August 29, 2018

Henry Knox Monument in Framingham

The Henry Knox Trail is a set of roads and paths that trace the route that the team of soldiers, led by General Henry Knox, to deliver artillery to George Washington. The artillery was used to help win several key campaigns in the Revolutionary War. In particular, it helps free Boston from the British troops.

In Framingham, there's a monument to celebrate that General Henry Knox actually passed by here:

Henry Knox Framingham

Momument Reads

Through this place passed
in the winter of
To deliver to
General George Washington
At Cambridge
The train of artillery
from Fort Ticonderoga used
to force the British Army
to evacuate Boston
erected by the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts 1927

Four Things I Learned About the Henry Knox Monument

  • Part of the 56 commemorative plaques on the Henry Knox Trail
  • The monuments were placed on the 150th anniversary of the Knox March
  • The trail goes from Kinderhook, New York to Roxbury, Massachusetts
  • You can see a Bust of General Henry Knox at George Washington Monument at the Forest Hills Lawn Cemetary


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