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Certainly! Let?s dive into the world of ImageTools ? a versatile online platform that empowers you to manipulate, enhance, and transform your images with ease. Whether you?re a seasoned designer, a hobbyist photographer, or simply someone who wants to spruce up their pictures, ImageTools has got you covered.

What Is ImageTools?

ImageTools is a simple and free web-based toolkit that allows you to perform various image-related tasks directly in your browser. No need to download any software or worry about compatibility ? just visit the website, upload your images, and let the magic unfold!

Website Description

  • You can use our tool to edit, convert or process image files.
  • We are 100% to use and there are no paid plans.
  • There is no limit on number of images you can process.
  • We do not store any of your images on our server.
  • All files are processed instantly on your browser itself.
  • This ensure your privacy and security.
  • All you require is a modern browser.
  • There is no signup required.
  • Our tool is powered by Imagemagick
  • A lot of image processing operations are supported and we regularly add more.
  • If you have any request or facing any issue, use the contact us page to let us know.
  • We support all popular image formats like jpg, png, webp, avif, heic, gif, jxl etc.
  • Our tool can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet.
  • Our tool can be used on any operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS etc.
  • Our tool can be used on any browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox etc.
  • Our tool can be downloaded as PWA app in Chrome, Edge etc which can work offline.

Image Tools


Add Comments to Images/Movies

Welcome back to our weekly dive into the world of Macintosh! With a decade of exploring, tinkering, and optimizing the Mac under my belt, I've discovered countless tricks to enhance your Mac experience. This week, we're focusing on a feature that many overlook but is incredibly powerful for organizing and retrieving your media files: adding comments to files for Spotlight searches.

Why Add Comments to Files?

Spotlight is a robust search feature on macOS that allows you to quickly find documents, folders, apps, and more. By adding comments to your files, you're essentially tagging them with searchable keywords or descriptions. This practice transforms Spotlight into an even more powerful tool, especially for media files like audio clips, images, and videos.

Adding Comments to Your Media Files

Audio Clips: Capture the Essence

Imagine you have an audio clip of a significant event or a recording that holds sentimental value. By adding comments, you can include details about why it's important, the people involved, or any fun facts related to the recording. This way, searching for "family reunion" or "first guitar solo" in Spotlight can bring up those precious moments instantly.

Images: Tagging Memories

For images, comments can act as tags. If you've scanned an image taken at a specific location or event, adding that information as a comment turns your Mac into a personalized photo album. Type "Paris 2018" or "birthday bash" into Spotlight, and voila, the memories are at your fingertips.

Videos: Tell the Story

Instead of struggling to remember that "MOV_25020.mp4" is your child's first steps video, why not add a comment to tell its story? Describing the video file with "first steps in the living room, sunny afternoon" makes it easily retrievable. Spotlight becomes not just a search tool but a storyteller.

Comments Info

How to Add Comments to Files on macOS

  1. Select the File: Navigate to the file you want to add a comment to in Finder.

  2. Get Info: Right-click on the file and select "Get Info" or press Command + I.

  3. Add Your Comment: In the Info window, look for the "Comments" section. Here, you can type in your tags, descriptions, or any information you find pertinent.

  4. Close the Info Window: Your comments are saved automatically. Close the window, and your file is now tagged for easy Spotlight searching.

Tips for Effective Commenting

  • Be Descriptive: The more detailed your comments, the easier it will be to find the file.
  • Use Consistent Tags: Develop a system of tags that you use consistently across files for more efficient searches.
  • Combine with Other Features: Use comments in conjunction with other file organization features like folders and color tags for a truly optimized system.

Five Things I Learned

Website that are saved from Safari or Chrome automatically has the Meta-Data Description saved in the comments. Also any Meta-Data keywords are saved in a Keywords category in the Info box.

Third Party apps like Path Finder and Commander One do not have any functionality to add text to the comment field.

