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Jul 20 2014   I Served In Desert Storm. B Co 4/64 Armor Serving With The Best Family I Had For Two Years. Miss Yo 50 words
Jul 14 2014   We Did Great Brothers And Sisters Dont Let Anyone Tell Us Different 12 words
Apr 01 2014  Cpl. Fernandez C Co. 1/3 Weapons Platoon Task Force Taro. 9 words
Mar 16 2014  I Was The Driver For The Commander Of Service Battery 2Nd Of The 18Th Fa 212 Brigade During The War. 64 words
Mar 11 2014   I Missed Them Days, Missed Bamberg Germany, 1989-1991. Desert Shield/Storm Taught Me A Lot. At That 66 words
Feb 19 2014  I Was Proud To Go Over There And Do My Part In The War. I Just Feel People Forget What We Did Over T 44 words
Dec 05 2013  I'Ve Only Just Arrived Buy Tadacip Uk The New England Journal Of Medicine N Engl J Med 17 words
Nov 17 2013  Wonderfull Great Site 3 words
Mar 12 2013   I Was Exposed To Contaminated Water At Legune And Had Cancer Due To It And Need Help? 17 words
Mar 10 2013  I'M Originally From Dublin But Now Live In Edinburgh 9 words
Jan 06 2013  Nate I Served In The Same Brigade As Clarence Cash. I Didn'T Know Him Personally. However, I Know S 139 words
Dec 30 2012  Very Good Site 3 words
Nov 08 2012  There Are Many Different Sick Men And Women Who Such Smoking Constitute Such A Relationship.) Congr 280 words
Oct 23 2012  To Be Able To Open Such Company, One Must Undergo Those Is Routes Of Administration Of Thc Vary Acco 38 words
Sep 11 2012  I Love Your Www.Cryan.Com, Keep Us Up To Date Http://Www.Flatfeerecruiter.Co.Uk/Blog/Item/105-F 20 words
Jul 28 2012   If U Dont Know This Then Let Me Put It To U Like This. In Order To Keep Ur Place As Number One, Wha 179 words
Jul 12 2012   I Began My Service In Jan. Of 1988 And Terminated It In Feb. Of 1992 Serving As A Proud 19D Cavalry 393 words
Jun 19 2012   Served With 1St Bn, Of The 7Th Mar From Aug 90 To Mar 91 In Task Force Ripper As The Intel Chief Fo 64 words
Jun 06 2012   Airman Peter Kotte You Made Me Proud. Iwlu4Ever 9 words
May 04 2012   I Was A Member Of 2Nd Platoon A Co 2/69 Armor. Looking For Anyone Who Was In My Unit At The Same Ti 28 words
Apr 02 2012   Great Wars Need Great People! 5 words
Feb 22 2012  Cette Selectivite Pour La Accessible A Tout Homme Il Peut Etre Achete La Periode De Reponse. Http:// 35 words
Feb 20 2012  Que La Mobilite De Solutions Contre Les Cialis. 8 words
Feb 01 2012  I Have Some Very Proud Memories Of Many Friends Who I Have Met While In The Marine Corps And The Bon 25 words
Dec 22 2011  We Do Hope You Like What I'M Sharing By Earning A Substantial Http://Www.Incomeathome44.Byethost8.Co 68 words
Dec 14 2011   Should Have Never Happenned Then, Shouldn'T Be Happenning Now. Bush Family + Oil = Usa At War. 15 words
Nov 21 2011   To My War Hero, Patbouvier E. Ortiz, Thank You, You Will Never Be Forgotten. To His Family And Anyo 30 words
Nov 14 2011   I Am A Female And I Was In During The Gulf War/Desert Storm. I Am Proud To Have Served My Country A 108 words
Oct 26 2011   I Served & I Am Proud To Me A Retired Vet! I Was In Desert Storm An I Am A Female & I Am Proud Of A 27 words
Jun 01 2011   I Think That Everyone Shoul Djust Live Peacefully As One And Not Fight Anymore. We Are All Humans A 33 words
Jun 01 2011  I Was Happy With The Outcome Of The War. It Made Me Happy. Die Die Die To You All 19 words
May 16 2011   Why They Kill My Twin Brother 6 words
Apr 29 2011   Proud To Be A Gulf War Veteran!! 3Rd Armored Division, Friedburg, Germany. 12 words
Apr 29 2011   Proud To Be A Gulf War Veterean!! 3Rd Armored Division, Friedburg, Germany. 12 words
Apr 27 2011   Served As Irr With 3Rd 101 Aviation Jan. Thru Apr. 91 9 words
Apr 22 2011  You'Re The Garteest! Jmho 4 words
Feb 08 2011   Happy 20Th Anniversary To My Fellow "Forgotten War" Veterans. I Will Never Forget. 13 words
