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Clip Art Collection from 1994

I was going through some of my CD collections and I encountered the ClickArt Art Parts CD. This is a really old clip art collection. The CD says copy right 1987 - 1994. (I am pretty sure that I got the CD in 1994)

Click Art Powerbook

About the CD Collection

The CD was produced by T/Maker Company - located at 1390 Villa St. Mountain View, CA 94041. The address today is a 1300 sq. ft. home. This is part of 2 units, 2 separate homes on one lot. You can get it for $2,443,382. Check out the listing.

The company did well in the early 1990s producing such products as WriteNow, Vroombooks, and much more. In 1994 the company was sold Deluxe Corporation.

Art Collections that were made by T/Maker were acquired by Broderbund. I was not able to find any of their arts on any current selling product.

Art Parts

Five Things I Learn About the CD

Like many older CDs that I have, the CD doesn't work in the latest computers. I actually had to use a computer that had System 9.1 to view the contents on the CD.

The files didn't have any extensions, but Graphic Converter was able to recognized that these were EPS files.

The files were created using Adobe Illustrator 1.0. The earliest clip art was created on September 7, 1992, and the oldest file was created on September 16, 1994.

There are two sets on this CD one black and white and the other is color. You have to use the Kudo Self-Contained application to view the collection. The application only works in System 9.1 or earlier. You can browse around the files, but to get a good preview, and save them as a JPG file you need to use the Kudo Self Contained application.

There are 202 images on the CD.

There is a font in the CD called Regular Joe, I was able to install it on iMac which has macOS Monterey with no problems. The font looks like a chalk type of font. According to the file creation stamp it was created on March 10, 1994 - which makes the font 28-years old - and it still works!

Sample Clipart

Sample Art Pack

Sample ClipArt that feature the same images in color and in Black/White.



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