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Cape Cod Mall: Herbivore Patisserie

Great Gluten Free Treat at the Mall

Herbivore Patisserie A T M

The Cape Cod Mall food court offers a delightful surprise for dessert lovers: a vending machine stocked with fresh treats from Herbivore Patisserie, a local Hyannis bakery. This innovative concept makes indulging in a sweet snack after shopping incredibly convenient. The best part? They even cater to customers with dietary restrictions by offering gluten-free dessert options!

Here's some information from their website:


Indulge in the ultimate sweet experience at Herbivore Patisserie's Dessert ATM, nestled in the heart of Cape Cod Mall. Step up to the whimsical machine and treat yourself to an instant delight. Our Dessert ATM dispenses a variety of delectable vegan pastries, from heavenly cupcakes to mouthwatering cookies. Experience the magic of convenience as you satisfy your sweet cravings on the go. Each treat is a testament to our commitment to quality and taste. Visit our Dessert ATM at Cape Cod Mall and let the joy of instant, plant-based sweetness elevate your shopping experience.

Herbivore Machine Cape Cod


The menu changes on a frequent bases, here's what was there in mid-April 2024:

Herbivore Menu Options
Menu options at the Herbivore Patisserie ATM at the Cape Cod Mall

We didn't try any of the goodies, but it's nice to know the next time we visit the Cape Cod Mall, we can get a special desert at the Food Court.

My daughter can't wait to try the double chocolate brownie.



MilaIts so yumy! I like this color on slope game online.

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