When you use the Finder Find command there is an option to search only the comments field. You can access this by:

  • Use the Find Command in the Finder.
  • Under the "Kind" select and then select Other
  • In the popup dialog box, called "Select a search attribute" search for Comments
  • Use the "Comment" attribute not the "Spotlight comment"
  • Now you can search the comments of any object!

You can use Automator to add the same comment to multiple files. This is handy if you want to add a location to a much of images that you may have scanned in. [ More Details ]

You can use Apple's Preview app to leave keywords to images.


Adding comments to your files is a simple yet incredibly effective way to enhance your file management and retrieval system on macOS. It leverages the power of Spotlight, transforming it from a basic search tool into a personalized, highly efficient organizer. So, take a moment to annotate those important files, and make your digital life a bit easier and much more organized.


Banana Sushi

As a food enthusiast and a proud parent, I'm always on the lookout for delightful breakfast options that cater to my 13-year-old daughter's dietary needs. She happens to be a Celiac warrior, which means we're constantly exploring gluten-free alternatives that don't compromise on taste. Today, I'm excited to share with you her absolute favorite morning treat: Waffles and Banana Sushi.

The Ingredients

Before we dive into the recipe, let's gather our star players:

  1. Van's Frozen Gluten-Free Waffles: These waffles are a game-changer for anyone avoiding gluten. They're crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and perfect for our breakfast adventure.

  2. Bananas: Nature's sweet gift! Bananas add natural sweetness, potassium, and a touch of whimsy to our dish.

  3. Nutella: The hazelnut spread that dreams are made of. Creamy, chocolatey, and oh-so-indulgent.

  4. Sprinkles: Because life is too short for boring breakfasts. Sprinkles add a pop of color and a dash of joy.

Banana Sushi
What Banana Sushi looks like when I make them.

The Recipe: Waffles and Banana Sushi

Step 1: Toast Those Waffles

  1. Pop two Van's Frozen Gluten-Free Waffles into the toaster. Watch them transform into golden perfection. The aroma alone will make your kitchen feel like a cozy breakfast haven.

Step 2: Banana Magic

  1. Slice a ripe banana into thin rounds. Imagine these as our sushi rolls--minus the seaweed and soy sauce.

Step 3: Nutella Drizzle

  1. Warm up a spoonful of Nutella (because warm Nutella is life). Drizzle it generously over your toasted waffles. Let it ooze into every nook and cranny.

Step 4: Sprinkle Extravaganza

  1. Now for the pi?ce de r?sistance: SPRINKLES! Shower your banana sushi with colorful sprinkles. They'll cling to the Nutella and bananas, creating a whimsical mosaic.

Step 5: Dive In!

  1. Grab your fork (or chopsticks, if you're feeling fancy) and dig into your Banana Sushi Waffles. The crispy waffle base, the creamy Nutella, the sweet bananas, and the playful sprinkles--it's a symphony of flavors.

Why We Love It

  • Gluten-Free Bliss: Thanks to Van's waffles, my daughter can enjoy a gluten-free breakfast without compromising on taste or texture.

  • Kid-Approved: The combination of waffles, bananas, Nutella, and sprinkles is like a party in her mouth. Plus, it's fun to eat--perfect for busy school mornings.

  • Versatility: Feel free to customize! Swap Nutella for almond butter or peanut butter. Add sliced strawberries or blueberries. Get creative!


Next time you're craving a breakfast adventure, give our Waffles and Banana Sushi a whirl. It's a plate full of love, laughter, and happy taste buds. And remember, food isn't just about sustenance; it's about creating memories.


Santa's Village

Santas Village Sign
Photo of the Santa's Village Sign from our visit in 2017

Nestled amidst the snow-capped peaks of New Hampshire's White Mountains lies a place where Christmas spirit shimmers year-round: Santa's Village. Forget the fleeting cheer of December; this whimsical wonderland is a full-fledged celebration of all things jolly, offering a unique New England experience that even Walt Disney himself would tip his Santa hat to.

