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7 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Social media may not affect rankings, but it might get you more customers.


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According to Statista, the number of social media users by the end of 2023 will reach 4.89 billion. Quite an impressive number, wouldn't you say? And even more impressive when we consider that's equal to more than half the population of our entire planet. That said, it goes to reason that leveraging the power of social media would be the way to go in digital marketing. But, if only it were that simple. Keeping the interest high and not fleeting is a daily challenge. One that, with a careful approach, can luckily be overcome. And today, we are teaching you to do just that. You'll soon learn of the ways to boost your social media conversion rate. Before you know it, you won't only be generating leads; you'll be building a network of loyal customers.

How to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate?

Social media can be just the untapped resource you need to propel your business forward. However, using it for marketing purposes can prove somewhat of a challenge. The process of targeting social media users can be described as something like trying to hit a moving target. Possible, for sure, but complicated because the target rarely stands still. In social media, people come fast and go just as swiftly. Their interests change from day to day. That's why you must thoroughly comprehend the terrain before putting funds into your social media marketing plan. If you hit the perfect note with your target audience, the benefits will soon come and will be substantial. But if you miss, your marketing budget will have been exhausted before you realize it.

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Find out what appeals to your audience; it will help you boost your social media conversion rate.

While the crucial component of social media marketing efforts is building relationships, remember that's merely a strategy, not the primary goal. As per, the actual goal of every social media strategy should be to improve engagement and boost conversions. With that in mind, we strongly advise you to take note of the following fairly straightforward tactics. Find ways to implement them, and the results are bound to come.

#1 Schedule Your Posts

The beauty of social media is that-you can have an audience from all over the world. However, that also presents a new kind of problem. These people live in different time zones, so how can you effectively communicate with all of them at once? Thankfully, the modern world has given us scheduling apps that can sweep all your related worries away. Some even offer a chance to research the audience to discover where most are coming from. With this knowledge, you can then create a scheduling plan. Or rather, determine what and when you will post. From there, generate the content and watch it go online when you decide beforehand. That way, you'll have consistent, relevant posts that followers appreciate even if you are relaxing on a remote island.

#2 Personalize Your Content

Are you looking to boost your social media conversion rate? You might just do it with the help of personalized content. Why? Because seeing something they can relate to appeals to potential customers. It makes them stay with the brand for longer. It induces trust, and it's that same trust that, in the end, may help convert them.

Reports suggest that as much as 90% of people are more likely to purchase from brands that provide appropriate recommendations that suit their preferences. But what does this mean to you in terms of social media? Well, it means that to make the most of it, you'll need to provide content that corresponds with your audience's taste. Think TikToks, shorts, reels, stories, posts, promotions, etc.

#3 Repurpose/Reshare Old Content

Have you published an article you are particularly proud of? You have already shared it on social media, so you might think it's not worth sharing again. Wrong! In fact, if your followers have responded well to it, why not reuse it? Of course, the goal is not to publish it the same way you did before. What you can do, instead, is create a new post sharing the link to the same article. But this time, use another visual to promote it. Write a whole new snippet. You can even refresh the article using new, relevant information. The goal, however, is not to change it too much. It still has to convey the same message. One that resonated with your audience so well.

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Quality content can be shared more than once.

#4 Optimize the Content for Each Network Individually

Social networking sites are all different. And with it, so is the content that's shared across them. After all, you can't expect to just paste the same lengthy Facebook post to Twitter with the latter's character count limited to 280 (the exception being verified accounts). That doesn't mean you cannot share it at all. It just means you'll have to be creative in optimizing it. This stands true for all social media sites. Where you cannot take advantage of the textual posts, you might be able to take advantage of the visuals, and vice versa.

#5 Let Influencers Influence Conversions

Influencers' power in digital marketing, mainly social media marketing, shouldn't be understated. Pairing with the right kind of people can bring your business hundreds of new customers! However, many think you need to shell out a lot of cash to collaborate with an influencer. We are here to prove you otherwise! Yes, those with millions of followers will require a substantial upfront investment. But it's not them you'll be collaborating with. Instead, the key is to pair up with micro-influencers. After all, those with a couple of thousand loyal followers in your niche can bring you as much good as big-time social media personas can, only at a fraction of the cost.

An influencer recording a video of herself.
Micro-influencers can be game-changers in terms of conversion rate.

#6 Produce Valuable Content

What we mean by valuable content is, naturally, one with value. In other words, one that is informative. One that answers people's questions and solves problems. But since this is social media we are talking about, and people browsing through it have short attention spans, you should aim to be clear and concise. If you are an expert in the industry who knows what they are talking about, this should pose no problem.

#7 Take Advantage of the User-Generated Content (UGC)

Nothing can help boost your social media conversion rate as much as user-generated content can. User-generated content (UGC) constitutes anything your customers create that features your brand name/products/services. It can range from photos and videos to posts and even reviews. But why does user-generated content work? Well, because it makes your brand seem more authentic. It shows users what it's like to use your products/services in the real world, making them more likely to trust your brand. It's simple, really. If many people show they trust you, more are likely to do the same.



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