Jan 09 2011   27Th Eng Bn Out Of Fort Bragg. We Lost 11 Guys To Unexploded Cluster Bombs. But Not According To Th 20 words
Jan 08 2011   I Was 1St Inf Div, 3Rd Bde (Avn) Chaplain. Is Anyone (Else) Experiencing Breathing / Muscle Problem 16 words
Dec 19 2010   I Served With The 1St Ad Ansbach Germany 8 words
Dec 17 2010   I Was Born During The Gulf War In Saudi Arabia ,, Its Was Really Wrong Time Hhhhh 16 words
Dec 11 2010   I Served In The Gulf War. I Was Stationed In Geibelstadt Germany And Was Deployed To Saudi Arabia I 29 words
Dec 02 2010   I Served With 3Rd Brigade 1St Inf Div A.K.A. 2Ad (Fwd) From Garlstedt, Germany. I Guess My Memories 40 words
Oct 06 2010   I Served In Desert Shield And Desert Storm. I Lost My Friend Patbouvier Ortiz. If You Related To Hi 24 words
Sep 13 2010   Thought Things Would'Ve Changed In The Middle East,Conflict And Wars Have Been Second Nature Over T 61 words
Sep 10 2010  Was With 3/9, Task Force Papa Bear. Semper Fi 8 words
Sep 01 2010   I Served During The Gulf War. I Arrived In Saudi In August And Left In March 1991. 16 words
Aug 09 2010  I Was The Communication-Security Man In Charge Of Fixing And Maintaining All Classified Equipment Wi 38 words
Jul 07 2010   Almost 20 Years After Proudly Serving With The Great Soldiers Assigned To The 807Th Mash From Paduc 56 words
Jun 30 2010   Hello To You All And A Big Hi To All The Men And Women Doing It Today Thanks 18 words
Jun 08 2010   Thank You All Fellow Veterans!!! 5 words
May 29 2010   I'M A Gulf War Vet. Sometimes I Wonder Why We Fought. I Always Come To A Conclusion, It'S For Freed 70 words
May 12 2010   To All The Veterans Of The Past And Present Wars,, I Am Retired After 24 Years And I Want To Say Yo 80 words
May 12 2010   Mr Holy I Was In 2Nd Platoon Of B Co 2/18Th 1Sg Ketchen And I Have Gotten In Contact With One Soldi 55 words
May 11 2010   God Bless To All Who Served , I Was Assigned To B Co 2/18Th And Attached To A Co 2/69Th Looking For 45 words
May 11 2010   Was Assigned To B Co 2/18Th During The Desert Storm And Shield 2Nd Platoon Who Later Was Attached T 36 words
May 05 2010   I Think All Who Died In The Persian Gulf War Died In Honor To Our Country And Will Never Be Forgote 21 words
May 05 2010   I Think All Who Died In The Persian Gulf War Died In Honor To Our Country And Will Never Be Forgote 21 words
Mar 25 2010  Model Ipcc Forcings Related Link Present 6 words
Mar 25 2010   Http://Www.Meltingpot.Com Economy Http://Www.6Moons.Com 9 words
Mar 25 2010  Rss York Growing Driven 4 words
Mar 23 2010   Was With B.Co.2/18Th Inf, Our Company Was Attached To 2/69 Armor During Desert Storm. Looking For B 20 words
Mar 09 2010   Hi Tommo Sup M8? I Was Flea/Mac Driver Of Vehicle 12 In B Coy. Email Blueprint69Uk@Hotmail.Com 19 words
Feb 26 2010   Looking For Former 3Rd Platoon B 1/5 Aaa 7 words
Feb 24 2010  Served With 84Th Trans Out Off Hunter Army Airfield. Lost Track Of 5 Really Good Friends That Served 50 words
Feb 19 2010   My Son Served In Operation Desert Storm And As I Remember Him I Remember All Of You 17 words
Feb 15 2010   Facebook Group Veterans Of The Battle Of 73 Easting, 2Acr, 210Th Fa Bde, 82 Eng, More.... 14 words
Feb 13 2010   I Served Proudly With D Co 6-6 Inf Just Wanted To Say Hello To My Fellow Brothers Headley, Small, M 26 words
Feb 02 2010   Any Fucking Ghost Trooper Out There,,Not Tankers You Dats. I Mean Scouts 3Rd Platoon,1St Platoon.S 20 words
Jan 24 2010   To Patbouviers Famialy Through Your Eyes And Freinds Eyes, He Will Live Forever. I'M So Sorry For T 23 words
Dec 18 2009   2Nd Bat 17Th Fa 212 Bgde Anyone Else Serve In This Unit Contact Me Redleg217@Gmai.Com 16 words
Dec 18 2009   I Was There I Was The Imef Operations/Nbc Chief 10 words
Dec 02 2009   I Was In The 364 S/S Company.Anyone Else.I Am Looking To Reenlist As Well 16 words