Imagine a theme park where elves aren't just costumed characters, but friendly faces guiding you through enchanted pathways. Picture twinkling lights adorning gingerbread houses, not just during the holidays, but as a permanent fixture. Envision thrilling rides with names like "Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster" and "The Great Humbug Adventure," each one a playful nod to the season of giving. That, my friends, is the magic of Santa's Village.

Humbug Adventure
The Great Humbug Adventure was an awesome ride - much like ToyStory ride at Disney Studios.

More Than Just Rides:

Sure, the park boasts over 20 rides designed for families, from the classic carousel to the heart-pounding (but not too scary!) Runaway Reindeer roller coaster. But Santa's Village is about so much more than adrenaline rushes. Here, the spirit of Christmas infuses every corner. Witness Mrs.?Claus baking cookies and elves crafting toys in their workshops. Meet Santa himself, not just in a perfunctory photo op, but in a genuine, interactive experience that will melt even the scroogiest of hearts.

A Feast for the Senses:

The aroma of freshly baked gingerbread wafts through the air, tempting you to indulge in sweet treats at Candy Cane Lane. Savor a hearty Christmas dinner at Santa's Fireside Feast, complete with all the trimmings. And don't forget the live shows! From toe-tapping reindeer musicals to captivating elf performances, there's always something to keep you entertained.

Santa Village Stores
Stores of Santa's Village are what you expect to see at Stanta's Village

A Winter Wonderland, All Year Round:

Unlike its seasonal counterparts, Santa's Village doesn't hibernate when the snow melts. In fact, each season brings a unique charm. Summer transforms the park into a vibrant oasis with a splashtastic water park, while fall paints the landscape in fiery hues, creating a breathtaking backdrop for Halloween festivities. No matter when you visit, the Christmas spirit remains, a constant reminder of the joy and wonder that lies within.

A Place for All Ages:

Whether you're a wide-eyed child brimming with Christmas spirit or an adult seeking a nostalgic escape, Santa's Village offers something for everyone. It's a place to reconnect with your inner child, create lasting memories with loved ones, and experience the magic of Christmas in a way that's both heartwarming and utterly unique.

So, ditch the crowded malls and forget the fleeting cheer of December. Pack your bags, grab your loved ones, and head to Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire. Discover a Christmas wonderland that Walt Disney himself would be proud of, and experience the magic that awaits you year-round in this captivating corner of New England. Just remember, a little Christmas spirit goes a long way, and at Santa's Village, it's always in season!


The more you test something...

More You Test Something

In the realm of Quality Assurance (QA), there lies a fundamental truth encapsulated by the quote, "The more you test something, the more you'll find something." This statement is more than just a cautionary tale; it's a principle that guides the relentless pursuit of excellence and reliability in software development. As a seasoned QA professional with a decade of experience under my belt, I've seen firsthand how this principle plays out in real-world testing scenarios. In this week's blog, we'll dive deep into the implications of this quote, exploring its significance and how it shapes our approach to QA.

Uncovering the Layers

At its core, the quote speaks to the iterative nature of testing. With each test cycle, we peel away layers, uncovering not just bugs but also insights into the software's behavior under various conditions. This process is not merely about finding faults; it's about understanding the product more deeply. The complexity of modern software systems means that no matter how comprehensive the initial tests are, subsequent testing is almost guaranteed to reveal something new.

The Paradox of Testing

There's an inherent paradox in QA that this quote subtly highlights: the goal of achieving a bug-free product is both the driving force and the unreachable star of software testing. Each bug found and fixed brings us closer to this ideal, yet the very act of testing uncovers more areas to explore, more scenarios to consider, and potentially, more bugs to fix. This is not a discouragement but a recognition of the dynamic nature of software and its interaction with an ever-changing world.

Quality as a Continuous Journey

This quote underscores the philosophy that quality is not a destination but a continuous journey. In the landscape of QA, complacency is the enemy. The belief that a product is free of defects after a round of testing is a fallacy. Instead, we must adopt a mindset of continuous improvement, where each testing cycle is an opportunity to learn, adapt, and enhance the software.

