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Quickly create a Google Sheet

Have you ever found yourself in need of quickly creating a spreadsheet, but didn't have Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets readily available? Or maybe you were working collaboratively with someone and needed to share a sheet without the hassle of setting up access permissions? That's where comes in. is a website that allows you to create a new Google Sheets document with just a few keystrokes. Simply type "" into your browser's address bar and hit enter, and you'll be taken directly to a new, blank Google Sheets document. No need to navigate to Google Drive, click "New", and then select "Google Sheets" ? takes you there in one quick step.

Website Description

By default, every document is automatically set to "Anyone with the link can edit". This means that you can quickly share the sheet with colleagues or friends, without having to fuss with setting up access permissions for each person. Of course, you can always adjust the access settings to your liking, but the default setting is great for quick and easy sharing.




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