Nov 27 2009   Task Force Papa Bear...C Co. 3Rd Aa Battalion Radio Repair... In Country By 18 Aug. And Flight Home 20 words
Nov 05 2009   I Was With Lima Co. 3Rd Battlion 9Th Marines Task Force Papabear! Who Else Is Out Here? Gcarey_Usa@ 24 words
Oct 15 2009   I Served Proudly With 1/34 Armor Ft.Riley,Ks. Never Thought About War Until We Loaded Live Sabot Ro 71 words
Sep 27 2009   Our Soldiers Deserve The Best We Have To Offer,My Family Sends Our Thanks & Respect. 15 words
Sep 26 2009   I Was There With C-Btry 3/8 Far 1St Platoon. 8 words
Jul 29 2009  I Just Want To Thank All Of You For Serving Our Country And All Of Those Who Died My Blessing Go To 31 words
Jul 06 2009   Hey Anyone Else Out There From Task Force Papa Bear, 3Rd Bn. 9Th. Mar. Reg. Weapons Plt. Mcb Camp P 35 words
Jun 30 2009   Thanks! 1 words
Jun 30 2009  Thanks For The Information, We Found It Very Useful In Our Studies. 12 words
Jun 23 2009   I Served Proudly And With Honor. Assigned To Ktrp 3-2 Acr Stationed In Amberg, Germany. Would Love 35 words
Jun 22 2009  The U.S. People Need To Look At Whats Going On In The White House. The War Was Necessary For The Ira 57 words
Jun 10 2009   I Can'T Believe It Has Been So Long And We Are Still Over There. 14 words
Jun 06 2009   Was Easier For Us Than The Current Forces 8 words
May 29 2009   I Figured We Be Back In 5 Years To Finish The Job. 11 words
Apr 22 2009   I'Ve Kind Of Stumbled Across This Site, I'M A British Veteran (Btw We Called It Operation Granby), 70 words
Apr 21 2009   I Prayed So Hard That Everyone Would Come Home. I Am Hopeful That They All Did. 16 words
Apr 05 2009   This War Is The War That Rocked The Middle East 10 words
Mar 24 2009   Does Anybody Know An Andrew Jones Who Faught In The Gulf War? As I Would Like To Know More About Hi 31 words
Mar 15 2009   Hello And Thanks! To All Who Served During Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm And To All My Comra 85 words
Feb 12 2009  Hello To All My Brothers In 2/18 Inf, 197Th. 1989-1991 9 words
Feb 02 2009   Was In C Coy 7Plt 3Rrf Not Forgot The Lads Who Didnt Come Back R.I.P 17 words
Jan 16 2009   Thank You To All That Have Served Bravely And Professionally, A Special Thank You To Those Of You W 23 words
Jan 10 2009   Looking For Any Buddies From Task Force Papa Bear... 1St Mar 1St Bat 1St Marine Division. Cpl Tony 47 words
Dec 31 2008   My Uncle, Patbouvier E. Ortiz Died In This War. May God Bless Those Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice 35 words
Dec 10 2008   I Served Proudly With D Co 2/18Th Inf During The Gulf War 12 words
Nov 13 2008   I Participated In War Games In The California Desert At Ntc, Gallant Eagle Exercises 12 Times From 43 words
Nov 07 2008   My Daddy And Momma Made Me After The War In The Persian Gulf And Said It Was A Terrable Experience 35 words
Nov 03 2008  I Served With Charlie 1/6 2Nd Mardiv. I'M Proud Of My Service And The Great Job We Did Over There! ( 33 words
Sep 04 2008   Our Servicemen And Women Rock>!!!!! 5 words
Aug 25 2008   My Son Msgt Reedy U.S.Air Force Was There.May God Bless All The Men And Women From Each Branch Of T 35 words
Jul 16 2008  Served With World Famous, 5Th Battalion, 11Th Marines, King Of Battle!! 11 words
Jun 24 2008   I Served In The Gulf War With 2Nd Ad..Which Later Became 1St Cav. Out Of Ft Hood...My Son Now Serve 60 words
May 02 2008   We Are Learning About The War Powers Act And The Persian Gulf War In One Of The Courses I'M Taking 76 words
Apr 29 2008  Army Did A Great Job, Uncle Served In It, Proud Of Our Troops And Everyone Who Served 17 words
Apr 26 2008   Hi Great Work So Proud Of All Of U Hu Hav Been Fighting In Any Wars Especially The Gulf War. Kee 27 words
Apr 12 2008  Hi.. Just Droppin“ By Your Site.. It“S Really CuteŇ Nice Work! Http://Nibbau.150M.Com/Free-Japanese- 67 words
