November 19, 2017

Framingham p508

Every weekday morning, there are three express trains that go through Framingham. The p508 is a very popular train because it gets people into Boston around 8:25.

Six Years Later

I have taken the commuter rail for the past six years. Its only been the past couple of years since I have taken the p508. This is because I am responsible for dropping off my daughter at school.

Change isn't Good

Over the years the MBTA has changed the arrival time to meet the complexity of train traffic.

Starting tomorrow, the p508 train will depart Framingham the earliest it has in years.

This new schedule change makes it virtually impossible for parents to drop off their children at school (7:30 drop off) and catch the express train.

Each morning you can see parents rushing to get the train. Starting tomorrow they will be arriving to work about 20 mins late.

Brief History of the p508

I put together this chart of how the MBTA has adjusted the p508 train schedule over the years.

Chartp508 Framingham

In 2007, the p508 left Framingham at 7:47, and would arrive at Back Bay at 8:18. In 2017, the p508 will leave Framingham at 7:38 and arrive at Back Bay at 8:14. Note: In 2007 the p508 didn't stop at Yawkey.

Chart Data

The chart is missing some years, as soon as I get those I'll update the chart. Much of the original data are from PDF files of the MBTA schedule.

The winter storm mess of 2015 has caused the MBTA to implement a revised winter schedule. This is why the MBTA updates their schedule frequently.


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