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April 27, 2021

Wind Behavior

The Wind Behavior is a creative way to move objects in a nice smooth continuous force.

Wind Behavior

Five Things I Learned

This is a new behavior that I haven't used before, so I thought I would play around with the different ways to use the functionality.

  • The behavior is located in Behaviors > Simulations. It's the last item on the menu.
  • You have more control of the Wind using the HUD functionality. Simply select the Wind behavior and then click on HUD in the toolbar.
  • Using the 3D control in the HUD, you can make the object move towards you or away from you. The 2D control simply focus the movement to left, right, top, and bottom.
  • Combining the Wind and Throw behaviors to create a nice curve effect.
  • When you apply the Wind behavior you'll see a red line to show the path that the object will take.
April 20, 2021


Quantizing in Apple Motion is when you want to add a "step" approach between two keyframes. Instead of the usual smooth action that Motion makes, using the Quantizing feature, you can create a skip type of effect.

This isn't something that you would use a lot, but I can see that this might be an effect to add when you want that extra effect.


Things I Learned

You can apply the behavior to an object using the Properties panel. Basically, you add the Parameter Behavior to a Position. (See the graphic above.)

You can control the step size and offset. This is like adjusting the height of the stairs.

If you like Quantizing, you might also want to check out Wriggle. It provides a randomized step-up approach. It's located in the same menu as Quantizing.

I highly recommend checking the Macbreak Studio: Episode 237 - Quantizing in Motion to see it in action.

April 13, 2021

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the ten keyboard shortcuts that every Apple Motion user should know. I have found that these can marks you more productive.

Click on image for a larger version.

Create a Project Command N
Import a File Command I
New Group Shift Command N
Select Library Command 2
Select Inspector Command 3
Keyframe Editor Command 8
Export Movie Command E
Replicate L
Make Clone Layer K
Active Control T

What do you think? Are there any shortcuts that are missing? Mention your favorite in the comments.

April 6, 2021

Earth Rotation

One of the 3D Objects in the Apple Motion collection is the Earth. Did you know that you can easily rotate the planet as an Intro or something?

Earth Roation Example

Simple Steps to Create the Earth Rotation

  1. Create a new Motion Project
  2. In the left Library, go to the 3D Objects, select Education, and drag the Earth.usdz to the Layers section.
  3. Make sure that Earth is Selected
  4. Click on the Inspector and then Properties
  5. Click on the Arrow next to the Rotation, You should see X,YZ.
  6. Click on the Key Frame on the Y Line.
  7. In the Project Timeline Move the position tool to the right. (Or Use the Menu: Mark ? Go To ? Project End. Or the Keyboard Shortcut: End Key)
  8. Type in 360 on the Y Line.

Download Project File

Confused? Download my Earth Rotation Motion Project file.

Feel Free to play around with the effect.