Apr 01 2008  Congratulation! Google Was Here! Http://Cyberskin-Virtual-Touch-Pussy.Yourofficialday.In Cyberskin V 12 words
Apr 01 2008  A Very Interesting Site With Top Design And Contents! Http://Nicaraguan-Pussy.Yourofficialday.In Nic 15 words
Apr 01 2008  Your Site Is Very Convenient In Navigation And Has Good Design. Thanks! Http://Tennie-Pussy.Youroffi 18 words
Mar 09 2008   My Name Is Pam Magee And I Tell People That I Earned A Bronze Star In This War. The Only Problem Is 82 words
Feb 25 2008   I Served With 3Rrf Once A Fusilier Always A Fusilier God Bless Those Who Fell 15 words
Feb 01 2008   Served With Pride God Bless Our Troops And Country. 220Th 10 words
Feb 01 2008  I Served With Pride God Bless The 220Th 8 words
Jan 16 2008   I Served I Servived Thank God Almighty Amen!!!!! What Is God'S Next Mission For Me Hmmmmmmmmm!!!! 16 words
Jan 13 2008   Wow That Was Good *Cough* 5 words
Jan 13 2008  Why U Post Nothing? 4 words
Jan 08 2008  Anthony(Tony, As He Known To All Of Us),Wayne Kidd Was Killed By Friendly Fire Mar. 1St. 1991. Sad, 25 words
Jan 05 2008  My Husband Sgt Patbouvier Ortiz Served In Desert Storm With Pride And Died.Loving Always. 15 words
Jan 02 2008   Vert Very Very Interesting 4 words
Dec 31 2007   I Was On The Uss Viginia Cgn-38 During Desert Shield And Storm. We Stayed And Escorted The Marine 39 words
Dec 02 2007   If Only They Had A Clue..... 6 words
Nov 30 2007  Wow, Has It Been So Many Years Ago. I Wonder What Happened To All Those Marines And Sailors I Serve 54 words
Nov 21 2007   Good Times. Im Reading This For My Social Class 9 words
Nov 08 2007   We Did What We Had To Do, But We Should Have Finished The Job. I Feel For All The Service Members I 56 words
Nov 08 2007   I Served With The 3/20Fa Bn Durning The Gulf War As The Bn Nbc Nco. And As Veterans Day Draws Close 43 words
Oct 27 2007   The Difference Between This War Now And Ours We Had More Of A Threat Going Into With Saddams Milita 183 words
Oct 17 2007   I Am A Desert Storm Veteran. Served With 3/20Th Field Artillry.The Media Painted The War As A Quick 106 words
Aug 28 2007  My Husband Served In The First Gulf War. He Was In 1Stbn, 1St Marines - Tf Papa Bear. Cpl Tony Sal 35 words
Jul 20 2007  Interesting Game About The Submarine! Very Long And With The Not Bad Drawing. 13 words
Jul 14 2007  I Did 3 Tours In The Gulf On The Indy Cv-62 Working On The Flight Deck, Im Sick I Was Just Diagnosed 38 words
Jul 04 2007  Just Like To Say , That I Would Rarther Be The 51St State Of America Than Part Of Europe , Being Gov 172 words
Jul 02 2007  Hi Guys , Brit Vet Here . I Was With The Mlrs ( Grid Square Removel Servise , Lol) I Am Proud Of Wha 150 words
Jun 26 2007  May God Bless All The Men And Women Who Are Serving Now And Then. Task Force Ripper...And Battle For 36 words
Jun 26 2007  11Th Meu - Attached To 5Th Meb....It Seems Like Yesterday.....I Miss Theguys And Good Times. We Al 44 words
Jun 15 2007  I Was In 503Rd Fsb I Have Been Sick A Very Long Time. The Army Used Me And Threw Me Away. 21 words
Jun 10 2007  I Served In B 15 Fa Big Red One 8 words
May 29 2007  Served Also In Desert Shield. 5 words
May 21 2007  I Was A Member Of Task Force Grizzly, Who Can Verify The Friendly Fire Incident, Which Killed Lcpl 49 words
May 15 2007  Hey Amy, Desert Storm And The War Now Were And Are Not Jokes. The Only Jokes That Came Out Of The W 73 words
May 14 2007  I Landed In Country In 10 August 1990 @ I Came Home 15 August 1991:Most Miserable Year Of My Life. 46 words
May 11 2007  My Father Served In The Gulf War. Im Fascinated By Everything He Tells Me, I Look Through His Photo 50 words
May 01 2007  My Father Sgt. Roberto Torres Garcia Served In The Gulf War..He Has Been Serving In The Army For 21 42 words
Apr 28 2007  I Served In Hht And Acr Bamberg Lots Of Great Memories 11 words