Strategic Depth in Testing

Understanding that more testing leads to more discoveries, we must strategize our testing efforts to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. This means prioritizing test cases based on risk, employing automated testing for repetitive tasks, and leveraging exploratory testing to uncover the unknown. It's about smart testing, not just more testing. By focusing on critical areas and incorporating feedback loops, we ensure that our testing efforts are both deep and broad, covering as much ground as possible.

Embracing the Discoveries

Finally, this quote invites us to embrace the discoveries made during testing with a positive mindset. Each finding, whether it's a bug, a usability issue, or a performance bottleneck, is an opportunity to improve. It's a testament to the thoroughness of our testing efforts and our commitment to quality. These discoveries should be celebrated as milestones on the road to excellence, not merely seen as obstacles.


"The more you test something, the more you'll find something" is not just a statement about the inevitability of finding bugs; it's a call to action for QA professionals. It challenges us to dig deeper, to look closer, and to never settle for "good enough." As we continue to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of software development, let this principle guide us in our unending quest for quality. Let us embrace the iterative nature of testing, the strategic depth of our efforts, and the positive impact of our discoveries. After all, in the world of QA, every bug found is a step closer to a better product.


Gary Radnich: It Happened Tonight

This KRON Sports video covers a variety of sports news, including baseball, tennis, and more. Here's a recap of the top stories:

  • St. Louis Cardinals win 2-0 against the Montreal Expos. Rookie pitcher Bud Smith threw a no-hitter, while Woody Williams pitched a six-inning perfect game. The Cardinals are now 10-4 on the season.
  • Brad Gilbert defeats Andre Agassi in the US Open quarterfinals. Gilbert won in four tiebreakers, and his wife Bridget was there to celebrate with him.
  • Other sports news: The video also mentions other sports news, but it is not clear what they are.

Overall, this is a short but informative video that covers a variety of sports news. If you are a fan of sports, then you will want to check it out.

In addition to the above, the video also mentions the following:

  • Ken Camenetti made a catch in the dugout, but it was not a legal catch.
  • Morley Safer and Mike Wallace are amazing.
  • The video was made past midnight.

Watch the Video


A Tribute to Three Iconic Boylston Street Pubs

March 3, 2020, marked a seemingly ordinary day on Boylston Street in Boston, Massachusetts, but the photograph taken that day captured a moment in time that would soon become historic. It featured three well-known pubs: McGreevy's, Pour House Bar & Grill, and Lir. Little did anyone know, these establishments, bustling with life and laughter, were about to face an unprecedented challenge that would lead to their closure due to the global pandemic that swept across the world just days and weeks later.

Boylston Street Pubs

McGreevy's, a pub with deep roots in Boston's history, was more than just a place to grab a pint. It was a museum of sports and a haven for baseball fans, celebrating the rich history of the Boston Red Sox. Its walls, adorned with memorabilia, told stories of triumphs and defeats, of legends and underdogs. McGreevy's was a place where history and hospitality intertwined, making every visit a journey through Boston's proud sporting past.

Pour House Bar & Grill offered a different vibe, known for its hearty breakfasts, affordable eats, and vibrant nightlife. It was a staple for both locals and visitors, a place where friendships were forged over shared meals and late-night stories. The Pour House embodied the spirit of community, a welcoming spot where every face, new or familiar, was greeted with warmth and an invitation to stay a while.

Lir brought a touch of Irish charm to Boylston Street, with its cozy interiors and traditional Irish fare. It was a slice of Ireland in the heart of Boston, where live music and lively conversations filled the air. Lir was a home away from home for many, a place to celebrate life's milestones or simply unwind after a long day.

These three pubs, each with their unique character and charm, were more than just establishments; they were gathering places where memories were made. They stood as testaments to the power of community and the importance of shared spaces in urban life.

