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Last week I got assigned a new laptop, and this week I'll be configuring all the various QA applications on it. One of the things that came to mind during this process is how many testing tools that I don't really use anymore.

This got me thinking that moving to a new laptop is a good time to do an assessment of the tools that I really need to have. Over the years, I tested various apps, but never uninstalled them.

Consider a Change

If you're using the same laptop/desktop for the past three years, you may want to consider changing a laptop/desktop before starting that next big project. It's a good way to start from fresh.

Five Things I Have Learned

  1. Getting the computer into a productive state takes time. It takes time to find the right software and licenses. Once you have the installation done, there some time needed to get the software configured to how you remember it - such as custom keyboard shortcuts and layouts.
  2. I used the opportunity to rearrange my physical desktop. The new MacBooks have USB-C ports and I can connect external monitors on either side. This allowed me to switch things around so I can have a more practical workspace.
  3. I have found that cloud services make migration so much easier. Dropbox and One Drive make moving files between the computers easier. Also, many of my apps settings are stored in DropBox, so they pick up various configurations when the applications are installed.
  4. Keep it simple. I am committed to not installing software on this computer that is also not essential to my work. My other computer had a lot of graphic apps that I really don't need.
  5. Document Everything. I used various sources to store software license keys. As I am installing apps. I am recording them in a single app - so I have a single source for next time. Including documenting what apps are being used for what functionality. Think of it as a Wiki page for essential apps.



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