Real Audio Sounds

Welcome to the Real Audio Sounds page! In order to hear the audio clips in the section you need the latest Real Audio Player. To play many of these audio sounds you need to have the DolbyNet(tm) Audio Codec for RealAudio, which should happen automatically. Yes, these are in the Old Real Audio 3 format!

Did you know this page has been up since 1997! Facebook, Twitter? They weren't weren't around then, but you could hear all of these audio clips back then. Check out the Internet Archive of what the page looked like back on August 8, 2002.

Some of these clips are being converted to HTML5 media format. If there's a particular sound that you want converted, let me know!

Name Description Category Length
Aaron Broussard This is a clip of the Howie Carr show talking about Jefferson Parish's President Aaron Broussard. Howie explains how Aaron Broussard went on Meet the Press and egagerated an incident with a victim of Katrina. Boston Radio 02:39
Framingham Local Stops Some of the stops that the Framingham train stops as it heads westbound. MBTA 01:58
Long trip to Yawkee On April 16, 2013, there was a slight delay getting to Boston as one of the trains broke down. MBTA 03:02
Police Activity There was a train delay because of Police Activity. Usually means that MBTA needed to take a passenger off the train. MBTA 01:55
Train Problems Every now and then the Commuter Rail Train breaks down. Here's some sound bites of when it happened on September 6th, 2012. MBTA 04:00
Framingham Train Changer Here is the audio recording of my morning regular train getting changed to a local MBTA 02:00
Framingham Announcement I do not know who this conductor is, but he has a weird way to announce 'Framingham' MBTA 00:30
Table Telephone Did you know there is a need in resturants to have telephones at the table? In the 1990s, George & Jeanie Douglas thought it was and came up with this business idea. Misc Sounds 02:00
Red Sox 2013 Intro This is the new 2013 introduction that WEEI plays before every Red Sox game. Sports 02:00
Boston Bruins 2013 Boston Bruins radio introduction. Sports 00:30