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COVID-19 Credit Debit

There is no law to avoid paying your debt.

There seems to be a lot of scammers trying to take advantage of people during the pandemic. Back in September, I got this strange voice mail:

Apple Transcript

This is the transcript done by Apple:

'Hello please listen carefully the new law CV 19 - makes a current credit card balances in certain price of the loans and lines of credit, not a collectible and not enforceable so um do the current situation that we're all facing the new laws helping to stop predatory banks and lenders what we all get back on track if you want to find out how much of your debt will be your race please just call me back at 619-900-2845 again 619-900-2845 thanks take care''

Fun Facts

As of today, there has been no law about loans or credit card debt not being collectible or enforceable.

The phone number: 619-900-2845 is the same number on the caller id. It registers to no person or organization - at least nothing found online.

Notice that the voice message never indicates the company/financial company that they represent.



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