate labels online. You can use the graphic for any purpose.

This is a unique way to communicate a message on a Blog or Social Media.

Description from the Website

Welcome to the Embossed Label Generator website, where you can make and download free custom text embossed label images for your design projects or websites.

The generator uses actual images and not a font - they are made from the high resolution scanned label strips that are on my main website here. The original scans were only in blue, red and green and I also made a black version in Photoshop - I may add more colors in the future.

Embrossed Labels

Sample Design Ideas

These labels are perfect for displaying short text in the graphic form. You can combine labels with interesting graphics layouts.

QA Pass Label

QA Fail Label

Not So Good Release

Happy Patricks Day

March 16, 2018

BBEdit Stye Text

There is a popular online utility called GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter which makes it easy to display Code in the same Syntax format in popular editors. You use this when you want to display code on a website.

Ge S Hi Java

If you have BBEdit, you don't need it because there's a built in tool called "Copy as Styled" which will copy the selected text using the BBedit color scheme that you have selected.

BBEdit Styled Text

Sample Output from BBEdit

    public void setHints(int hints) {
    super.setHints(hints & (~ImageConsumer.COMPLETESCANLINES));

Copy as Styled Text

The other "Copy as" functionality is the "Copy as Styled Text" which copies the selected text as rich text. This is handy when you may want to paste the syntax code in a Microsoft Word document or Evernote note.

Cool trick with OmniGraffle

If you have OmniGraffle you can create a cool info-box using your code:

  • Copy your Code in BBEdit as "Copy as Styled Text"
  • Paste the content in your Clipboard into OmniGraffle
  • Change the Fill to be whatever the background is (If Needed)
  • Change the look and feel, and then export the image.

A few simple steps in OmniGraffle and you could make this:

Freehand Stroke Omni Graffle

It appears that this is easily done in OmniGraffle. I tried in Apple Page, Microsoft Word, and Affinity Designer and they all require some additional touch ups. For example, you may want to create a box object first and then paste the content from BBEdit.

March 15, 2018

Boston Sign

As you walk through the city of Boston looking for landmarks for selfie pictures, one place you should visit is the Boston City Hall Plaza. You’ll see the largest ‘Boston’ sign in the city of Boston.

Boston Sign

This sign is sponsored by BerkshireBank and has been on the City Hall Plaza since 2016. (Actually not too difficult to miss the sponsor)

The sign is part of the “Boston Seasons” event and showcases seasonal events including an ice skating rink in the early winter and concerts in the summer.

The sign is available all year round. At night the sign is lit up to Red and Green in the Winter Months, and white in the summer months.

Getting There

The best way to see the sign is to take the Green line to Government Center. Head upstairs and look for the big City Hall Building, and you'll see the Boston sign right under it.

The sign is in the middle of the plaza, so it doesn't matter what time of the day you take pictures. I found that noontime is the best chance to have fewer shadows.

Finding Out More

You can find out more about the events going on as part of the Boston Season on their official website. There's also a Twitter account to follow and a Facebook page to like to keep up with events.

March 14, 2018

Unique Souvenirs to Buy in Aruba

A vacation is complete without finding something special to remember your trip. When picking out your ideal souvenir, you want something that is unique to the location.

Here are five "must have" souvenirs from Aruba from various island tourists.

Aruba Unique Souvenirs

Aruba Aloe

This seems to be the most common thing that people get when they visit the island. You can buy the lotion at many stores on the island. Visit the factory to get a tour of how they make the location.

Aruba Aloe Factory, Museum and Store Pitastraat 115
Hato, Aruba

Aruban License Plate

The Aruban License plates are unique and make great wall decorations to a beach house. Someone that really likes Aruba has the license plate decorated around their hot tub at their home.

You can find them everywhere around the island. They are unique and not easily available off the island.

Local Pottery and Art

In the Palm Beach area are several small art shops where you can buy locally made pottery and art designs.

There is a flea market just across the street from the Renaissance Mall

Aruba Reusable Bag

A popular bag that you may see people have at the Aruba airport and beaches. The bag features: California lighthouse, Indian Cave Paintings, Immigration Stamps and the DiviDivi tree and the Aruba license plate.

