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Learn how to write good Cron Syntax

Running frequent tasks is one of the important parts of the Infrastructure team. The tasks vary from deleting files in the /tmp folder to running nightly reports.

The most popular tools for running scheduled tasks is cron.

It's important for QA to know the frequency of certain tasks and if that is the intended results. For example, should the task be running at 2 pm every other day, or is it at 2 pm every other week?

It's hard to remember the proper syntax to use. Fortunately, there is help.

crontab is an awesome site that helps you write and identify proper cron syntax. Simply put in a cron syntax and you'll get examples of how it would run.

This site also has a nice learning area. You can learn all the various crontab syntax options, the examples page has great example of different schedule options. (Such as setting up a cron schedule to run a cron job every even hour.)

Remember once you set the Cron job to test it! There some good tips over at End Point.



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