The photograph taken on March 3, encapsulated the essence of these places before the world changed. As the pandemic took hold, the vibrancy that once defined Boylston Street pubs was replaced by silence and uncertainty. The closures of McGreevy's, Pour House, and Lir were not just economic losses but emotional ones, marking the end of an era for many Bostonians.

Yet, even in their absence, the legacy of these pubs lives on. They remind us of the resilience of communities, the enduring spirit of hospitality, and the importance of cherishing the moments we share. As Boston and the world navigate towards recovery, the memories of McGreevy's, Pour House, and Lir stand as a beacon of hope, a reminder of the joy and unity that shared spaces can bring.

In the end, the photo of these three iconic pubs serves not only as a snapshot of a place and time but as a symbol of what we've lost and what we strive to regain. It reminds us of the importance of community, the value of shared experiences, and the unwavering human spirit that, even in the face of adversity, finds a way to endure and thrive. Here's to remembering the past, embracing the present, and looking forward to a future where doors reopen, glasses clink, and laughter fills the air once more on Boylston Street.


Food Name Generator

Do you ever get stuck in a rut when it comes to meal planning? You know you want to cook something delicious, but you just can't seem to come up with any ideas. If so, you're not alone. Many people find it challenging to be creative in the kitchen.

But there's a new tool that can help you overcome that hurdle: the Food Name Generator. This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to invent new meal ideas based on your input.

How it Works

The Food Name Generator is simple to use. Just enter up to three ingredients and any dietary requirements you have, and the generator will create a meal suggestion for you. For example, if you enter "chicken, peppers, and onions" and select "gluten-free" as your dietary requirement, the generator might suggest "Spicy Chicken Fajitas with Grilled Peppers and Onions."

The generator can also be used to come up with new names for existing dishes. So, if you're tired of calling your chicken stir-fry "chicken stir-fry," you can use the generator to come up with a more creative name, like "Kung Pao Chicken" or "Szechuan Chicken."

Name Generator


Mission Control Tips and Tricks

As a seasoned Macintosh enthusiast with a decade of experience, I've come to appreciate the layers of functionality and elegance macOS offers. Among its plethora of features, Mission Control stands out as a pivotal tool for boosting productivity. This week, let's dive into how Mission Control can transform your workflow, making multitasking not just manageable but genuinely enjoyable.

What is Mission Control?

Introduced back in OS X Lion, Mission Control is essentially the command center for macOS. It provides a bird's-eye view of all your open windows, desktop spaces, and full-screen apps, allowing for swift navigation and organization. Think of it as your digital desk, where you can spread out your work and easily grab what you need without the clutter.

This week, I have been using Mission Control to manage my work on my computer. It seemed to make it much easier to separate personal from work tasks. Along the way I learned a few things. Here are two things I learned using Mission Control this week that are worth sharing

Gaming Mouse Configuration

Navigating between multiple desktops on your computer doesn't have to be a chore--especially not for gamers who are accustomed to quick reflexes and even quicker decision-making. This week I dove into a game-changing setup for my Z-7900 Gaming Mouse that turns desktop management into a breeze, allowing you to switch between Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 with the mere click of a button. This method not only streamlines your workflow but also integrates seamlessly into your gaming setup, making multitasking smoother than ever.

Setting the Stage: The Z-7900 Gaming Mouse

The Z-7900 is renowned for its customization capabilities, boasting programmable buttons that can be tailored to suit your every need--be it gaming, productivity, or anything in between. By dedicating two of these buttons to desktop navigation, you'll unlock a new level of efficiency in your digital life.

Gaming Mouse Screen
My mouse setting with #5 and #6 buttons set to go to Desktop 1 and Desktop 2

Unfortunately there's no Mac Drivers for the Z-900 mouse, I had to setup the configurations on a Windows computer and then just plugged the mouse in the iMac and it accepted the configurations.