You can find the bag at the Airport (Shopping Area and Gate 5), Marriott Vacation Club at Tropical Breeze, Renaissance Mall at Cocosol, Royal Plaza in Fantasea.

Jewelers Store

You can great deals on Watches and other Jewelry items in downtown Oranjestad.

The "Touch of Gold" store actually sells jewelry that is made on the island - which is considered rare since most stores just sell imports.

You can bargain with most stores to get a cheaper price than what you see.

There are several Pandora stores on Aruba, you can find an exclusive Aruba Charm. It's the Aruba symbol on an official pandora charm. It can only be purchased in Aruba.

March 13, 2018

Evernote University Notebook

Every now and then I'll find an interesting article or document that very interesting to read through. However, I don't have the time at that exact moment to read it - but it seems like something worth wild reading.

Book Train

That's why I created a "University" notebook in Evernote. I use the Web Clipper and send the article to that Notebook.

When I have downtime, I can browse through the files in University to find something worth reading or learning about. This is useful on my daily train commute or when I am on a plane.

Evernote Premium Subscribers can set designated Notebooks for offline reading.

Once I am done with the article, I then move it to a Library Notebook. That way I always know that the University Notebook will have interesting articles.

I have various articles in my University Notebook such as:

Better than Bookmark

The good thing about doing this is that I can remember important articles at the time of discovery. Also, should the article be no longer available I'll have a copy that I can read. Whereas a browser bookmark might point me to a 404 page.

Start Today!

If you have Evernote, I encourage you to have your own University Notebook to store downtime data.

March 12, 2018

Browser Extensions for QA

Browser Extensions are a great way to enhance the browsing experience. It’s a good way to get a lot more out of the browsers.

There are plenty of great Extensions that can help QA test websites. However, don’t be greedy and install too many extensions. It can slow down your browser experience and give you false testing results!

Browser Extensions

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Screencast, record screen as the video. Screen capture for a full page, annotate, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

A fast way to get a screenshot of the current page. You can even add all the popular annotations after the screenshot. The nice thing is that the capture is in a different tab, so you can keep testing and then go back and make any comments.


Bug Magnet

Right-click context menu to help with exploratory testing

Bug Magnet helps validate user-entered data. Make sure that the field supports all Unicode, Email and Phone standards. All the different text combinations are available with a simple right click.


Tag Assistant (by Google)

Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

This is a great way to see what tags are installed on a page. Useful if your debugging Google Tag Manager and want to make sure that it’s enabled.


Window Resizer

Resize the browser window to emulate various screen resolutions.

This is a fast way to make sure the browser is set to the correct dimensions. In addition, you can use the command Alt-Shit-T to display the current browser size. Very useful when you're debugging a layout issue with a particular resolution.


Form Filler

This extension allows you to fill all form inputs (textboxes, textareas, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc.) with **random/dummy** data.

The purpose of this extension is to help developers test their forms quickly and easily.


Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts for Extensions and Apps

Did you know that you can set keyboard extensions for Extensions? This is a great way to quickly access Extensions that you use all the time. Especially during regression test cycles.

If you go to chrome://extensions and click on the Keyboard Shortcuts in the bottom right of the page.

Now you can set your own shortcuts when you need them. This makes it really easy to access your extensions when your testing websites. This is also handy when you have Extensions hidden in the Chrome menu.

For example, you can set a shortcut to open the Tag Assistant - making it easy to validate the tags when you need to. You may have this hidden because it’s not an action that you may need to do in every test.

March 11, 2018

Evernote Planner for the 2018 Challenge

Next month is the when the yearly A-Z Blogging Challenge starts. The challenge is to create a unique blog post around the letter of the day.

Here's an Evernote document to help with the planning:

April Ato Z Challenge
Access Evernote Document

Click on the image to connect to my Evernote Share page to view the planner. Then simply click on the "Save to Evernote" button to save it to your personal notebook. After you save it to your document, you can customize it any way you want!

March 10, 2018

QR Code

QR Code Monkey is a fast easy way to generate QR codes. People can scan the code to get more information about a product or to visit your website.

