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7 Tech-Based Improvements to Grow Your Small Business

Discover how investing in affordable and accessible business technology can save you money in the long run and boost your growth-focused projects,


Many small business owners are hesitant to invest in tech. After all, technology has traditionally been expensive and confusing to learn. But today's business technology is both affordable and accessible to small business owners. Investing in the latest tech tools can even pay off in the long run, saving you money and making more time for growth-focused business projects. Today, recommends several tech-based improvements that will pay for themselves!

3D Design Software

Businesses can also use 3D design software to speed up the production process of creating textures, materials and other digital content, allowing for greater flexibility and customization of their visual assets while also reducing the time and resources needed to produce high-quality graphics and animations. This may be a good option to collaborate more effectively with designers, artists, and other stakeholders remotely, ultimately improving workflows and driving innovation.

Project Management Tools

Project management tools make collaborative projects run smoothly. For example, Trello allows teams to collaborate in real time, using drag-and-drop task management and color-coding features to enhance organization. Zoho Projects is another cloud-based project management tool that allows for routine task automation and resource management. Look for project management tools with the features that will benefit your business the most!

Team Chat Apps

Alongside your project management software, a solid team chat app will enable your employees to communicate as productively as possible. explains that team chat apps aren't just for remote teams. In the office, these chat apps make it easy to control who sees which messages, keep internal and external communications separate, and avoid in-person interruptions. Some of the most widely-used team chat apps include Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Accounting Software

When it comes to managing your business's financial matters, accounting software can help you avoid errors and save time. Accounting software can also help you get your invoices out more quickly so you can get paid faster! Look for cloud-based accounting solutions that you can access from anywhere, so you can easily manage your business finances on the go.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software can improve your relationships with your customers and streamline customer communication. explains how the right CRM tool will enable you to offer high-quality, personalized support to your customers. You can use CRM apps for managing your contacts, tracking customer interactions, storing customer data, monitoring your sales funnel, and setting up reminders. Many CRM tools integrate flawlessly with email marketing platforms to create targeted, personalized campaigns that will increase your conversions!

Marketing Software

Speaking of email, email marketing tools make it easy to capitalize on this affordable form of marketing. Email marketing software lets you segment your customers and send targeted campaigns to different groups. You can even set up email flows to trigger when a customer takes a specific action, like abandoning their cart or making their second purchase from your store. If your business is still in its infancy, you shouldn't have to spend much on email marketing to enjoy a significant payoff.

Social Media Management Platforms

Social media management tools will take your marketing to the next level. Instead of navigating between several different social media platforms, you can use a social media management tool to manage all of your accounts in one place! This software will also ensure you never miss a message or mention from a customer. You'll be able to schedule posts in advance, organize customer communications, and even monitor keywords for leads and valuable customer information.

A few smart tech investments can take your business to the next level. Look for marketing apps, financial management software, 3D design software, and team collaboration platforms designed with your small business needs in mind. With the right tools, your business will be unstoppable!



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