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Halloween Trunk or Treat

Disney Haunted Mansion Theme

Our family participated in a trunk or treat at my daughter's school this year. Our theme was Disney's Haunted Mansion, which was appropriate since that is our favorite ride, and we had plenty of Haunted Mansion items around the house.

We took this picture of our car moments before Trunk or Treat began just to show you how it looked.

Haunted Mansion Trunk Treat

Four Things We Learned.

There wasn't enough candy! The event was two hours long and after the first hour, we were out of candy! We had plenty of toys, or as I called them "tricks" to hand out, but we didn't have enough candy! There was a bowl of candy in front of the car that was available for kids. I think it would have been better if we had actually handed out candy to the kids. Quite a few people grabbed more than one prize.

Amazon Prime - Our decorations for the Haunted Mansion were mostly items that we acquired from Amazon. Most of the items we purchased were for a Haunted Mansion birthday party. Only one of the items that we purchased said Happy Birthday - we decided not to use it.

Bring Extra Batteries - There was one item that we opened at the event that required batteries and we did not have any extra batteries. If I was to attend the event again, I would certainly bring extra AA and AAA batteries.

Car Power - Our car was used as the power source for the Haunted Mansion blow-up. We purchased an inverter and ran the car's power for the event. However, about an hour into the event, the Toyota Highlander's power went out. We started the engine and turned it off while keeping the battery charged. There are people who have purchased mini-generators to run their blow-ups. Our worked well and I certainly wouldn't purchase a mini generator.

Back Next Year

The event was a lot of fun, and we will definitely be back next year if the event is held.



CurrieYour theme is beautiful and spooky enough at the same time! Im sure you had a lot of fun this halloween. Oil Tank Removal NJ is looking forward to your next halloween presentation.

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