Website Product Description

RCode Monkey is one of the most popular free online QR code generators with millions of already created QR codes. The high resolution of the QR codes and the powerful design options make it one of the best free QR code generators on the web that can be used for commercial and print purposes.


Cool Use of a QR code

Do you have company over your house that wants to get on your WiFi? Want to keep your WiFi access point secret?

Easy, simply create a mini-poster with the QR code for people to scan. Hang the poster where people can see it. When they scan the QR code it automatically connects that device to the WiFi access point with the WiFi password.

How cool is that!

Now you can have some complex password and not have to worry about someone incorrectly typing the password.

Simply scan the QR code and they are online. Works well with laptops that have a camera too. Apple iOS users can use the camera app

This is a good idea for doctor offices, gymnastics waiting areas, bars etc. Just about any place that wants to promote Free WiFi..

Now people can get online without typing in some highly encrypted password.

March 9, 2018

Macintosh Spring Cleaning

There's an old saying in the de-clutter world, "If you haven't used it in Six Month, throw it away." The same rule should apply to Macintosh Applications. If you haven't use the application in the past six months, you should consider removing it from your computer.

Use Spotlight to Find Applications that Your Really Not Using

Did you know that Apple's Spotlight can tell you when you haven't used an application for a while? Simple use the following search criteria to display icons that your not using anymore:

Unused Applications
Just some of the Apps on my computer that I should remove.

Unused Fonts Cleanup

Did you know that having a lot of fonts install on your computer can actually slow down your computer?

Why not just removed unused and one-time use fonts and only have the fonts that you'll actually use. Not only will it help speed up your computer, even ever-so-slightly, you'll have a much better font list to navigate with.

One way to clean up the folder is to removed duplicated fonts. In Apple's Font Book there's a built-in tool that will look for duplicates.

  • Open up Font Book
  • Type in Command-L
  • Go through with Duplicate Font Wizard.

Note: If you type in Command-L and nothing happens, it means you don't have any duplicate fonts. (Lucky You!)

Font Duplicated

Also in FontBook, you can disable Fonts that you don't need to have. This is a good way to manually manage fonts because you can't disable System Fonts - so there's no way to disable the default system font. You don't risk your computer acting weird.

For this to work you'll need to walk through all your installed fonts and make a judgment call on which ones are important. Don't worry, you can always enable the fonts for later. Unfortunately, you can't create a Smart Group of disabled fonts.

Itunes Cleanup

In iTunes, you can see what songs you're listening to the most. Each time you listen to an entire song, iTunes increments the play count. It's a good way to know what songs you really like, and what songs your not interested in listening to.

If you're not listening to it, why keep it on your computer?

One way to help sort out the non-played music, is to create a smart playlist of zero count plays. Here's an example of one I created:

i Tunes Play Count

To Remove the Song, simply right click on the track and then select, "Remove from this Computer"

Got any Tips?

Please share any other tips on cleaning out unused files on your computer in the comments.

March 8, 2018

Boston Spring 2018

Spring is just around the corner, it’s time to look at when various venues are opening up because of the warm weather.

Here’s an updated calendar on when things are opening in Boston:

Boston Springsm
Click on image for a larger version.

Duck Boats March 21
Boston Green Way March 24
Red Sox Opening Day April 5
Swan Boats April 13
Boston Marathon April 16
City Of Boston’s Outdoor Pools And Family-Friendly Beach June 17

March 7, 2018

Signs in Aruba

There are two Aruba signs that are perfect to show everyone that you're in Aruba. One is the colorful Aruba sign with a star, and the other is the 'I Love Aruba' sign.

The purpose of this blog post is to show where you can locate these signs on the island. This is based on other blog posts and the GPS information on photos found online.

The best bet for finding these signs is visiting downtown Oranjestad.

Aruba Signs
Thanks to Eric Mijts for the 'I Love Aruba' photo.

I Love Aruba

There are two places where you can find this sign in Aruba. There is a smaller version of the sign that has been moving around the island on a trailer - usually park for a long duration.

Original and Largest Version

Downtown Oranjestad near the Marina and next to the Renaissance Hotel in Oranjestad.

Smaller Version

In the Palm Beach area - in front of the Riu and Hilton Resorts.

