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Quickly resize convert HEIC image to JPG and

This week, I conducted offline testing, which required me to send pictures illustrating the issues I encountered. I transferred the photos via Airdrop and then used Photoscape X to change the image size and convert the format from HEIC to JPG. Although this method worked, I believe there might be a more efficient process.

Apple Short Cuts

I decided to utilize Apple's ShortCuts application to create a new Services command to perform the action. Here's the quick action that I came up with:

Quick Action Rename

Why this is Practical

In macOS Monterey (version 12), there was a new shortcut added to the Services menu called "Convert Image." This makes it easy to convert an image to JPEG format. I tried that but it didn't resize the image and the file extension became JPEG which I didn't like.

Photoscape has a batch process but I would need to run the application every time, it's so much quicker to just right click and convert the image.

Using the Apple Short Cut makes the process so simple and easy. I am just uploading the files to Teams/Slack so I don't really care about the quality. If quality did mater to a particular photo, I know to go to another app to better convert the image.



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