Apr 18 2007  Hello This Is A Very Good Site Thanks For All The Infomation!!! 12 words
Feb 25 2007  My Brother Was Tortured To Death, My Parents And Siblings Became Refugees, And The Rest Of My Countr 67 words
Feb 25 2007  Hi. I Would Like To Find The Family Of Specialist Michael Daniels Of Leavenworth. I Discovered Some 42 words
Feb 07 2007   Is There Anyone Else That Feels They Dont Remember Alot From The War. I Cant Remember Hardly Anyt 18 words
Feb 01 2007  What A Waste. As An Infantry Officer, I Took An Oath To "Protect And Defend The Constitution Of The 116 words
Jan 31 2007  11Th Aviation Illishime Gemany Paul_Staats@Suddenlink.Net 8 words
Jan 23 2007  Sgt Nels Moller ......Saddam Is Gone Now, And I Know You Are Raising Hell From Heaven.I Want You T 40 words
Jan 20 2007  Blacksheep 6/6 Inf Bamburg, Frg Best Of The Best. Now In Kosovo 11 words
Jan 09 2007  I Realized Something A While Ago Maybe More So This Past Year That Our War Is A Forgotten War Now. P 72 words
Dec 31 2006  Justice Has Been Served To Those Who Have Died In Desert Storm With The Death Of Saddam Hussein. 21 words
Aug 07 2006  I Was There From The Start To The Finsih. I Was In A Fa Unit From Ft. Sill, Ok In The 8 Inch Howitz 57 words
Aug 03 2006  I Was There Too, When It Kicked Off In Jan.1991. We Saw A Different Kind Of War For The First Time I 111 words
Jul 17 2006  December 19Th 1990 To August 5Th 1991. Proudly Served, Seems Like Yesterday. All The Best To My De 20 words
May 21 2006  Our Troops Did The Right Thing And We Won! Good Job America! Proud To Be An American Citizen. Yeah N 24 words
May 18 2006  My Mom Served In Desert Storm. Though, For The Longest Time I Use To Think That She Lived On The T.V 65 words
May 17 2006  5/229 Avn Flying Tigers Huwah!!!!! 4 words
May 17 2006  Thank You To All Who Served In Desert Strom 9 words
May 13 2006  Anonymous, You Are An Idiot!!!! 5 words
May 12 2006  Although The Desert Storm Has Ended, My Dad Can Still Hear It 12 words
May 04 2006  To This Day I Still Remember The Fires, The Smoke, And Finding Out That Someone In Our Unit Had Been 43 words
Aug 21 2006  I Was In The Battle Of 73 Easting. Looking For Anybody That Was In Ghost Troop 2/2 Acr. I Was Your M 45 words
Apr 26 2006  I Am Glad The Military Went Over Their And Did What They Needed To Do And Wasnt Over Theit Forever. 33 words
Apr 15 2006  I Just Want To Say That I Was Proud To Serve. 11 words
Apr 12 2006  God Bless Our Troops 4 words
Apr 03 2006  My Uncle Served And Got Killed, His Name Was James C. Murray Jr. I Am Looking For Info On The Last B 27 words
Mar 30 2006   I Think That We Should Of Finished With Iraq In 1991. That Way We Would Not Of Lost 2327 Mmilitay P 20 words
Mar 24 2006  Wow Was That Really Schwarzkopf? Your My Hero! Keep It Up! Woot Woot! 13 words
Mar 24 2006  Wow! A Web Site Dedicated To My Men! Good Job! This Is A Good Web Site. General Calvin? Dont Boost 29 words
Mar 24 2006  I Shot Them All Down. Them Dog Gone Iraqies So Help Me I Did. So Keep Killin The Raqies And Ill Be 23 words
Mar 23 2006  Yeeehaw!That Was A Great War. Keep Up The Good Work Men, Im Proud Of All Of You.I Love Ya. 21 words
Mar 23 2006  I Lost Three Of Me Right Eyes In That Dog Gone War. And Five O Me Feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17 words
Mar 21 2006  C-Btry 3/8 Far Fort Bragg. Hey Hi Ho There Drop Me A Line At Ardog222@Yahoo.Com 16 words
Mar 18 2006  I Was Over In The Sand In 1990 And 1991. I Am 100% Disabled From It. I Just Wished We Could Have Fin 97 words
Mar 11 2006  Hard To Believe It Has Been 16Yrs!!!!!!!!R.I.P.Sgt Aaron Pack......I Saww The Movie Jarhead Last Nig 30 words
Mar 11 2006  I Served Aboard The Uss America Cv-66 As A Flight Deck Chief. I Was And Still Am, Proud Of The Ship- 26 words
Mar 08 2006   I Was In 1/6 Infantry In Vilseck Germany And My Unit Was Going To War And I Wanted To Defend My Cou 158 words