California Lighthouse area - near the White Lighthouse Restaurant.

Aruba Sign

Official Version

You can find the sign in Linear Park near downtown Oranjestad. It's located just off the Lloyd G. Smith Blvd. It's located on the right-hand side of the road, chances are you'll see it on your way to your hotel from the airport.

Smaller Version

Palm Beach Area - There's a smaller sign near the Senor Frogs.

March 6, 2018

Font Reference Note

One of the productive uses of Evernote is to keep track of frequently used Fonts.

One of my notes in the "Active Projects" notebook is titled - "Popular Fonts." In that note, it contains the sample of some of the fonts that I have used the fonts in various projects.

Evernote Font
Sample Entry in the "Popular Fonts" Note

This makes it really easy to find the right font style for future projects. Simply search for the keyword and the word 'Font' and the note will appear every time.

Getting the Font Graphic

The easiest way I found to create the font reference graphic is to use OmniGraffle.

  • Create the Text, Select the Text Object area
  • Go to Edit menu then select "Copy As" then pick "PNG"
  • Paste the Clipboard content in the Note
  • Add some text around the Text, such as the Font Name and where it was used.

Omni Graffle Help

It takes a couple of minutes to set up. Once you get into the rhythm you can quickly produce entries into your own note. This will save a lot of time in the future - to find the right font.

Creative Market Tip

This is useful when you get a new font from Creative Market Free collection. You'll be able to remember what you got, and the style of the font.

March 5, 2018

Google Testing Blog

Google Testing Blog is a great resource to the latest 'hot' trends in QA testing. You get a perspective on what technology/process is working at Google.

I would recommend at visiting the blog and at the very least, click on the "Subscribe by Email" to get the latest post emailed to you. The good news is that they don't post every day - so your email box won't blow up.

The emails/post that is posted contain a lot of very useful information that may help your organization test more effectively.


You'll Learn Something New

You can certainly learn a lot from one of the most innovated organizations in the world. Just some of the things I learned:

  • Strategies on applying comments in the code, especially in automation. There is such thing as ineffective comments.
  • How the size of test cases can make a difference on how effective it can be.
  • Building Test Infrastructure that produce real results.
  • Speed is key in creating the best testing tools and to win at Continuous Integration. If it takes a long time for a test - "There’s a tremendous difference in hackability if it takes 5 seconds to build and test versus one minute, or even 20 minutes, to build and test."

Eleven Years and Counting

The Official Google Testing Blog has been running now for 11 years. They have about 100 to 200 views per month. They are a good resource for tips/tricks to the technical/business side of testing.

March 4, 2018

Amazon Alexa/Echo Cards

If your an Amazon Alex fan, chances are you have multiple units. The problem is that you have to different "wake up" word so that your speaking to the closet unit.

If you're like us, you probably have a hard time remembering what the wake-up word for the particular unit. You usually end up saying "Echo/Alexa."

That's why I created these graphics reminders. Simply print these out and place them near the unit to remember the name of the device.

Click on image for a larger version.
Click on image for a larger version.
Click on image for a larger version.
Click on image for a larger version.

If there's any other's that you would like to see, simply leave a comment.

March 3, 2018

Deposit Photos

If your looking for great stock photos or vector images - Deposit Photo is the way to go. You can find lots of great graphics and ideas.

These files aren't free, you need to buy a package to download the files. They often run a special promotional deal where you can download 100 files for $100. It's a great deal since the 100 credits don't expire.

If you're really into Deposit Photo, you can subscribe to their services - there's a monthly and a yearly plan.

From their Website

Depositphotos -- is a commercial platform that brings authors of high-quality licensed stock photos, graphics, vectors, and videos together with appreciative buyers. Thanks to the efforts of talented professionals from all over the globe and our world-class technical solutions, we were able to build a perfect place to marry business with creativity.

75+ million files. Clients in 192 countries. 24/7 support in 20 languages. It is possible only because we have a strong team located in New York, Milan, Kiev, Moscow and Warsaw.

Deposit Photo

You can find great Christmas graphics, images for invitations, infographic designs or graphics for blogs.

