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Total Training for Adobe PageMaker 7

Remembering Total Training CDs

This week's feature is the Total Training series: "Total Training for Adobe PageMaker 7" hosted by Deke McClelland.

Total Training Pagrmaker7

Thoughts About the Training

This 3-disk collection came out in 2002. I probably purchased around the same time. Adobe discontinued support of PageMaker in 2004 as they were encouraging users to migrate to Adobe Indesign.

PageMaker only works on macOS 9 - it was never ported to Mac OS X.

This training is CD-Rom disk training. It will not work in the latest macOS computers because the CD-disks were burned using HFS format. You will need to use a computer that has MacOS 10.14 or older.

As I recall, these were purchased as a set at a discount - I don't recall how much I paid for them. I am thinking about $99.

The training host, Deke McClelland, is still very active in the training space. His website has a lot of the latest video and training series. You can follow him on Twitter.

Someone on Marketspace is selling one of the courses but doesn't list a price. Another person on has Disk3 for sale for $40.95 - which is way over price for a training program on a legacy product.

Promotional Video

This is the first part of the video that is shown when you first load up the training:

Course Outline

Disk 1: PageMaker Basics
Lesson 1: What PageMaker can Do
Lesson 2: Getting Around
Lesson 3: Creating a Page
Lesson 4: Working with Text
Lesson 5: Threading Text Blocks
Lesson 6: The Story Editor
Lesson 7: Character - Level Formatting
Lesson 8: Type Size, Leading & Kerning

Disk 2: PageMaker Essentials Lesson 1: Paragraph - Level Formatting Lesson 2: Column Breaks, Rulers & Hyphenation Lesson 3: Setting Tabs Lesson 4: Style Sheets Lesson 5: Lines, Shapes & Transformations Lesson 6: Fill, Stroke & Color Lesson 7: Placing Photos & Illustrations Lesson 8: Masking, Grouping & Text Wrap
Disk 3: PageMaker Pro Lesson 1: Managing Pages Lesson 2: Links & Master Pages Lesson 3: Assembling Books Lesson 4: Table of Contents Lesson 5: Indexing a Document Lesson 6: Data Merge Lesson 7: Printing & Trapping Lesson 8: Hyperlinks & PDF