Feb 12 2006  I Served With Hwb,2/Acr Out Of Bamberg Germany,Thank God For All The Brave Men And Women Of The Unit 27 words
Feb 12 2006  I Served With Hwb,2/Acr Out Of Bamberg Germany 9 words
Jan 30 2006  You Note That President Bush (41) Gave A Speech 16 Years To The Day Before 9/11, I Think You Meant T 48 words
Jan 16 2006  I Was With The 401St Tactical Fighter Wing (Provisional) At Doha, Qatar As The Base Engineer. Our W 86 words
Jan 16 2006  I Feel Very Sorry To All The Men And Wemen Who Were Injured Or Killed Durin The War, But Id Also Lik 45 words
Jan 07 2006  I Served Proudly And Came Home The Same Way-Proud But Yet I Had Changed 14 words
Dec 31 2005  I Served In The Gulf War, I Was In 6/6 Infantry From Warner Barracks In Germany. I Would Like To Th 42 words
Dec 27 2005  Its Nice To See That There Are People Vets And Others Interested In Folling The Interest Of Ds1 Its 46 words
Dec 25 2005  For Those Who Served I Thank All You For Making This Country A Great One! I Was With A Co 1/1 Then T 52 words
Dec 20 2005  3/502Nd Inf 101St Airborne Div. 5 words
Dec 03 2005  I Served In Operation Desert Storm Right Out Of Ait At 18 Years Old. I Only Joined The Army For The 193 words
Nov 19 2005  I Am Looking For Somebody Who Knows Clarance Allen Cash He Died Feb. 26 Or 27 If Found Post It On Th 23 words
Nov 12 2005  Dennis Bailey-Army Mortars Where Are You? Myroots1975@Aim.Com Or Jimamyemily@Msn.Com 13 words
Nov 12 2005  Looking For Dennis Bailey, 21 Yrs Old In Jan. Of 1991. He Was In The Army, He Had Been To France, Ge 45 words
Oct 19 2005  I Am Very Proud Of Those How Fought It My Bday 18 11 words
Oct 19 2005  To All Students .Go Join The Srmy .Its Because Of The Vet ,That You Are Able To Go To School In The 26 words
Oct 19 2005  Saddams Getting Hes Right Now . 5 words
Oct 18 2005  Saluting My Brothers In Arms From The Old 11Th Armored Cavalry "Blackhorse Regiment". 13 words
Oct 17 2005  To All The American Vets That Went, Served To Preserved Freedom For All. Its A Shame Our Own Govern 144 words
Oct 05 2005  1St Bn 5Th Marines,1St Marine Division. Task Force Ripper. 10 words
Jul 18 2005  Went In With The 3Rd Bde Of 1St Ad 9 words
Jul 17 2005  I Was Injured During A Scud Attack At Daharan Ab, I Have Suffered So Many Different Illnesses Since 65 words
Jun 27 2005  I Like This Site As It Rocks My World 9 words
Jun 22 2005  Great Site! I Especially Enjoyed The Little-Know Facts Area And The Photos. I Plan To Show This Si 83 words
Jun 15 2005  You Young Lads Should Appriciate The Work Us Old Lads Have Done For You. If It Wasnt For Us Then The 32 words
Jun 01 2005  For Chris 2004 Post. Is This Chris V? I Have Been Looking For Folks From D Troop (90-93 Range) Off 38 words
May 28 2005  God Bless All Who Put There Life On The Line For Our Freedom, And Lets Not Forget Those Who Gave The 26 words
May 27 2005  Rock On 3Rd Armored Division "Bandits". Freedom Has A Price That Only A Few Are Willing To Pay. Anyb 32 words
May 27 2005  Rock On 3Rd Armored Division "Bandits". Freedom Has A Price. 10 words
May 24 2005  Thanks Veterans!!! Youre So Brave!!! It Must Have Been Scary Buit You Did It Anyway. Oh Yeah ...On 24 words
May 22 2005  Looking For Anyone From 807Th Mash, Paducah, Ky. Seems Like A Liftime Ago That We Were There. My Pra 81 words
May 16 2005  Today Kuwait Tomorrow The Middle East 6 words
Apr 07 2005  I Think The Gulf War Shouldnt Have Been Started At All!!!! 11 words
Mar 25 2005  "When You Go Home Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Their Tomorrows We Gave Our Today." 17 words
Mar 23 2005  Any G Troopers Out There 5 words
Mar 15 2005  Professional Soldiers Abhor War Itself, But Recognize The Need To Stop Those Who Would Endanger Our 41 words
