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In a job interview that I had many years ago at a popular software company, my future boss told me this:

"If bugs happen that's ok, this isn't Medical Science. No one will die because a bug made it into Production. "

Whoa. What?

I was surprised by her comment and took it as the wrong attitude towards excellence in testing. Isn't your goal to make sure bugs don't make it into production?

Medical Science

QA Realistic Goals

However, over the years I have learned she was right. In a fast pace environment, QA can't always deliver 100% bug-free releases. When bugs do make it to production - it's important to avoid the blame game.

QA should focus on how to respond to fixing bugs in production. Once the issue is fixed, QA then needs to find out how it missed the bug - so that it doesn't happen again.

Bugs will happen, but it how you respond to getting the bug fix determines how good of a QA you are.



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