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April 23, 2019

Tripod Mount

Go Pro Tripod Mount is a cool thing to add to your collection. It basically makes any GoPro accessory available to any other technology device.

For example, if you have an iPhone XS Max, you can use a simple tripod adapter and the GoPro mount to connect the iPhone XS Max to a GoPro Suction cup accessory. Now you can exchange accessories and limit the amount you carry.

Go Pro Tripod Mount

Cheap Enough to Get it

Obviously this won’t work in all accessories, but it’s cheap enough to have on - just in case you find that using a smartphone would be better than the GoPro. You can find a mount for about $4 on eBay or in various kits on Amazon for about $7.

April 16, 2019

Night Mode - GoPro Silver

If you're looking for the best quality night pictures and time lapse, your best bet is to get the GoPro 7 Black. The Silver version has very minimal functionality to low light photography.

GoPro 7 Silver Specs

A quick look on how the iPhone XS Max is a better camera for night photos. (Tip: You have a lot more control over the settings than you do with the GoPro 7 Silver series.)

Name GoPro Silver GoPro Black iPhone Xs Max
ISO 16001600 2,304
Aperture f/2.8 f/2.8 f/1.8
Exposure TIme 1/151/15 1/22000

Note: GoPro Silver users have no control over the Shutter Speed and Exposure time.

Sample YouTube Video

GoPro 7 Silver YouTube video showing the morning sunrise in time lapse.

April 9, 2019

HEVC - GoPro Videos

Video files are recorded using the h.264 codec and the MP4 file type, the exception being some resolution/frame rate combinations on the HERO6 and HERO7 Black.

Go Pro Fenway Park

HEVC Format

The GoPro uses High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) to capture videos - especially at hight frame rates for 4k at 60fps and 1080p at 240 fps. This is the latest video coding, and not supported by older computer systems - thankfully this has been around for a while

The HEVC standard allows the ability to store high quality video without using a lot of disk space. In fact videos compressed with H.265 standard uses up to 40 percent less space without sacrificing quality.

GoPro started using HEVC in the GoPro Hero 5 series.

Apple Users

If your computer is not running MacOS 10.13+ (MacOS High Sierra or macOS Mojave), your not able to view the videos on your computer. The H.265 standard requires at least the A10 chip. If your computer isn't eligible for the High Sierra, then your computer doesn't have the A10 chip.

iPhone 7+ users have support for the HEVC standard.

Windows Computers

If your computer is running Windows 10, then you have the proper hardware to view the GoPro videos.

Older Systems

If you don't have the hardware to support the videos, you can always upload them to Google Photos and have the videos be translated. Google Photos has supported HEVC video since September 2017.

April 2, 2019

Battery - GoPro 7 Silver

The GoPro 7 Silver has a non-removable battery. So it's important to keep an eye on battery usage when using the GoPro on a project.

Go Pro Framingham

Six Things I have Learned about the GoPro Battery

It will take about 2-hour to fully charge the battery.

Turn off Wireless Connection if you don't plan on connecting the Camera to an iPhone.

If the Camera should run out of battery, the camera will save any video before shutting down.

High temperatures will cause the camera to use more power and drain the battery faster.

When you record with a USB Power source it won't charge up the GoPro. Instead, it will use the power from the USB source.

To turn off the Camera - and save battery time, hold down the Mode Button.

March 26, 2019

Why get a GoPro 7 Silver if you have an iPhone XS Max?

Seems kind of silly to get another digital camera if you have an iPhone XS Max - one of the hottest digital devices. Here are five reasons why you should get a GoPro even if you have the iPhone XS Max.

Five Reasons to get an GoPro 7 Silver

On the Go Videos

Don't risk damaging your expensive iPhone XS Max when filming action shots.

For Example: If you want to take videos from an off-road bike ride in Vermont, skiing down a double-diamond slope at Snowmass, or snorkeling at Baby Beach in Aruba - you don't want to put your $1,000+ phone at risk.

Capture Multiple Scenes

You can use the GoPro footage as background in video storyboards. Having a second camera can help capture the mood of the crowd or just a different angle of the event.

For example: When you're looking for a great transition shot for a school function, you can use the crowd cheering or watching the action.

Cold Weather Time Lapse

If you want to take timelapse of cold weather - forget about using the iPhone XS Max. According to Apple, iPhones have an operating temperature between 32 and 95 Fahrenheit, that's 0 and 35 Celsius. So if the temp is below that range, your iPhone XS Max will turn off.

For Example: Capturing the morning snowstorm on a cold winter day in time-lapse mode isn't possible using the iPhone XS Max. The camera will turn off when it's been out in the freezing cold - and you'll miss hours of perfect opportunity.

Save Battery on Vacations

Take videos using the GoPro and not use up valuable battery time on your iPhone XS Max. Save time with your camera

For Example: Capturing the final minutes of your vacation at Aruba on the GoPro saves battery time on your phone to figure out the flight information at the airport.

Kids can Have Fun

Give the GoPro to the kids so they can film their vacation from their perspective. Let them have fun without having to worry about them scratching the iPhone XS Max screen.

For Example: Let them explain what they like about the Boston Museum of Science as they go and explore new exhibits.