I have found that some designs from Creative Market are also available on Deposit Photo. Instead of paying $8, I paying $1 for virtually the same graphic design.

Get Started

Check out their site and search for images to see what they have in their library. See if it meets your image demands.

March 2, 2018

iMac 2011

If you have an iMac 2011, this is your final chance to get any repairs done to the computer. Apple has announced that they will be allowing repairs of the 2011 iMac computer through August of this year.

After August 2018, the iMac computer will be considered a vintage system. Apple is doing this extension since they sold a lot of the iMac 2011 computer, as it was available on the market for a long time. Typically they stop supporting a system 5-years after the last sold date.

What this means to iMac 2011 Users

If your encountering an issue with the iMac this is a good time to get it fixed. Some examples:

  • Dead pixel on the screen
  • Crack screen
  • Display hinge issues
  • Stuck disk in the DVD drive
  • Computer just doesn't seem to work well

This is the time to bring it in to get it fixed.

After August your chances of getting it fixed could be very limited and be more costly.

Why Bother Repairs?

The iMac 2011 is still a good computer. If you plan on still using it when you get a new computer, you should get the fix done now.

In addition, if you plan to give the computer to your son/daughter it would be good doing in fine working order.

Five Reason to Upgrade

As good as the iMac 2011 was there are five strong reasons to upgrade to the latest iMac:

  1. The computer has technology inside the box is eight years old. To put it in perspective, Apple iPhone 1.0 was also introduced in the same year. Would you still use the original iPhone today?
  2. The computer has older USB 2.0 and Firewire 800 ports. Most devices are USB 3.0 powered. All external Hard Drives and Thumb drives are optimized to work in USB 3.0
  3. Newer iMac has better Bluetooth technology support. You can't connect your iPhone to the computer using the existing Bluetooth technology on the iMac 2011.
  4. The iMacs today are much faster. They run faster using a faster logic board and now use solid-state memory for storage.
  5. Thunderbolt 3 - At 40 Gb/s, it's the fastest port available on a computer today.

March 1, 2018

Boston Marathon Memorial

The Boston Marathon is oldest and one of the most known marathon. Many runners set goals to one day run the Boston Marathon.

In Copley Square, there is a monument to all those that run the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon Memorial

Nine Things I learned about the Boston Marathon Monument

  1. Ground breaking was on November 2, 1995
  2. The monument was revealed in time for the 100th Anniversary of the Boston Marathon. There is an inscription that mentions the 100th Running of the Boston Marathon - April 15, 1996.
  3. John Handcock Mutual Life was a major financial contributor to the monument
  4. The monument was revealed when the finish line was moved from the Prudential building to the Boston Public Library.
  5. 15-foot circular granite medallion was designed by Mark Flannery and sculptured by Robert Shure and Robert Lamb.
  6. 21-foot high arch was originally proposed, but drew strong opposition from Back Bay residences. They felt the arch would block the view of Copley Square.
  7. Around the Medallion is 8 posts with the seal of the communities on the race course. Each post highlights some of the challenges of running the marathon.
  8. The name of all the champion runners, as well as the finish times, are on the outer ring. New names are added each year. Since the Monument has been put up, six circular rows have been added to the winner's circle. There are four new entries each year - Which means that 88 names have been added to the memorial since 1996.
  9. If you look carefully at the medallion, you can see the top part shows the course elevation changes, and the bottom shows all the city and towns that the route takes you through.

2013 Boston Marathon Bombing Memorial

At one of the sites where a bomb exploded, people have left special messages to commemorate those that lost their lives at the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.

Occasionally the city will remove the memorabilia so the street doesn't get cluttered with flowers and makeshift monuments.

This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Bombing. Next Month, the City of Boston will be putting two monuments marking the location of the acts of terror on Boylston Street.

Training for the Boston Marathon?

Check out for some great advice in Marathon Training.

The site is packed with expert tips on getting ready to have a great marathon day. The articles are useful even if you're just starting out a coach to 5k program.

Finding the Boston Marathon Memorial

The Boston Marathon Memorial is located in Copley Square near the intersection of Boylston Street and Dartmouth Street. It's located near the John Singleton Copley Statue.

Other Posting