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QA Meme Pictures update

Great MEME pictures for QA

There's still no good graphics library for QA. It would be great if there was a library go to find that perfect image.

I have about 200 files in my Evernote Graphic library. I thought I start sharing some of the graphics that I use.

New this week are six graphics that I created/found for Quality Assurance. These images help add a bit humor when things get a little stressful.

This is a sample of some of the graphics that I added to the collection.

Release is Delay

Release Delay

If QA finds an issue, it's good to let the team know that there's going to be a delay.

Release Deployment

Release Deployment

When Release Management has been quiet about the release. Wake them up with the Adele Meme.

Ship It and Revert

Ship It Revert

When the release deployment just didn't go as planned. It is time to roll back and try again.

Checkout the QA Graphic Library

Checkout the complete graphic collection over at my QA Graphic Library. Many of the MEME images came from the Imgflip.

If there are any images that you would like to see added, let me know. I'll added it to the collection.



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