March 19, 2019

GoPro Video

Videos is the reason people get GoPro. Simply point click and action. The videos come out great, and the camera is small enough to fit almost anywhere.

Go Pro Video Headline

Six Things I learned about GoPro Videos

  1. Screen Display

    When taking any type of videos, the screen will go into sleep mode after a minute of recording. If you tap on the screen, the screen will wake for 10 seconds.

    This is useful to save power and to prevent the screen light to be a distraction in low light situations.

  2. Recording in 4K

    Think twice if you record in 4k, especially if your posting the video online. 4K uses up a lot of diskspace and not everyone will see the high quality online. Make sure your computer can support 4k (iMac 2011 doesn't support 4k) (Tip: Use 4K for special events not for everyday video taking.)

    There is very practical purposes for going 4k, but if you have the machine power and card space, then go for it.

  3. Short Clips

    Capture quick snap shots of your adventure and use the QuickStories to put together an interesting timeline video. After the 15-second shot is complete, you will have to press the record button for the next clip.

    The Quik application can create some really cool videos from a bunch of quick clips. Try using it as part of your morning commute to see what cool video gets created. I like the music and transitions that Quik adds.

  4. 2x Slo-Mo -

    You can capture the action at 60-frames per second (Which is twice the speed of a typical video.) You can then play back the clip at 2x slow motion speed. This is great when your have action shots that look best slowed down: Ski Jump or watching a golf swing.

    The iPhone XS Max can record slow-motion at 1080p at 240 fps. The GoPro Silver does not support shooting 4k Slow-Mo.

  5. Touch and Zoom

    If you don't need a wide-angle shot, you can "Touch and Zoom" the shot so that you don't get a fish eye effect. Also good for stationary shots when the subject doesn't move too much. I find that the zoom feature is good when objects may distract the intent of the video - for example room lights reflexing on a window.

    Once you start the video, you can not adjust the Zoom settings. So make sure you have the perfect shot before hitting the record button.

  6. Microphone

    There are two microphones on the GoPro Silver 7. One is located on the side next to the USB-C slot. The other is a small hole right above the power button. Keep in mine when holding the camera for the location of the microphone. (You don't want to muzzle the sound because your finger is on the Mic hole.)

    If you need to clean the Microphone, simply shake the GoPro or blow into the microphone hole. GoPro doesn't recommend using a an air blower as it the air force could break the air tight seal in the microphone hole.

March 12, 2019

Time-Lapse in GoPro

The GoPro 7 Silver doesn't have any special configurations for TimeLapse videos. There are a lot of options with GoPro Black - so if your really into TimeLapse that might be the better option.

Set it And Forget It

Basically with the GoPro Silver you set up the Timelapse as the recording option and then set it and forget it. Just make sure that you have a good wide-angle view.

Recording Speed

According to GoPro, the Silver 7 Time Lapse

Time Lapse Video speeds up the action by capturing a frame every 0.5 second. When played back at regular speed, everything moves 15x faster than normal.

This compares to the iPhone XS Max which takes around one to two frames per second.

Post Production

Once you record the video, you can use iMovie or Filmora Wondershare to speed up the video at post-production.

This is somewhat good because you can segment the clip to be faster in some shots and slower in other instances. (It may take some software experience to learn how to do this.)

Time Lapse Go Pro

Five Things I have Learned

The GoPro works great in freezing cold weather! My iPhone XS Max would shut down after a few minutes because of the cold. I haven't had any problems recording in very cold weather.

I have found for four-hour videos, that speeding up a GoPro Timelapse video by 8x brings it around 2 minutes. Which for most people this is just the right speed and the video clip doesn't seem to be too distracted?

The more landscape in the video the better the timelapse. It's nice to see the clouds and trees move as the sun rises or sets.

Always make sure the GoPro is fully changing and connect the GoPro to a USB charger if you're capturing for more than four hours.

GoPro time-lapse videos are great for intro/filler for YouTube channels. You see this all the time on the HGTV show Fixer Upper.

March 5, 2019

Three Things to do as Soon as you get a new GoPro

Getting a new GoPro is exciting. Here are some tips on getting the best use of your new technology toy.

Go Pro Blue

Write Down the Serial Number

Write down your serial number and register your new GoPro - in case you ever lose your GoPro and someone finds it.

Your serial number will be 14-characters in length, and begin with "C31." HERO Session / HERO4 Session - Look on the inside of the I/O door on the side of the camera. Your serial number will be 14-characters in length, and begin with "C31." HERO+ LCD - Look on the bottom of the camera (next to the housing tabs).

You can">register on GoPro's website.

Sync it with your Smart Phone

Download the GoPro IOS App and Sync it with your GoPro. You can download the video and photos taken with the GoPro. This will save time having to remove the card from the GoPro. In addition, you can use your iPhone to control the GoPro. So you can put the camera in a hard to reach location and make sure that it looks good before taking a video.

One sample of "How to use the GoPro App" videos found on YouTube (Find more).

Get more USB-C Cables

Chances are the GoPro is the first device that you have that uses USB-C tips. I would recommend getting more USB cables so that you have multiple locations to charge up the device. You'll want to have cables for work or the car.

You can find great cables deals on Amazon and eBay. These are better than ones you might find at Walgreens or CVS, this is because for the same price for one cable at CVS you can get a multipack on Amazon.