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Mike Tyson Press Meeting after Tyson vs Spinks Fight

What was on Tyson's Mind

It was June 27th, 1988, when Mike Tyson and Michael Spinks finally got into a ring to fight. The long-awaited match ended in just 91 seconds when Tyson knocked out Spinks. However, what followed was equally interesting. Tyson held a press meeting to answer the journalists' questions, and his responses left everyone in awe.

Tyson's Perspective on the Fight

When asked about his strategy for the fight, Tyson responded, "I put in eight weeks of training to make it this easy, but it was never easy. If I would've never trained, it, perhaps would've gone 10 rounds or something." Tyson's confidence shone through in his responses, and it was clear that he was fully aware of his abilities.

Listen to the Post Fight News Conference

I only audio record the post-release fight, I didn't videotape the press conference.

Tyson's Opinion on his Future Opponents

When a journalist asked Tyson about his next potential opponents, he responded by saying, "They said Spinks is the undefeated, heavyweight champion of the world." Tyson's fearless attitude towards his future opponents made it clear that he was ready to take on anyone who dared to challenge him.

Tyson's Response to Criticism

When asked about the criticism he received for his quick win over Spinks, Tyson responded by saying, "Well, Let me tell you my objective of fighting to be the ultimate professional and my, and, and the objective of being a professional. Regardless, whatever happens in my life in general, my job, the job has to be done regardless. Whatever happened, my mother died, somebody I love died, the job has to be done, and that's the sign of being a professional." Tyson's response showed that he was not affected by the criticism and that he was focused on his goals.



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