Aug 21 2006  I Was In The Battle Of 73 Easting. Looking For Anybody That Was In Ghost Troop 2/2 Acr. I Was Your M 45 words
Sep 11 2006  I Was In The War And My Bones Are Still Aching.I Suffer From Shell Shock Because I Was Berried Alive 30 words
Oct 19 2006  Hello All You Vets. Im Larry. I Was In Riyadh Kosa 20 Dec 1990 Untill 10 Mar 1991. I Worked At A 112 words
Sep 28 2006  I Fought In The War And I Wake Up In The Night With Visions Of The Past... No Not Really 44 words
Feb 17 2005  I Feel So Bad For The People In The War. 10 words
Feb 14 2005  I Am Searching For Anyone That Was In 4/43Rd Ada In Giessen, Germany. I Was In A Btry & C Btry. If 30 words
Feb 14 2005  Thanks To This War, It Helped End My First Marriage...We Didnt Have Anything In Common Anyway.Im Gla 68 words
Feb 14 2005  For My Brothers 3 words
Feb 04 2005  Glad To See Someone Has Taken An Interest In The Soldiers And Not The Media 15 words
Jan 19 2005  Thank You All For The Ones Who Stay Awake On The Line So That I Can Sleep! So That My Daughter Can H 91 words
Dec 23 2004  God Bless Sgt Moller And Family . Always Ready Second To None 11 words
Nov 30 2004  Email-Robcrom1@Msn.Com. Thanks To All Military Personnel And Vets. You Should All Be Proud And No On 38 words
Nov 30 2004  Served As 0811 Field Artillery. Alpha Battery 1St Battalion 11Th Marines Gun #5. Isnt Freedom Awesom 14 words
Nov 16 2004  Any Ghost Trooper Scouts From The Battle Of 73 Easting Out There . If So E Mail Me At Silversufer1@ 32 words
Nov 16 2004  God Only Knows What We Did In The Middle Of No Were ,But I Remmber .To Sgt Strong ,Spc Aka, Rob D 101 words
Nov 15 2004  I Think The Gulf War Was A Terrible Loss For Bolth The U.S And The Iraqis 17 words
Nov 14 2004  Thanks For A Very Good Website. We Were At Log Base Charlie As Transportation. 14 words
Nov 13 2004  2Ndmarinesdiv10Marinessierrabrty5/10Gun#3 3 words
Nov 13 2004  2Ndmarinesdiv10Marinessierrabrty5/10Gun#3 3 words
Nov 13 2004  I Served Aboard The Uss Saratoga Cv-60 During The First Gulf War. Although I Was Glad For The Swift 94 words
Nov 12 2004  Glad That I Served. 4 words
Oct 09 2004  One More Thing So That There Is No Mis-Understanding Of My Position. I Have An Enormous Amount Of R 84 words
Oct 09 2004  The Only Signicant Problem That I Had With "Desert Storm", "The Gulf War" Or "Conflict" Or Whatever 149 words
Oct 08 2004  My Uncle Fought For The Country. Im Glad We Took Out Saddam. 12 words
Sep 12 2004  My Uncle Fought For His Country In The Gulf War 1991. He Recently Died Of Multilple Meloma Bone Canc 25 words
Sep 06 2004  Thanks For A Lot Of Help On A Saddam Hussein Project I Did For School. The Information You Offered F 24 words
Aug 21 2004  Proudly Served With The 807Th Mash Out Of Paducah, Ky, Which Was Assigned To The 1St Armored Divisio 28 words
Jul 20 2004  I Served With Delta Troop 1/7 Cav, 1St Cav Division As An Aero Scout Observer. I Have Been Having He 55 words
Jun 10 2004  What Alot Of People Dont Understand About The Gulf War Is That The Mission Was Not To Capture Saddam 66 words
May 19 2004  Lcpl M Kelly Go-F-Your Self....... 5 words
May 19 2004  U F Coward-People Died For U Coward 7 words
May 19 2004  Leslie Thank U 3 words
May 19 2004  I Lost Good Friends Great Buddies They Will Never Be Far From My Heart John 15-13 God Bless All Ve 30 words
Apr 28 2004   The War Started Way Earlier Than Most People Know. Bombing Went On For Months And We Were 17 words
Apr 27 2004  I Dont Know Why People Fight Over Retarded Reasons Anyway That Is Just Stupid. 14 words
Apr 26 2004  Im Very Curious Wh This War Started Any Ways? Well I Feel Really Bad That People Lost Thier Lifes Fo 61 words
Feb 29 2004  Im A 14 Year Old From Kuwaitand Im Sorry If I Have Spelling Mistakes... Im Doing This Reasearch For 247 words
Feb 26 2004  I Served With Alpha Co. 1St Bat, 1St Mar/Task Force Papa Bear In The First Gulf War. I Just Wanted 85 words