Using Desktop Wallpaper to identify Desktop

Apple's macOS has always been at the forefront of combining sleek design with intuitive functionality, creating an operating system that's both powerful and a pleasure to use. With the release of macOS Sonoma (version 14), users have enjoyed a host of new features and improvements that continue to enhance the Mac experience. However, one feature request that has been consistently voiced by the community remains unaddressed: the ability to name virtual desktops.

Despite the lack of this feature, there's a clever workaround that not only serves the purpose but also adds a layer of visual flair to your workspace organization--using unique desktop wallpapers to distinguish between your virtual desktops.

Mission Control Desktop

Why Name Your Desktops?

The ability to name desktops can significantly improve productivity and organization for power users, professionals, and anyone who relies on multiple virtual desktops to compartmentalize their digital workspace. Names like "Work," "Personal," "Projects," or specific project titles can make navigation faster and more intuitive.

The Visual Solution: Unique Wallpapers

Since macOS Sonoma still doesn't allow users to rename their desktops directly, the next best solution is to use distinct wallpapers for each desktop. This method not only circumvents the naming limitation but also adds a personalized touch to each workspace.


Making Gluten-Free Pasta at Home

As a food blogger in New England, I've explored countless eateries, always on the hunt for those rare gems that accommodate special dietary needs without compromising on taste. However, the true game-changer in our family's culinary adventures came from an unexpected quarter: our own kitchen, courtesy of the Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker.

My daughter, now 13, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago. The transition wasn't easy. Gluten, especially in pasta, became a forbidden ingredient, casting a shadow over meal times. That was until we discovered the magic of making gluten-free pasta at home. The Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker has not only simplified the process but has also brought back the joy of pasta dishes to our table.

Philips7000 Pasta Maker
Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker in action

Why the Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker?

This gadget is a marvel for anyone, but especially for families navigating the tricky waters of Celiac Disease. Its simplicity and efficiency mean you can enjoy fresh, homemade pasta without the labor-intensive process traditionally associated with pasta making. With this machine, the perfect dough is no longer a matter of chance but a guarantee.

The Process: Simple and Satisfying

The process couldn't be easier, making it an exciting activity rather than a chore. You simply add your ingredients: a mix of King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour and the usual suspects of water and egg - to the pasta maker. King Arthur's blend is a revelation; it behaves much like traditional wheat flour but without the gluten, making it an ideal substitute in any pasta recipe.

Once the ingredients are in, the Philips 7000 Series takes over. The machine mixes, kneads, and extrudes the pasta in minutes. The sight of fresh spaghetti or fettuccine coming out of the machine is nothing short of magical. It's an instant hit with my daughter, who delights in the process as much as the eating.

The Taste Test: Unbelievably Good

The true test, of course, is in the tasting. Fresh pasta has a texture and flavor that store-bought, gluten-free alternatives simply can't match. It's tender, yet holds up beautifully to cooking--no mushiness or falling apart. And the taste? Divine. There's a richness and depth to the flavor that has us all savoring each bite.

Adapting Recipes: Seamless and Versatile

One of the joys of the Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker is its versatility. Whether you're craving spaghetti, penne, or even lasagna sheets, this machine can handle it. And by using King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour, adapting recipes for a gluten-free diet is seamless. We've experimented with various additions--herbs, spinach, even squid ink--transforming simple meals into gourmet experiences.

Cooking Fresh Pasta
Gluten Free Pasta ready for cooking.

The Verdict: A Must-Have for Gluten-Free Families

For families dealing with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivities, the Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker is a game-changer. It transforms the daunting task of making gluten-free pasta from scratch into a simple, enjoyable activity. The ability to use high-quality, gluten-free flour like King Arthur's means you never have to compromise on taste or texture.

In conclusion, homemade pasta is back on the menu in our household, thanks to the Philips 7000 Series Pasta Maker. It's not just about the convenience or the quality of the pasta it produces; it's about the joy and satisfaction of being able to share those special family meals again, without worry or compromise. For us, and for many others in the gluten-free community, that's truly priceless.



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