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Clapprood and Whitley

Audio Clip from a 1990s show

Marjorie Clapprood and Patrick Whitley has been hosting a talk radio show on WRKO in Boston for over 20 years. Their show, Clapprood, and Whitley, is known for its lively debates on current issues, in-depth interviews with newsmakers, and commitment to giving people a voice.

Clapprood and Whitley are both experienced journalists with a deep understanding of the issues facing Massachusetts and the country. They are also gifted communicators who are able to make complex topics accessible to their listeners.

The show's format is simple but effective. Clapprood and Whitley open each show with a discussion of the top news stories of the day. They then interview guests ranging from politicians and celebrities to ordinary citizens. The show also features a segment called "The People's Voice," in which listeners call in to share their thoughts on the day's issues.

Sample Show

Listen in to the show from the 1990s.



GuestThis show is so good. You can watch video and play uno online at once.

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