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Camera2 Plus

Great Camera App with lots of features.

In May, the team at Snap Snap Pro updated Camera+ to Camera2 Plus. This is the first major update in

Some New Features in Camera2 Plus

  • Original Camera+ didn't have a night mode. Slow Shutter was introduced in Camera2 +
  • There's no more in-purchase add-ons! You don't need to purchase Analog Filter Packs or the Hollywood Filter Packs, it's all built into Camera2.
  • Better Manual Controls
  • RAW Capture - when you want more control on what the iPhone XS Max camera captures. You can edit on the phone, or use Photoshop, Photoscape or Affinity Photo to edit.
  • and a lot more.

Five Things I like about Camera+ 2

  1. Clarity -This is a cool tool in the editing Box. It a quick way to touch up any photo. Works better than Apple's Auto-Enhance functionality. When Apple's Auto-Enhance doesn't work you should try Camera2 + Clarity.
  2. Siri Shortcuts - You can take pictures quickly via Siri. you don't need to unlock the screen! Simply set up a Siri action and a picture gets taken. There are 9 Siri Shortcut actions available within Camera2 +. Simply record your voice to the action. Then later when Siri hears you say it, it will perform the action. I would recommend setting up a Selfie Siri Action, to make taking selfie pictures even easier.
  3. Frames - Hidden in the Editing toolbox are 27 overlay frames. These add a nice mockup type of effect on images - which would standout when posting on Instagram or Facebook. For example, you can add a film around an image to give it neat effect.
  4. Smile Mode - Easily take a selfie by smiling.
  5. Focus Highlighting - No more trying to guess on what's the camera is focused on. Makes it easy to know what the camera is actually looking at.

Clarity Example

Click on image for a larger version.

The above shows the power of the Clarity functionality in Camera2 Plus. You can see more of the train station when the Clarity filter is applied.

Two Annoyances

  1. The Slow Shutter functionality is a bit hard to configure/understand how it works. There isn't really any documentation.
  2. The Camera2 Plus update didn't include any Apple Watch functionality. The old version did have a simple Apple Watch App.

Getting Camera2 Plus

Camera 2 Plus is available to purchase in the iOS store. Currently it's only $2.99.

I think it's worth the investment for the five points that I mentioned above. The Clarity filter comes in handy when you want a quick touchup to any photo and don't have time/resources to touch the image on the computer.



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The iPhone XS Max is the most powerful iPhone Apple has ever made. I wanted to learn how to take the most advantage of the capabilities of the device and see how it so much better than my old iPhone 6s Plus.


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