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Know when to fly the flag at half staff is a unique and insightful website dedicated to providing information about American flag half-staff notifications. Here's a closer look at what the site offers:


  1. Timely Notifications: The website plays a crucial role in disseminating information about when and why the American flag is flown at half-staff. For instance, recently, the website notified its audience to fly the flag at half-staff from November 25 to November 29, 2023, as a mark of respect.

  2. Tributes to Notable Figures: The half-staff notifications often pay tribute to significant individuals. A recent example is the proclamation on the death of Rosalynn Carter, the former First Lady of the United States. The website detailed her contributions and the presidential order to fly the flag at half-staff in her honor.

  3. Educational Resource: Beyond notifications, serves as an educational resource, informing the public about the protocol and significance of flying the flag at half-staff. This practice is a powerful symbol of national mourning and respect.

  4. Integration with Websites and Blogs: The site offers a widget that can be integrated into blogs or websites, allowing for the wider dissemination of half-staff notifications. This feature ensures that the information reaches a broader audience, promoting national unity and awareness during times of mourning.

Website Description

The volunteers at are committed to providing accurate and timely information on property displaying the flag of the United States of America. The United States flag represents all the people of America as does our organization. We do not support any political candidate, nor do we endorse any religious organization. This website was created out of a need. Over the years patriotic Americans have desired to show the proper respect for their American Flags. The problem has been in the inability to obtain timely information on when and how to fly their American flags. We base our notices on the Flag Code of the United States of America.

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