Feb 05 2004  Did You Know The Us Had War Games In California Mohave Desert In February 1990, Almost A Year Before 60 words
Jan 14 2004  Its True That It Seems Very Odd That Our Own Government Would Support A Policy That Supports An Idea 78 words
Jan 11 2004  I Served In C 1/34 Ar. 1 Id Mech. Proud Of My Service To Our Country And Only Wish That We Could Ha 71 words
Dec 23 2003  I Was The Operations Cheif For I Mef Onder Col Bedard. 11 words
Dec 10 2003  E Co. 1/18 197Th Inf. Vet. God Bless All Who Have And Are Now Serving This Country In The Military 51 words
Dec 08 2003  I Think Bush A Dictator Himself In A Way....... 9 words
Dec 03 2003  Hello I Am A Gulf War Veteran, The Gulf War Was Really A Mess And Lots Of Confusion. Some Times When 72 words
Nov 30 2003  The Harrowing Memories I Have From Desert Storm Will Stay With Me Forever, My Thoughts Will Be Forev 55 words
Nov 10 2003   I Am A Gulf War Vet And I Am Proud To Serve My God And Country.I Thank God For The Men And Women W 44 words
Nov 06 2003  I Would Like To Say Hello To My Fellow Brother Of Task Force Ripper. When I Saw Our Brothers(1St Ba 90 words
Nov 04 2003  Served With The 5Th Inf Div Out Of Ft. Polk, La 11 words
Oct 30 2003  Served With The 7Th Cav They Should Have Let Us Finish So No More Would Have To Die 18 words
Oct 26 2003  I Served As A Flight Medic On Board A C-141. I Was Proud To Serve The United States And The Brave S 59 words
Oct 22 2003  Marine Mom Again - "E" Me At Kamadden@Mitec.Net 10 words
Oct 22 2003  My Son Served With Task Force Ripper - - First Marines, 3Rd Bat, 5Th Marines Marine Expeditionary Br 25 words
Oct 17 2003  It Was Better Than The Sequel 6 words
Oct 10 2003   Cavalry Rules!! But The V.A. Sucks!!I Served In Desert Storm And Now Live In Oklahoma. The Veter 77 words
Sep 10 2003  We Where Trained To Be World International Police, And Be World Powerful,Loving,Caring Country. 15 words
Sep 03 2003  Make Love Not War !!!!!!!!!! 4 words
Aug 29 2003  I Was There And It Was Hot. Lcpl Chris Crager. 1St Meb 1St Mef 3Rd Battallion 3Rd Marines Mike Compa 35 words
Aug 22 2003  I Proudly Served In 1990-1991 In Shield,Storm. My Company Lost Three Soldiers In The War, And I Was 147 words
Jul 21 2003  Im From A Long Line Of Service Men In My Family And Im Proud To Have Served My Coutry When They Call 109 words
Jun 11 2003  While It Is Always Our Hope That We Will Not Have To Go To War, When The Inevitable Happens We Respo 134 words
Jun 03 2003  I Think This Site Is Really Helpful For What I Am Looking For..... God Bless Anyone Who Fought In An 21 words
May 22 2003  Fought With Pride - Brought Back And Forgotten 8 words
Apr 30 2003  This Was An English Project I Had To Do. 9 words
Apr 26 2003  As A Employee Of The Veterans Affairs Medical Center In Oklahoma, I Get To See The Second Battle Th 150 words
Apr 11 2003  Wanted Info On Battle Of Kafgi(Umm Hajul)Send To E Nyberg Vamc 4801 8Th St N St Cloud Mn 56303 19 words
Apr 11 2003  Hello There War Stinks Love From Us 7 words
Apr 07 2003  I Am Angry - And I Dont Know What To Say Except That The Forces In Power Argue A Emotional Arguement 59 words
Apr 04 2003  I Got Shot In The Leg I Fuking Screwed My Life God Help Us 14 words
Apr 04 2003  Why Wont We Just Keep Our Noses Out Of What Goes Off Over Thire It Is Nothing To Do With Us We Will 25 words
Mar 26 2003  3Rd. Platoon, B Co. 4/64 Ar. 24Th Id B34......Anyone Who Sees This And Remembers... Thank You For Be 93 words
Mar 26 2003  War Is Hell. The Last We Want Is A Fight. 10 words
Mar 24 2003  I Believe That Saddam Hussein Does Need Removing But In This Way? Is This Really Necessary? Sorry Bu 46 words
Mar 20 2003  God Bless All Are Troops 5 words
Mar 20 2003  I Was There From The Begining To The End I Have Called The Va Hospital About Sickness That Started 32 words