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Linx Tavern at Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club

Great Cheese Burger!

Situated amidst the stunning backdrop of Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club, the Linx Tavern has gained a reputation for its exceptional cuisine and warm ambiance. With its commitment to providing a diverse range of dining options, including gluten-free alternatives, the Tavern continuously strives to cater to the unique dietary preferences of its guests. As we stepped into this gastronomic haven, we knew we were in for a treat.

Many Ocean Edge golfers know this spot as the go-to place for a beer after a round of golf - but their food is also great!

The Gluten-Free Hamburger: A Culinary Masterpiece

The anticipation was palpable as we placed our order for the Gluten-Free hamburger, eager to experience the flavors that awaited us. Our expectations were exceeded as the burger arrived at our table, adorned with a fluffy gluten-free bun. The Linx Tavern had seamlessly combined culinary artistry with dietary restrictions, resulting in a burger that was both visually appealing and incredibly appetizing.

Lynx Tavern

Delicious to the Last Bite

With each bite, the Gluten-Free hamburger at the Linx Tavern proved to be a symphony of flavors. The patty, crafted with the finest ingredients, was succulent and perfectly seasoned, while the gluten-free bun upheld its integrity, providing a satisfying texture. The accompaniments of fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and tangy pickles enhanced the overall experience, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that danced on our palates.

As you can see from the after picture, my daughter enjoyed her "The Local" burger. She told me before we went that she was looking forward to it. We'll definitely be going back on our next Cape Cod Trip.



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This series of posts will cover some tips and tricks that I have learned about my twelve-year-old daughter's gluten-free lifestyle in the Boston area. Gluten-free eating can be challenging in any big city, but especially in Boston due to the high number of restaurants and availability of options. I've been learning what I can to make sure my daughter can still enjoy eating out, and I want to share what I've learned so that other families in the same situation can benefit.


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